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Bash Bish Falls State Park: READ THIS Before Hiking MA or NY

Bash Bish Falls
What does it take to get to Bash Bish Falls in MA?

We made a mistake while hiking Bash Bish Falls State Park in Western Massachusetts with kids… a sweaty, soggy mistake. This here article aims to keep you from our error! But first, let’s get some background information.

Bash Bish Falls is the highest waterfall in MA!

In its entirely, the Bash Bish water chute stretches nearly 180 feet tall. The final dramatic “V” plunge, with two side-by-side sprays on either side of a triangle-shaped boulder, plummets down a full 80 feet — making it the highest single-drop waterfall in the fine state of Massachusetts.

Bash Bish Falls is a great day hike in New England. Advice on hiking the Berkshires, MA side vs. Taconic State Park, NY. Highest waterfall in Massachusetts!
Isn’t Bash Bish Falls beautiful?

Where is Bash Bish Falls, exactly?

Ahh… this geographical background is integral to you avoiding the mistake we made. You see, the waterfall of Bash Bish Falls State Park sits right at the edge of southwestern Massachusetts in the Berkshires. (Well, it’s between several mountain ranges, including the Taconic Mountains and Mount Everett State Reservation, but the Berkshires are the easiest framework for we Western MA lovers.)

Less than a mile away lies the border with New York State. This means that the falls sits on the edge of Taconic State Park of NY, which in turn means…

This is the start of the Bash Bish Falls hike from the MA side.
This is the start of the Bash Bish Falls hike from the MA side.

There are TWO ways to hike Bash Bish Falls.

Choose wisely! (Cue dramatic music.) You can either hike to Bash Bish Falls from the Massachusetts side, or from the New York side.

Both have parking areas off the same road, which excitingly has two different names depending on the state: Falls Road in MA, and in NY, New York State Route 344. Both hikes are less than a mile long to reach your watery reward… but oooh my, are they different!

We were so proud when we finally made it to the falls!
We were so proud when we finally made it to the falls!

Hiking Bash Bish from the Taconic State Park, NY side:

So… we didn’t take the New York side entrance to the Bash Bish Falls hike, but methinks (oh my aching muscles, methinks) we should have. By all accounts, though the NY side hike is slightly longer than the MA hike (2/3 of a mile in total), it is smooth, wide, and flat.

Why, the NY side hike even appeared to be appropriate to roll a stroller down the whole way! The same cannot be said for the beautiful but challenging Massachusetts side. Onward to those sweaty details…

Stairs to Bash Bish Falls.
A quick rest on the stairs down to Bash Bish Falls.

The MA side of the Bash Bish Falls hike…

Because we were hiking with my small children (2 and 4 years old), we saw that the Massachusetts side Bash Bish Falls State Park hike was only 1/3 of a mile, and that sounded like an easier alternative to the 2/3-mile NY option.

“Sure,” we reasoned, “it says on the official website that it’s a steep descent of 300 feet, but at only a third of a mile, how hard can that be? Ahem.

Bash Bish Falls is a great day hike in New England. Advice on hiking the Berkshires, MA side vs. Taconic State Park, NY. Highest waterfall in Massachusetts!
Careful on the rocks by Bash Bish Falls.

Is the MA side hike at Bash Bish OK for young kids?

Let me preface this by saying I am a strong and hearty lass with workout plans so robust, my biceps pop out of my shirts. I was doing this Bash Bish hike with my equally muscular mother, and extremely energetic kids.

Unforrrrrtunately, a descent of 300 feet over 1/3 a mile of slippery rocks looks like this:

Bash Bish Falls hike from the MA side is STEEP
The Bash Bish Falls hike from the MA side is STEEP.

In short, to safely do the Bash Bish Falls State Park hike from the MA side, my son and mother spent half of their time scooting down slowly and steadily on their bottoms (as pictured above), and I did the whole thing while carrying my two year old daughter, because she got so scared of the loose rocks making her slip. My forearm muscle ached for the whole subsequent month!

It took us about an hour to do the whole third of a mile, as crazy as that sounds. But we did it! And got back up to the top again, too. Please note that I am choosing not to include the photo of my arms raised in triumph at the end because… sweat.

Bash Bish Falls guard rails.
Guard rails protect you from Bash Bish Falls falling.

To prepare if YOU hike Bash Bish Falls:

Let me be clear: I am not saying the MA side of the Bash Bish Falls hike is bad. It’s a beautiful, very doable hike for most people, with proper preparation. We just didn’t put all the parts in place, ourselves! If YOU go, make sure to do the following:

• Fully think through whether the NY or MA side hike is a better match for your situation. If anyone in your party has issues with steep and slippery rocks, the NY side is a much better idea, and is actually not that much longer!

• Wear proper footwear. Sneakers or hiking boots are important for the uneven surface of the MA side hike.

• Bring water and snacks. We figured a 1/3-mile hike would be easy to do with no hydration, but didn’t realize it would take so long! If you’re worried about over-hydration, be relieved (literally) to learn that there are port-a-potties at the mouth of the hike.

