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Montreal to Quebec City and Mont Tremblant: Road Trip Itinerary!

Looking for a great Canada vacation?

Look no further! Our road trip through Quebec province via Montreal, Mont Tremblant (the Laurentian Mountains), and Quebec City was splendid, and I’d like to share the itinerary with you so you can choose which stops and route might best fit YOUR travel cravings.

We took this trip with our traveling toddler, but it would be a fit for couples or solo travel, too. Before getting into the details of what to do in each destination, however, let’s examine the overview.

Montreal to Quebec City and Mont Tremblant road trip itinerary
Follow this itinerary for Canada fun!

Our Quebec Itinerary: How Long in Each Place?

The 5-night Quebec province itinerary was as follows:

  • Drive from Boston to Montreal (5.5 hours)
  • Stay in Montreal 2 nights at the Omni (note: all hotels are affiliates)
  • Drive to Mont Tremblant from Montreal (2 hours)
  • Stay in Mont Tremblant 1 night at the Fairmont 
  • Drive to Quebec City (4 hours)
  • Stay in Quebec City 2 nights at the Saint-Paul
  • Drive to Boston from Quebec City (7 hours)

Depending on your driving desires, if you’re coming from anywhere around Boston or New England, you may want to break up the trip into or out of Canada with an overnight stay in Vermont. There are plenty of cute towns on the way, including covered the bridge beauty, Woodstock, VT. and the kid-friendly family resort, Smugglers’ Notch.

Montreal or Quebec City?

For people with limited time, the question always arises: “Is Montreal or Quebec City better if I can only visit one?” Now, the conventional wisdom in Boston is to pick Montreal because it’s a shorter drive, and has excellent food, music, and European flavor, BUT… I urge you to read on.

Though Montreal is very cool, I found Quebec City positively MAGICAL. In my opinion, if you can only choose one, Quebec City is WELL worth the extra hour and a half driving. It is one of my favorite cities in the world, and I’ve been to a lot of cities! There is nothing like it, and I cannot recommend it enough. 

Now without further ado, here are tips on what to do in Montreal, Mont Tremblant, and Quebec City, Canada…

Montreal to Quebec City and Mont Tremblant!

Get excited for a Quebec, Canada road trip! Here is an itinerary of things to do and places to go from Montreal to Quebec City and Mont Tremblant: great for family travel, a couples trip, or solo fun.

What Would You Add to This Quebec Trip?

Now that you’ve seen the overview and details, what would YOU add to this Montreal, Mont Tremblant, and Quebec City road trip plan? Do share!


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Kalyan Panja

Sunday 15th of September 2019

Canada is one of my favourite countries and I travelled a lot of the country on two separate trips, five years apart, only using buses and the train. You’ve definitely made me add the road trip through Quebec province via Montreal and Quebec City to my list!

Lillie Marshall

Sunday 15th of September 2019


Jagannath Barman

Tuesday 3rd of September 2019

Thanks for collecting all these blogs in one post for us. Nice work.

Lillie Marshall

Friday 6th of September 2019

My pleasure!


Friday 9th of August 2019

Any tips for places to visit/eat on the drive from Quebec City to Mont Tremblant (with kids)?

Lillie Marshall

Sunday 11th of August 2019

Hi Kathleen, Thanks for this good question! We've had really good luck with pulling up my Yelp app on the route and looking for places near the highway with 4-star or higher ratings. Sorry I can't be more specific, but there should be some delicious options!

Harmony, Momma To Go

Wednesday 17th of July 2019

last year we did Long Island to Montreal and that was so great! Since it was like 6.5 hours we didnt venture further north - maybe next time!

Lillie Marshall

Friday 19th of July 2019

I'm hoping that this article will help people see that the extra driving to get to Quebec City is 100% worth it!


Tuesday 16th of July 2019

Love Montreal and Quebec City! So much to see and eat. ;)

Lillie Marshall

Friday 19th of July 2019


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.