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“Let’s Get Up” Shaun T Beachbody DANCE Workout Review

A Beginner + Intermediate Dance Exercise Program

Welcome to my NINTH installment of my detailed-as-heck Beachbody reviews — and this time it’s about a spicy, very different kind of fitness style. “Let’s Get Up” is the vibrantly colorful, unabashedly exuberant new Shaun T workout program… featuring DANCING. Wait — don’t run away scared! Whether or not you think dance is for you, give this review a peek, because this program holds several surprises and benefits (as well as downsides) which even I didn’t expect.

“Let’s Get Up” with Shaun T: OVERVIEW

This new Shaun T Beachbody program is a month long (30 days), with each week alternating 4 dance workout days with two weights or “resistance” days (which are basically also dancing), and one rest day. Each “Let’s Get Up” workout is just 30 minutes long, and the program will be released on Beachbody on Demand in Fall of 2021, and available before then for a fee — yes, which I paid in order to preview this program for you.

All of the dance workouts are different videos that don’t repeat during the month, but because there are only four resistance workout videos, you need to repeat each weights episode twice if following the standard calendar. There is always a modifier (more on the fabulous Aleksia soon), and dumbbells are the only equipment needed. I’d recommend 5-12 pound weights, though I did the whole program with 10s since that’s all I have right now… but they were definitely way too heavy for the speed and volume of many of the resistance moves.

Each dance workout is divided into five parts: 1) “Warm Up” (easier dancing), 2) “Tone Up” (plié-based leg moves), 3) “Choreo Reps” (learning the moves of the dance through repetition in two chunks), 4) “Moment of Insanity” (classic “Insanity” moves for cardio, like kicking), 5) “Choreo Stacked (putting the dance moves together into several repetitions of the full dance with music). For every dance sequence, the “Cameo” in the lower right corner shows a dancer reminding what the next move is. There are also versions of each video without the Cameo if you prefer, but I found it helpful.

Shaun T Let's Get Up
My drawing of Shaun T — couldn’t get the goatee right!

Bonus Materials and Hybrid Calendars

For bonus material, there are four “Let’s Add On” 10-15 minute weights episodes that can be tacked onto any day you want more “oomph” to your routine. In the second half of this article, I’ll review each episode in detail, including these bonus clips. Teaser: They’re quite valuable.

There are also two-minute “Shareable Moments” (clips perfect for filming alongside your own dancing to post to social media), 2-3 minute “Energize Moments” (deep thoughts and tips with Shaun T), and Intermediate and Advanced “Hybrid Calendars” which have pre-made combinations of splicing “Let’s Get Up” with other Shaun T Beachbody workouts like “Insanity Max: 30” for some extra variety and challenge. There is also a “Nutrition” tab with videos for “Ultimate Portion Fix,” “2B Mindset,” and supplements, and an extra set of dances called “Live It Up” that are included for Nutrition+ members.

Why Trust this Beachbody Review? I’m NOT a Coach!

Most other workout reviews are written by Beachbody coaches who earn a commission when you sign up for a program — but I’m not a coach, meaning I have no incentive to lure you into a program that’s not a fit for you! Rather, I’m just a 39-year-old middle school English teacher, artist, and mother with a passion for HONESTLY analyzing fitness videos in order to help others find a workout that’s a genuine match for their goals and desires.

Further, I actually DID every workout in “Let’s Get Up,” completing each part of all the videos, and taking pages and pages of notes along the way. The 6,000 words in this review are drenched in real sweat! As background, I’m currently at a medium-high level of fitness (thanks to my background as a college athlete, plus ongoing home workouts since then), and my only dance background is intermittent Zumba over the years. I do struggle with ongoing injuries like many others, and this review will cover how to take injury-prevention into account.

That said, I am not a doctor, so before starting any new exercise program yourself, make sure to follow what works for your body to stay safe, and to consult a medical professional if needed. Ready to dive into the actual review? Let’s go!

"Let's Get Up" makes working out fun.
“Let’s Get Up” makes working out fun.

PROs of “Let’s Get Up”

1. This exercise program is pure joy and happiness.

Want to have a beautiful person cooing, “You are so good!” to you every day? Looking to be embraced by words of self-affirmation, body positivity, and unleashed self-expression? “Let’s Get Up” is for you! Shaun T and his wonderful cast set the tone of joy each and every workout, and though it may take a few videos to let the love do its magic, odds are you’ll feel your heart melting by Week 2.

Shaun T has been producing effective and beloved workout programs since 2003, but in this 2021 program, he is able to be his full and true self more than ever before — and the effect is utterly uplifting! I laughed harder in this program than I have in any others, and was motivated to press “Play” every day to see what other epic utterance (or body movement) Shaun T would throw our way. Working out with “Let’s Get Up” never felt like a chore — it was more like binging on a hilarious TV show.

2. “Let’s Get Up” cast and setting are STUNNING.

