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17 Divorce Stories to Help Navigate Marriage Separation

The liminal space of divorce can be an extremely unsettling time to navigate. It is not uncommon to feel disoriented, as if you’re moving underwater, or the whole world has shifted diagonally and no one else seems to have noticed.

Brain fogs are common, as everything that once was certain falls away, and the juxtaposition between what was and what will be becomes jarring. What’s the best way to make it through these months or years? I’m hoping these 17 divorce stories will help.

Divorce stories.
Divorce stories to help guide you through this time of transition.

What follows are all of my in-depth articles about the many facets of life before (“Should I get a divorce?”), during, and after my 10-year marriage. My relationship has now entered the chapter of divorce and living apart, collaboratively co-parenting our two young children.

Every article here is meant to be both honest, and good-spirited. You will not find negative words about my co-parent in these stores — but you WILL find incredibly practical guides to logistics, divorce finances and time management, self-care, books, and supporting kids and family cooperation. Here’s to a healthy and happy future!

Divorce Stories

Here are all of my articles and stories about divorce, with the emotions, logistics, advice, and tips attached to a marriage separation that includes a family with kids.

Divorce Stories, in Sum

I hope you’ve found these articles helpful! Which of these divorce stories here most resonates with you? The ones closest to my heart are “What to Say to Someone Going Through Divorce,” (see the printable PDF here) and “How to Tell Kids About Divorce,” because they are the articles I wish someone had sent me when I was first starting my separation.

What topics would you like added, as I continue to write about this intense transitional experience? Do share!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.