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FUN English Language Lessons: Vocab, Grammar, & ELA Concepts

Learn with Teacher Lillie!

Want engaging articles and videos to help learn English language concepts like grammar, vocabulary, and literary devices in a colorful way… connected to REAL LIFE? No matter what your age or role, if you’d like to learn more about how to use words well, you’ve come to the right place!

English language arts lessons
Learn to love ELA and language.

Why Trust This Educator?

My name is Lillie, and I’ve been a public school English teacher since 2003, earning National Board Certification (a prestigious level of educator achievement) in 2013. I also serve as a mentor for developing ELA teachers in partnership with Harvard University.

I’ve taught English Language Arts to grades 7-12, plus adult ESL on 5 different continents, including such locations as Boston (where I currently teach middle school), Peru, and Ghana. See? I’ve had some practice in learning how to teach ELA, so you’ll be well taken care of as you continue to read — though I can’t promise to protect you from my abundant enthusiasm.

My English teacher art site, Drawings Of
An educational cartoon from my newest site,!

This article is a directory of some of the most popular online ELA lessons I’ve created so far, spanning my three websites, Around the World “L” Educational Blog), Teaching Traveling Global Community, and Drawings Of… Educational Cartoon Site. Yes, I write a lot! ‘Tis my joy to do so, and I hope these articles help you — or your students or family — to dive into the delights of the English language.

FUN English Language Lessons

Colorful articles and videos to teach and learn English grammar, vocabulary, literary terms and devices, usage, and writing for all ages, from an experienced teacher. ELA fun!

Lessons from Global Education Site:

Which English Concept is YOUR Favorite?

Are you a fan of foreshadowing? Do you go limp with love for liminal spaces? Is is a verb? Does your heart go pitter-patter for performativity? I’m so curious which of these articles on ELA concepts you most love, so do share in the comments section.

See something missing? If you want a vocabulary word, grammatical concept, or literary device explained with creative drawings in my next article, do leave a comment with your request, and I’ll see what I can do to concoct something fabulous for you. Hooray for English language learning love!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.