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“Sure Thing” Beachbody BODi Workout Program Review

Welcome to my 18th review of BODi Beachbody Workouts! Today I’ll be doing an in-depth analysis of the new Megan Davies program, “Sure Thing,” which had a VIP release in December of 2022, and became available in the general BODi library on June 12, 2023.

Why Trust this “Sure Thing” Review?

Hi! My name is Lillie and I’m a 41-year old English teacher and mother of two. Now, there are two elements which make this “Sure Thing” review particularly honest. First: I have actually done every single video in this program, taking copious notes on each along the way in my geeky document.

Second: I am not affiliated in any way with BODi or Beachbody, nor am a “BODi Coach,” meaning I have no incentive to cajole you to do any program that’s not a fit for you. My drive in writing these workout reviews is to help people get motivated to exercise in any way that is joyful, healthy, and truly fits their specific situation.

One of the moves from Sure Thing on BODi.
One of the moves from “Sure Thing” on BODi.

Before we start, here’s an important disclaimer: Always use caution and wise judgement before launching into any new fitness regimen. Proceed at your own risk, listen to your body, and consult a doctor if you’re concerned about injuries. With that out of the way, let’s dive right in!

Sure Thing” Overview

The 2023 BODi Beachbody program, “Sure Thing” is 8 weeks long, 5 days a week (except for weeks 4 and 8, which are only 3 days, since they’re Functional Recovery weeks), and 30-ish to 45-ish minutes each video. Weeks alternate between “Endurance” and “Power” themes, and feature a wide variety of exercise styles, including weightlifting and strength, HIIT and Cardio, balance, and mobility. All workouts in the program are set to music.

The “Super-Trainer” behind “Sure Thing” is the wonderful Megan Davies: creator of #mbf “Muscle Burns Fat” and the more advanced program, #mbfa — both of which I adored. The program’s cast also has some familiar faces from #mbf, including Lacee (she’s so great, and it’s wonderful she’ll be leading “For Beginners Only,” which comes out soon!) and Mackenzie.

The program uses dumbbells as equipment.
The program uses dumbbells as equipment.

Note: Some links here are affiliates that provide a small commission upon purchase at no extra cost to you.

Equipment Needed for “Sure Thing”

What equipment is needed for “Sure Thing?” Here’s the list, plus some money-saving tips:

1. Dumbbells.

I used weights ranging from 7s (I hold adjustable ankle weights that convert from 1 to 10 pounds), 10 pound dumbbells, 15 pound dumbbells, and 20 pound dumbbells that are vinyl-coated for safety. It would have been nice to have 25s or even 30s, but I can’t afford those yet! This program would be somewhat possible with adjustable dumbbells, but I’m not sure I’d recommend it, as many of the weight switches are rapid.

Megan has some nice coaching during the program about how to pair weights together to form bigger ones, and how to slowly build your collection, or do the workouts in a gym with its own rack. You do truly need at least three different dumbbells sets for this program, however: Heavy, medium, and light — at minimum.

2. Fitness Sliders.

You will need some form of sliding method for about a third of the videos: either official fitness sliders (which look like disks that are smooth on one side for carpets and fuzzy on the other side for hard floors) or a makeshift method. I mostly used the makeshift slider method of baby burp cloths and washcloths on my wood floors, but I also own this inexpensive set of workout slides (which actually come with resistance bands which can be used for other programs like “Fire and Flow“).

Could you get away with not using slides during the program? Kind of, but they really do add a good extra dimension and I strongly recommend figuring them out.

3. A Squishy Mat.

There is a lot of floor core work in “Sure Thing,” so you’ll definitely need a squishy mat to protect your back and rump. I own and love this one. It’s big enough for my long self, but also rolls up nicely and comes with a carrying strap.

One of the mobility stretches in "Sure Thing."
Me doing one of the mobility stretches in “Sure Thing.”

4. Shoes.

In the past, I’ve enjoyed working out barefoot with compression socks only — but “Sure Thing” has so much moving around that it really is safer to do with shoes on. Since I don’t wear shoes in my house in general, I bought this inexpensive but supportive pair of sneakers for indoor use only.

5. Optional: Bike.

There are eight Cycle workouts in the “Sure Thing” package. As I am bike-free, I did not try those — but they look fun! In terms of other optional equipment, if you have the LIIFT MORE bench from that program, you actually could make good use of it for some of the “Sure Thing” moves — but it’s by no means necessary.

