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Fun Hotels and Resorts Around the World: 20 Ideas

Looking for some creative ideas for fun hotels and resorts around the world? After creating my round-up of best New England hotels and resorts, I figured — why should Boston and its neighbors get all the fun? So… here’s a (sometimes surprising) list of 20 places I loved staying at and spending time in. See if your favorites made the cut!

Why trust this list? This round-up of hotels and resorts exclusively features places where I have personally stayed overnight, and experienced fist-hand — from Hawaii, to Ireland, to Dubai, to the ABC Islands. A small number of places on this list (such as a certain 3 billion dollar hotel), I didn’t stay the full night, but took extensive day tours of, and ate at. Burp!

I’m sharing this backgoround because it’s always somewhat infuriating when a blogger recommends a place they haven’t even seen. These places, I promise I HAVE set foot in — lots of feet! Sometimes I was stayed over with the full family, including kids, sometimes for a romantic getaway, and sometimes solo for a relaxing “Momcation.” This list covers places for all desires.

Fun hotels
Fun hotels around the world!

What Makes a “Fun Hotel?”

Why do I call these “fun hotels?” Well, every hotel on this list — whether it’s an extravagant luxury resort or a budget inn by the sea — features something unique and exciting. For example, the Renaissance Curacao in the Caribbean has an infinity BEACH! Meanwhile, the Campfire Hotel in Bend, Oregon has a communal campfire! See? Fun hotels. Let’s dive into the list!

Fun Hotels

Looking for cool, fun hotels around the world? Here's a growing list of my favorite beautiful, unique places to stay for a vacation travel getaway: from resorts to inns.

So what do you think? Which of the cool, fun hotels on this list most stands out to you? I tend to think that the experiences we have and the people we meet along the way have as much of an influence on our perception of resort quality as the amenities, so my list may look very different than yours! Some people like a luxury all-inclusive resort in Cancun (I learned to love them), and others don’t.

For example, the conversations I had with staff at Harbour Village Bonaire Resort, or the tours I took and sunsets I saw at the Tides Hotel in Folly Beach, SC will stay with me forever, giving a smile and warmth, even on rainy days, far away from that sun. A huge thank you to all those who make the hospitality industry so joy-giving.

Fun Hotels, in Sum

Obviously, this list has truly only scratched the very surface of the edge of the fabulous places to stay that are out there… So, what are YOUR favorite cool, fun hotels and resorts around the world? Do share!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.