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Around the World “L”

Looking to joyfully learn about life and explore the world? I’m Lillie, a teacher, traveler, parent, fitness fan, and artist who is excited to welcome you alongside the 3.7 million people who’ve visited this site since 2009.

Let’s begin

Behold the beautiful landscape of the Laurel Highlands in southwestern Pennsylvania!

Locations to Love:

Here are some of my favorite places from my around the world travels. Enjoy the vibrant photos and fun facts…

Learning for Life:

I’m a teacher, yet I know the truth that learning happens everywhere — not just in a school building! See these articles for ways to expand your understanding of vocabulary and English language concepts to enhance everyday life.

Live Better:

Want to be healthier, happier, and more creatively expressed? Let’s do this! Get useful and fun ideas for better living here:

Local Massachusetts:

Though I’ve traveled around the world, Boston and New England are my heart’s home! Here are some top attractions of my favorite region.

Lifting Weights & Fitness:

I’m an exercise nut, and am passionate about helping others get into the groove of finding a workout plan that matches their interests and life. See all my top tips here for how to get started with feeling better:

Lovely Buildings:

Anyone else a huge architecture geek like me? Maybe I can convince you via photos of these super cool famous buildings around the world…

Laurel Highlands & Pittsburgh, PA:

I’ve grown to adore the region of southwestern Pennsylvania that encompasses PGH and the bucolic LH region. As a parent, teacher, and human, I especially love that Mister Rogers is from there.

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