Back muscles from the workout program.
Back muscles from the workout program.

6. Optional: Fun workout clothes!

Like my rainbow diamond leggings and colorful sports bra that I’m modeling in my photos here? I designed them! You can buy them yourself at those links, and I thank you in advance for supporting my small business of wildly colorful clothing. Now that we have the equipment run-down, let’s move on to the “Sure Thing” review itself…

“Sure Thing” BODi Beachbody Review

Time for my opinionated opinions and geeky analysis of “Sure Thing!” Unlike my other Beachbody BODi reviews which feature just Pros and Cons, this review really called for a third section which I have entitled, “Pros or Cons” — meaning they are aspects of the workout program which may be a Pro, or may be a Con, depending on your desires, goals, and needs.

As with my other reviews, I am focusing here on just the workouts, not the nutrition plans, as I do my own food flow that works well for me. (I’m happy to write a whole article about that, if there’s interest — just let me know.) Let’s get right into the “Sure Thing” Pros now!

These kick-through exercises were hard.
These kick-through exercises were hard.

Pros of “Sure Thing”

1. “Sure Thing” gives full body results.

As you can see from the photos here, “Sure Thing” really does give wonderful full-body results. The majority of workouts in the program target the whole range of muscle groups, meaning that legs and glutes are not neglected like some other programs (ahem, “LIIFT4,” are your ears burning?).

2. The program has a ton of unique variety, paired with a consistent foundation.

Rather than repeating the same workout styles each week, “Sure Thing” cycles between a wide variety of fitness moves and types that more or less span over three weeks. You get to experience weightlifting for strength AND stamina, cardio, ability and mobility, and patterns like EMOMs (Every Minute on the Minute). I never quite knew what to expect every time I pressed play, and that kept me on my toes and curious.

Further, amid all of this variety, Megan keeps certain elements consistent throughout the 8-weeks, so you can measure your progress week over week for specific moves. These pockets of familiarity amid the change helped me keep my footing in this wide-ranging program.

3. Functional movement is prioritized.

Keep reading for the full “Sure Thing Results” section below for the story on why this became critically important, but I am so thankful to report that this program does such a good job of functionally strengthening your body to assist in everyday tasks and prevent injury.

For example, many of the moves are asymmetrical (meaning they require both balance and core strength), practical, and primal. To this end, there is a ton of getting up and down off the floor to transition between moves, which Megan explicitly explains is to build this functional skill that so many of us have let atrophy. As you may recall from my earlier review, one of my main gripes with “LIIFT MORE” was how NOT functional it is, so “Sure Thing” was a welcome relief.

The balance workouts on "Sure Thing" were my favorites.
The balance workouts on “Sure Thing” were my favorites.

4. Megan Davies is a fantastic fitness trainer.

There is a reason that Megan Davies won “The 20s” Beachbody competition to become the next Super-Trainer — she’s awesome. Megan is a fabulous blend of positive, down-to-earth, clear, motivating, and professional. Unlike many other trainers, she never goes off on tangents that pause the action, nor does she take long pauses to pant or guffaw. She also says the letter “S” in a very cute way: “Schtrength” for “Strength!” Oh, and her muscles are #goals.

5. Great pacing during workouts; no wasted time.

This leads directly into the next point: Megan keeps the action moving so that you don’t feel your time is wasted during a “Sure Thing” workout. Unlike “21 Day Fix” with Autumn Calabrese, or the newer program “645″ with Amoila Cesar (both of which I loved, but were slow), I never had to use the fast-forward button. Happily, for the most part “Sure Thing” isn’t dangerously fast, either — it’s just a good brisk pace.

6. On-screen timer for the workout duration!

This may seem like a small thing, but I’ve been wanting this for every other program I’ve reviewed, and it’s only now that BODi Beachbody has delivered it: “Sure Thing” has a small countdown timer in the lower left of the screen for the duration of the entire workout! This works brilliantly for me, because it helps me manage my exertion and plan my time.

7. Good structure of the program duration and rest days.

I love workout programs that are 5 days a week, plus two rest days, as “Sure Thing” is for all weeks except 4 and 8, which are 3 days. (I think programs that are 7 days a week are ridiculous, and always recommend adding in extra rest days for those.)

