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BODi Beachbody Workouts: READ THIS to Pick the Best Program

Hello from your friendly English teacher exercise buddy! Since I’ve now written over a dozen EXTREMELY detailed, honest, and geeky BODi Beachbody reviews for these popular online workout programs, a request has arisen for me to summarize and shorten my 50,000 words of analysis into a simplified system for you to decide which BODi Beachbody workouts are the best match for YOUR exercise goals, now.

Well, you’re in luck, because this is that article to help you pick your perfect path forward! Read on for fitness fun.

BODi Beachbody Workouts
BODi Beachbody Workouts

Why Trust these Reviews of BODi Beachbody Workouts?

First, some important background about why you can trust these reviews: I am NOT a BODi Beachbody “coach,” meaning I have zero financial interest in whether or not you do these programs. I am not employed by BOD in any way — I’m just a 40-year-old middle school teacher who really enjoys working out and helping others find workout plans that actually motivate you to exercise.

The other reason this ranking of BODi Beachbody workouts is trustworthy is that I have actually completed EVERY SINGLE video of every program on this list, and I take extremely detailed notes along the way so that my reviews are honest and complete.

Of course, though adding exercise to your life is usually fabulous, we need the disclaimer to please use wise judgment with any new workout plan, and consult a medical professional if you have any doubts about what is a fit for your body. Now on to the suggestions!

BODi Beachbody Workouts

See this easy, honest chart to pick the perfect BODi Beachbody workouts for YOUR fitness goals and preferences! Click the button under any blurb to see the detailed exercise plan review for each.

A Summary of Best Beachbody Workouts on BODi

Beginner Level

To summarize: If you’re a Beginner starting out with BODi Beachbody, I would start with “Fire and Flow” (alternating cardio/lifting with yoga/dance) or “4 Weeks for Every Body” (slower weightlifting and no-impact cardio with only 4 videos a week) or “21 Day Fix” (more classic weightlifting and cardio, and 7 days a week) — though stay tuned by subscribing, because I am constantly adding to this list.

(Note: If you are an ABSOLUTE beginner and/or have concerning injuries, I would recommend getting a personal trainer to obtain a fitness base BEFORE attempting any online workout programs like Beachbody. Though trainers can seem expensive, the money you’ll save in avoiding injuries down the line makes the investment worth it! See more at my “Best Beachbody Workout for Beginners” ranking.)

Intermediate Level

If you’re a high Beginner to Intermediate level, I would do “645 Beachbody” (if you can find the time) because it has such essential coaching in it about form, then move on to “Muscle Burns Fat” or “9 Week Control Freak” (starting with “Off the Wall”).

If you are truly Intermediate, you could just go right to “Muscle Burns Fat” #mbf (it’s so good!) then #9WCF. “Job 1” is tempting to do because it’s just 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week, but because there’s no real modifier, only do it if you’re really Intermediate. I would skip “The Prep” in favor of “645” or #mbf because of the problems with it explained above. “LIIFT4” is an excellent option if you’re a man and/or want a lifting and HIIT program with an upper-body focus. (Note: Joel’s new program, “LIIFT MORE” is even better than its predecessor, though both have their flaws and aren’t my favorites.)

Openfit Beachbody Workouts

As of July, 2002, BODi Beachbody added Openfit workouts to their library, and the programs — which I’m still in the process of reviewing, so stay tuned — are a range of difficulty levels. I’m adding them in the Intermediate section because my initial browsing of the Beachbody Openfit program library suggests that beginners should use caution with them; many of the programs claim to be easier, but feature fast moves that could cause injury. Stay tuned for more detailed reviews of individual Beachbody Openfit workout programs, starting with “XB Pilates” with Andrea Rogers.

Beachbody Rebranding to BODi

In early 2023, Beachbody announced that they would be rebranding to be called BODi, and focus on “Health esteem” and a new structure of live-recorded “BODi Blocks.” See my thoughts on this Beachbody vs. BODi transition at that link.

Dance and Running Workouts

If you’re more motivated by fun, “Let’s Get Up” dance workouts can be a creative place to start if you’re a high Beginner. “30 Day Breakaway” is also an option for high Beginners who want to learn to run, but I beg of you to read my warning about it above so you don’t injure yourself as I did.

Advanced Programs

Once you get to a high Intermediate to Advanced level, you can begin looking into “6 Weeks of The Work” and #mbfa, and even “80 Day Obsession,” though I would use caution on the latter due to the bizarre moves. I hope this overview is helpful!

Which BODi Beachbody Workouts Stand Out to YOU?

After reading this summary of the best BODi Beachbody workouts for each preference, I’m curious: which programs most stand out to you? If you’ve done some of the programs, which did you like or not, and why? What further questions do you have Do share!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.