• Understand that cell phone service is very spotty, so don’t rely on it to meet up with people for your journey.

Something we DID do well during our hike was not fall into the waterfall. That was a win. Sadly, Bash Bish Falls is known for being dangerous in that respect, so do mind the railings and edges if you venture down to the mouth of the falls, and remember that swimming is not allowed for a reason.

Bash Bish Falls is a great day hike in New England. Advice on hiking the Berkshires, MA side vs. Taconic State Park, NY. Highest waterfall in Massachusetts!
The kids were entranced by the waterfall.

Linguistic Question: Why isn’t it BISH BASH Falls?

It was only in researching for this article that I realized I’ve been saying the name of the waterfall wrong for over 30 years. No, it is NOT Bish Bash Falls, it’s Bash Bish — named after a Native-American woman of legend. (A certain family member insists the name actually comes because one side of the V waterfall goes “Bashhhh” while the other sighs, “Bishhhh.”)

But why does saying “Bash Bish” instead of “Bish Bash” feel so wrong on the tongue? My intellectual husband came to the rescue to answer this query. He explained that he’d recently been listening to a linguistics podcast by Columbia professor, John McWhorter, called Lexicon Valley. One episode was dedicated to the pattern in the English language to always put the “i” or “e” sound word before the “a” or “o” sound word.

Examples of this abound. Splish, Splash! Knick knacks. Ding dong! Mish mash. Click clack! Wishy-washy. Cling, clang! Ping pong… and even Cheech and Chong. Now do you see why Bash Bish’s name feels like a triangle-shaped rock in your mouth???

If the waterfall really is named for a Native-American woman from the area, it looks like Algonquin was spoken in the Berkshires region, so perhaps those linguistic patterns of “a” before “i” sounds come from that language. If Professor McWhorter can weigh in on this, my husband will squeal with fan awe!

Bash Bish Falls State Park hike
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Vacations in Western Massachusetts:

Final tip: I HIGHLY recommend the entire area of Western Massachusetts for vacation, be it for two days or two weeks. The region is lovely, and has so much to offer, including a fabulous alpaca farm, this teeny tiny airport with baby planes, the historic and quirky Red Lion Inn, and the famed MASS MoCA museum.

If you’re staying for more than a few days, renting a house is often the most affordable and enjoyable option. Feel free to use this easy affiliate link to Vrbo (formerly called VRBO) Western MA rentals to support this site at no extra cost to you. We’ve tried both services and had excellent experiences.

So what about YOU? Have you been to Bish Bash — er, I mean Bash Bish Falls State Park? What was your experience? If not, does it seem like a place you’d like to visit? Do share!

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Friday 13th of November 2020

Great pictures of the falls!!! I must say your picture is the only one that convinced me the grand-scale of Bash Bish Falls - Great eye! All the other pictures I've seen online makes it look like a measely tiny waterfall despite it being the tallest one in MA. I'll def be checking this out as I head out West. And it's funny that you mentioned the linguistic error of us wanting to say "Bish Bash" bcs I've been doing it non-stop until I realized what I'm wrong??

Lillie Marshall

Friday 13th of November 2020

Haha! Yes, our "biggest" things in Massachusetts are sometimes a little puny! I did use a wide angle lens (16mm), too, so that contributes.


Friday 13th of November 2020

did you use a wide angle lense??

Jennifer Brommer

Friday 22nd of May 2020

This hike looks amazing! ...And you included every detail that anyone would ever need for a great day here! Thanks for taking the time to share these details :)

Globetrotting Girl

Wednesday 21st of October 2020

Wow, I can imagine the wet soggy hike was so disappointing. Here's another option, a guided tour. We had several choices on the trails. It was great to be outdoors and be safe AND unplugged. The company is Berkshire Camino and it was inspired by the Camino in Spain. We walked through the woods for house and were completely surrounded by natur, but the path was nice and easy. I like just being able to relax and having someone in the lead so we could just enjoy. Most of the time we were just in the woods but at the end we walked through the Gardens of Edith Wharton's estate on the trail we chose. Really, I think anybody could enjoy Berkshire Camino. I booked my tour online. I'll leave the website below in case anybody's interested.

Lillie Marshall

Friday 22nd of May 2020

Don't want anyone to make the sweaty mistake we did unless they want to!


Wednesday 20th of May 2020

Bish Bash Falls look spectacular! And thanks for the linguistics intel :)

Lillie Marshall

Thursday 21st of May 2020

Nice catch!!! The "Bish" is so tempting to put first...


Wednesday 20th of May 2020

Opps make that Bash Bish ;)


Wednesday 20th of May 2020

I'm ALWAYS up for waterfall hike! And the Bish Bash Falls look beautiful.

Lillie Marshall

Wednesday 20th of May 2020

Ooo -- the trick got you! It's Bash BISH!

Deborah Patterson

Monday 18th of May 2020

Hiking to a waterfall has to be one of our favourite things to do! That looked like it was tough going but a waterfall is always a worthy reward.

Lillie Marshall

Monday 18th of May 2020

So true!

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