Further, eight weeks is an excellent amount of time for a fitness plan; you really can see results after those two months. I will also loop back here to Pro #2, the fact that the program is so varied; this ongoing excitement made the weeks fly by.

Results of "Sure Thing" with Megan Davies.
Results of “Sure Thing” with Megan Davies.

8. “Sure Thing” puts you in a great mood.

For the entire two months I was doing “Sure Thing,” I was in the thick of the insane divorce process, and, whoa, did I ever need the stress release! Thankfully, this workout program provides such a dose of positive, motivating energy, that it boosted my mood every time I hit play. Why? It’s because of the combination of Megan’s sunny personality, the cardio moves that give that “cleansed” feeling, and the powerful weightlifting moves.

9. Helpful form and modification cues.

Megan is excellent at cueing for form — always reminding you to engage your core and glutes, and pull back shoulders. Modifications are also usually given with enough time to see and understand them before starting the move — unlike “Job 1.”

10. Focus is on strength and health, not looks.

Perhaps as part of the new Beachbody rebranding to BODi and “Health Esteem,” or perhaps just because that’s her philosophy, Megan keeps the progress focus in “Sure Thing” on health, functionality, and strength — not simply aesthetics. For example, the “Fit Checks” at Week 4 and 8 are not about body measurements, but rather measure how much you can complete certain exercises.

Though I confess that I work out just as much because I like how muscles look as for health, I do think this is a wise pivot in focus for the platform. At the end of the day, what truly matters is wellbeing — not waistlines.

11. Fitness sliders are worthwhile.

When a Beachbody or BODi program calls for certain equipment (like the step or “Control Track” in “9 Week Control Freak“), there’s always the question of whether it’s worth it, or just a gimmick that costs a bunch of money for nothing. The good news with the fitness sliders in “Sure Thing” is that they’re both effective and inexpensive. They truly do enhance the moves in which they’re used.

Lots of bicep curls in "Run the Rack" exercises.
Lots of bicep curls in “Run the Rack” exercises.

“Sure Thing” Pros or Cons

Now that we’ve seen the parts of “Sure Thing” that make it highly recommended, what are the elements that could go either way, depending on your tastes? Here are the elements that could be either Pros or Cons, depending on your goals and desires.

A. “Sure Thing” is truly Intermediate level (or higher).

What level of difficulty is the “Sure Thing? fitness program” Well — I would NOT put it at the top of my list of best Beachbody BODi programs for beginners. Yes, the program has modifications for every move, but overall, it requires a solid base level of fitness and exercise knowledge due to complex moves and brisk pace. For example, even with modifications, the “Kick Through” move is challenging, as is the push-up with one hand circling around that is constantly repeated.

Further, unlike “645,” which allots substantial time to slowly explain each move, “Sure Thing” sometimes refers to a move (ex: “Flies”), then just goes right into it, without huge prep beforehand. I enjoyed this pace, but wouldn’t recommend it for someone just embarking on online workouts for the first time.

For Beginner level, I would instead recommend “Fire and Flow” instead, or the old Autumn Calabrese classic, “21 Day Fix” (with extra rest days built in), or the newer no-impact program, “4 Weeks for Every Body.

"Sure Thing" made me happy!
“Sure Thing” made me happy!

B. The program is so varied in workout styles, it takes a while to orient.

An offshoot of the wide variety of fitness moves in “Sure Thing” is that it can feel disorienting. Because I usually didn’t know what to expect going into each video, it was sometimes harder to psych myself up to press play — but it also kept the excitement up. As I wrote in my notes one day: “This is very involved… it’s a whole world to get to know!”

C. The cast of “Sure Thing” talks minimally.

Unlike Amoila Cesar programs like “6 Weeks of the Work” where banter with the (fully mic-ed) cast is a feature, the cast of “Sure Thing” has no mics, and thus the actors are more in the background than fully-fleshed-out personalities. This can be both positive and negative.

The clear positive of focusing on the trainer instead of the cast means pacing stays fast and no time is wasted with long chatter or laughing spells. It also means there are fewer awkward interpersonal interactions like “4 Weeks of The Prep” is full of.

The possible negative is that audible discussions between the cast members can really help provide inspiration and also make the time pass more quickly — as long as they happen during moves that are already happening, instead of slowing the launch of a lift. What I’m happy about is that you can at least partially hear the “Sure Thing” cast, unlike the oddly silent Barre Blend crew.

More kick-throughs!
More kick-throughs!

D. Workout timing varies.

Having different workout timing each day in “Sure Thing” (30-45 minute range) may not seem like a big deal, but those extra 15 minutes can really throw off when a busy mama like myself can fit in a video. I also missed having a few days that were in the 20 minute range for timing.

That said, I certainly prefer having at least some 30-minute workouts in the mix, versus a program like “645” which sometimes stretched out talking longer than necessary to fill the 45-minute slot perfectly each day. I also do admit that the longer workouts in “Sure Thing” were sometimes the best, so it was good that they weren’t all half an hour.

Speaking of timing, I had mixed feelings about weeks 4 and 8 of “Sure Thing” only being three videos instead of five. It felt a little like a cop-out — though I admit that many of the “5 workout a week” weeks, I added in extra rest days, and thus the “3-workout weeks” allowed me to catch up and finish the program relatively on time.

E. Some moves are repeated a lot.

While it’s nice to have some repetition to balance out all the variety in “Sure Thing,” there are several moments within videos and across videos where the repetition of certain moves feels a bit much — just doing the same thing over and over. For those who like consistency, this may be a Pro, however.

Doing core work in "Sure Thing."
Doing core work in “Sure Thing.”

F. Lots of functional getting up and down from floor.

This is one of those elements that was annoying, but good for me, so it was worth it: As mentioned, “Sure Thing” has a ton of functional getting up and down from the floor. This is incredibly good for your body, because it’s a skill you need on a daily basis — it can just cause a gal to grumble a bit! If you prefer a workout program that’s all on your feet (not a single second sitting or lying down) try Shaun T’s delightful dance program, “Let’s Get Up.”

G. There is music, but not as good as #mbf.

I looooove workout programs that already have music in them, but some people do not, because they prefer to have their own tunes pumping in the background. (For me, I like to think as little as possible during exercise, so even picking my own soundtrack stymies the flow.) There IS music in “Sure Thing,” and it’s better than most other Beachbody BODi programs, but still not as good as #mbf and #mbfa, which are truly beat-based programs.

Yes, the music in “Sure Thing” does usually escalate when it’s time to start a move, match the timing of the reps, and wrap up when it’s time to finish it, which can be hugely helpful in cueing, but it doesn’t do it to the extent that “Muscle Burns Fat” did.

I found this push-up reach challenging!
I found this push-up reach challenging!

Cons of “Sure Thing”

Ultimately, “Sure Thing” was a great program, and I loved it and got excellent results — but it’s not my #1 favorite of all time, for these reasons.

1. Various bizarre moves are repeated.

There were some exercise moves in “Sure Thing” that drove me crazy with their awkwardness — such as the push-up with one arm circling around that I photographed above — and unfortunately for me, they’re repeated over and over throughout the program. Now, you could argue that these moves are annoying because they hit underdeveloped muscles that need that work… but they still made me groan each time they popped up.

Further, while I understand that EMOMs (Every Minute on the Minute) is a popular workout framework used in CrossFit and other hip gyms, it didn’t translate very well for me on video, and just left me finished early, and aimlessly standing around. “Sure Thing” is so wide-ranging in its exercise styles that there are sure to be some aspects which will be like, “Huh?” for you.

2. Some moves could cause injury if not careful.

Though I was cautious (and/or lucky) and didn’t get injured in “Sure Thing” (unlike “30 Day Breakaway“), there are a number of twisting, kneeling, and rapid movements in the program that could potentially cause knee injuries in particular, if you’re not careful. As someone with a history of knee problems from my years as a college high jumper, I added extra modifications to several of the videos, and recommend you do the same if you are also concerned.

For example, Week 3, Workout 4 has a move in which you get up and down from a full kneel. This is in the dreaded category of “Surrenders” that have caused me issues in the past (hey, “80 Day Obsession!”), so I just turned these into a lunge and didn’t go all the way to the floor. For other moves, I slowed down the pace, or didn’t bend my legs as low as suggested. Listen to your wise body!

Moving into a side lunge exercise.
Moving into a side lunge exercise.

3. Mobility would be better interspersed.

Rather than having Week 4 and Week 8 focusing on mobility, I would have preferred to have mobility videos interspersed throughout the entire program — for example, one or two days a week of the five workouts. Programs with this feature help me keep on pace because I know that one of the days is more chill and low-impact.

4. Inconsistency with saying weight amounts.

I find it very helpful when fitness trainers give suggestions for weight amounts for each move — ideally doing a range by saying their own amount, then asking what the cast is lifting. “Sure Thing” tried to do this… but did it so inconsistently and oddly that it was only marginally helpful.

What do I mean by “oddly?” Well, numerous times that Megan said her weight amount, it was crazy high. I’ve done eighteen Beachbody BODi programs now, so you’d think I could hang with her range… but, nope — she steered me wrong most of the time — so I just took to subtracting 5 to 10 pounds from whatever she said she was going to lift.

I was pleased with my ab results.
I was pleased with my ab results.

5. Ideally, you’d need a lot of weights.

I was able to do the entire “Sure Thing” program and get good results using just 7, 10, 15, and 20 pound weight sets, but for the frequent “Run the Rack” moves, and for leg days, you’d ideally need several more pound options — either between those amounts or heavier. (In particularly, in the “RTR” series, you exhaust your muscles with heavy weights, then move to medium, then light, then super light.)

6. “Sure Thing” needs more breath cues.

Though Megan is excellent at cueing for glute and core engagement, she rarely does breath-work cues during moves, which caused me problems when I almost passed out during a cardio section! Breath patterns are such a key ingredient in exercise, and I would have liked to see more in “Sure Thing.”

7. Weird interface on BODi for buying the program.

This could be a temporary glitch, but I had a heck of a time trying to find the button to buy “Sure Thing” for VIP Early Access without also buying a zillion other supplements and products. I do think that as Beachbody rebrands into BODi (which I’ll be writing a whole separate article about — I have many thoughts), there may be more of these snags where it’s hard to figure out where to go, and challenging to ascertain how to buy just exercise, and not other products. I’m hoping this gets streamlined and clarified soon.

"Sure Thing" workout program results.
“Sure Thing” workout program results.

“Sure Thing” Results

I got better results from “Sure Thing” than many other programs I’ve completed recently. Here are the clearest gains I noticed.

A. Core and Abs Definition.

You may notice that this is the first workout review where I’ve bared my torso in a while, and that’s because “Sure Thing” got me closer to a six-pack than I’ve been since my LIIFT4 results! I’m really happy with the core and ab definition this new program of Megan’s provided.

2. Glute definition.

Though I feel these photos don’t demonstrate it adequately, I definitely noticed boosted glute definition with “Sure Thing” because nearly every workout is full-body, and thus hits the lower half. Yay! I’ve certainly realized through my recent Functional Patterns training that a lot of my body’s postural movement issues stem from under-utilizing my glutes, so engaging and building them has been a major focus of mine recently.

3. Overall functional strength and mobility.

Here’s a super-important reminder that working out isn’t just for looks — it’s also to prevent everyday injury by building functional fitness. During Week 7 of “Sure Thing,” I tripped while walking up to my house at night. Because of the fast lunges I’d been practicing with Megan, I was able to quickly catch myself with my legs and core and prevent tumbling to the ground. I’m 100% clear that if it hadn’t been for the training in this program, I would have gotten seriously hurt from that misstep.

4. Increased confidence and contentment.

Completing a High-Intermediate level 8-week fitness program is an accomplishment, and by the end of “Sure Thing,” my body, mind, and spirits felt great! While it wasn’t my #1 favorite Beachbody program ever (see my full BODi Beachbody workout ranking here), I really enjoyed it, would heartily recommend it, and got excellent results.

I got closer to a 6-pack than before with this workout program.
I got closer to a 6-pack than before with this workout program.

Is “Sure Thing” or “Muscle Burns Fat #mbf” Better?

Many of you may have found this review while researching: Which is better, Megan Davies’s earlier program, “Muscle Burns Fat #mbf,” or “Sure Thing?” Now, usually I find that more recent programs are better than earlier ones, but in this case, I like and recommend them both for different reasons. The judgement of which is “best” for YOU depends on what you’re looking for. Here’s a summary:

“Muscle Burns Fat #mbf” is 3 weeks, 7 days a week, 30 minutes each, and focused on weightlifting set to great music. It features a cordless jump rope to keep the heart rate up. It’s one of my all-time favorite Beachbody programs. Most people follow it with the 3-week #mbfa program which is truly advanced, and has longer video duration and intensity.

In contrast, “Sure Thing” is more varied in the types of workouts it offers (more cardio and endurance mixed with the weightlifting), and lasts 8 weeks, 5 days a week, with time frames from 30 to 45 minutes. There is also music integrated, but it isn’t quite as central. While the #mbf series has the cast on Zoom (which is done in a surprisingly engaging manner), “Sure Thing” has a live cast. Both programs are awesome choices to try!

This “Sure Thing” Review, in Sum

I hope you’ve found this “Sure Thing” review helpful! As you can see from my full Beachbody BODi rankings of the many workout programs I’ve completed and reviewed, Megan Davies’s new program is very high on my list, but not at the absolute top, due to the reasons explained in the “Cons” section. Happily, “Sure Thing” absolutely did leave me feeling great, and provided sweet results, so I do recommend you try it and report back with your thoughts. Happy exercising!

Gratitude to Julia McQuade @Juge.129 for helping take these photos of rainbows and muscles.


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Thursday 7th of September 2023


I love all of your reviews. What is your thought on this program vs 80 day ? Which one gave you better results and/or enjoyed more?

Lillie Marshall

Thursday 7th of September 2023

Hi Nicole, Thanks for your kind words! Ok so… the results of “80 Day Obsession” are INCREDIBLE — but the issue is fitting in an almost hour-long workout for three months — AND navigating some crazy moves that can cause injury if you’re not careful. “Sure Thing” is a safer bet (or surer thing — haha) in terms of timing and move styles, but if you’re able to pull off “80DO” (even modifying moves and adding rest days) it could be worth the challenge. Good luck!

Jessie Raymond

Sunday 20th of August 2023

Thanks for this review! I just finished Liift More, which I felt gave great results. But for overall enjoyment/safety/motivation, I preferred 6/45 (which I did three times through), even though it did move a little slow. I also incorporated a 6/45 mobility/stability workout into each week of Liift More, because I think it's fantastic for preventing injury (I'm 55). I'm going to give Sure Thing a shot, even though I have nested weights. I had to pause A LOT during Liift More to change weights, so I'm used to it? I will also be on the lookout for potential injury-causing moves. Thanks again.

Lillie Marshall

Monday 21st of August 2023

Yay for going strong at 55! Thanks for taking the time to share this comment. Curious if you'll like the program, and sending you my best!


Thursday 27th of July 2023

Hi Lillie - First I'd like to say that I really like your reviews. This one really intrigued me. I'm at the end of a LIIFT4/Insanity Max:30 hybrid and I'm looking to start a new program. I was going to do LIIFT More, but I'm not sure now after reading this review. This was my 2nd time through LIIFT4 and started to get bored of it. I read your LIIFT More review as well. I'm torn on whether or not to do Sure Thing or LIIFT More. I'm a 43 year old dude with two kids as well, so my schedule is pretty busy. I'm at an upper-intermediate fitness level, but feel a little uninspired at the moment. My goal is to shed around 10 lbs and just continue to improve my fitness. Of course, diet has a lot to do with the weight loss, but I was wondering what you think would be the better program.

Lillie Marshall

Friday 28th of July 2023

Hi Ed, Thanks so much for your kind comment! Between "LIIFT MORE" and "Sure Thing," my two cents is that "Sure Thing" is more well-rounded and functionally healthy. That said, #mbf "Muscle Burns Fat" might be an even better match because it's more lifting-focused, while still being functional and exciting. Ooh, and if you want a really thrilling and challenging one, try "6 Weeks of The Work!!!" Good luck, and let us know what you choose, if you get a chance.


Sunday 9th of July 2023

Thank you for your very helpful and unbiased review. I was looking for reviews of this program to see if it would be a good fit for me, and much of what I found was really not much more than descriptions of the program that parroted the exact marketing language BODi uses. I really appreciate that yours was an actual in-depth review that helped me get a better feel for the program and whether I might enjoy it. (I am going to give it a try!)

Lillie Marshall

Sunday 9th of July 2023

I appreciate your kind words. I’m curious what you’ll think of the program!


Thursday 25th of May 2023

Thank you for this in depth review! This is super informative and really helped me decide whether or not to try the program. I’m able to do it in June, and it looks like I’m going to give it a shot!

Lillie Marshall

Monday 29th of May 2023

Thanks for taking the time to leave this kind comment, Bailey. I'm sending you good energy for your exercise pursuits!

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