As an artist, I appreciate beauty and bright colors — and woooow does “Let’s Get Up” ever bring them! First, the cast. Shaun T has assembled a diverse crew of dancers who exude delight, body-positivity, and inclusiveness with every wag of their hips. My personal favorites were the modifier Aleksia (@aleksiaraven on IG) who was always so happy and fun to watch, Chawnta’ (@chanwntamarie) who is a professional dancer with Lizzo (!!!!), and Ayanna (@ayannapilates) who is 60 years old, and still shakin’ it better than the rest of us! (Shout-out to Beachbody for steady improvement on cast diversity in its newer programs, as also evidenced by #mbf Muscle Burns Fat.)

For further eye candy, the backdrop of the entire program besides the Bonus Rooftop Workout is… Hawaii. Green palm trees sway over azure water, and most episodes, a volcanic mountain island is visible on the horizon. I thought “30 Day Breakaway” had the best set on Beachbody, but “Let’s Get Up’s” background is truly heavenly. As if Hawaii isn’t visual va-voom enough, the outfit choices for the cast sparkle with rainbow pastels as bright as the ABC Islands, which paint pink and purple over the natural background. A feast for the eyes!

Given the perfection of the audio and visual universe of “Let’s Get Up,” I’m left with two awe-struck questions for the tech crew: 1) How did they get the sound quality so seamless, despite filming in the open ocean air? 2) What magical sunscreen was the cast wearing to keep from burning during all that sun-drenched dancing?

3. The program is customizable for many fitness levels.

Though “Let’s Get Up” is categorized as a “Beginner” program, I found many aspects of it quite challenging, despite the fact that I’ve completed several Advanced programs such a “6 Weeks of the Work.” I’ll expound more on this later, but the bottom line is that if you do “Let’s Get Up” as it’s designed, you WILL get a full-body cardio, weight-loss, and musclebuilding workout, no matter what your level.

Looking for something even easier than “Beginner?” Good news: Not only is there always a modifier in “Let’s Get Up” to take impact out of moves, but Shaun T also encourages you to just do each move in a way that works for YOU. Is a step too fast? Slow it down. Is a dance too complicated? Take out part. As long as you’re moving in some way and listening to your body, you’re good!

There are even disco dances...
There are even disco dances…

4. Moves are all standing — never on floor or mat.

At first I was thrown off by the fact that you’re never on the ground in “Let’s Get Up.” What — no sit-ups?! No kneeling? How is this even a workout?! But I was pleasantly impressed with how many muscles Shaun T was able to activate through standing-only moves: from abs to glutes.

As I got used to the flow, a major benefit of standing-only workouts became clear: You can do them ANYWHERE? Yes, I was able to do “Let’s Get Up” in dusty hotel rooms and not worry about the questionable carpet. I was able to do them in my kitchen while watching kids (since I had cushioned indoor sneakers). I was even able to do them outside in Bend, Oregon, Ligonier, PA, the Berkshires, MA, and Portsmouth, NH (yes, I get around) without getting my rump in the mud. This is an excellent travel program — especially since few of the workouts call for equipment.

5. Time commitment is perfect: Short and sweet.

In just half an hour a day for six days a week, for the course of a month, you can complete “Let’s Get Up.” That 30 minutes includes a solid warm-up and cool-down as well. Whenever you want more muscle building, there are always the “Let’s Add On” 10-15 minute supplementary weight workouts which I loved, or the hybrid calendars which bring in other Shaun T classics.

The benefit of having a program that’s just four weeks long (or 3 weeks in the case of #mbfa) is that it’s easier to stick with workouts when the end is in sight. Especially if you’re a beginner to the world of online workouts, or if you’ve had trouble staying consistent in the past, picking a bite-sized program like “Let’s Get Up” is a smart choice.

6. There’s surprising variety with modern flair.

Each of the 18 dance workouts in “Let’s Get Up” has unique moves and tunes, keeping you on your toes. Though the four resistance workouts and four add-on lifting bonuses do repeat, they also provide variety in the form of weights, and the same goes for the hybrid workouts which are already set up for you at the bottom of the screen with episodes from Shaun T’s other programs. In still more choice, there are also moments at the end of most workouts where Shaun T encourages you to freely move in whatever way your body desires.

Bringing the 21st century into the mix, there are also the exciting “Shareable Moments” to post on social media. Finally, Shaun T gives many words of wisdom in the Energize Moments — all of which you can scarf down or ignore. Are you getting the theme here? “Let’s Get Up” is customizable in many manners to fit what best lights YOU up! I far prefer this program to Shaun T’s other dance programs for this reason, and several others which we’ll explore later.

7. “Let’s Get Up” workout results are surprisingly good.

Now for the moment many of you have have been waiting for: what are the RESULTS of “Let’s Get Up” in terms of fitness, weight loss, and muscle-building? I’m going to need some sub-headings for this:

I. Becoming more limber and fluid.

Yes, I moved my body with exercise and stretching before “Let’s Get Out,” but was I shaking my hips and undulating in “body snakes?” Nope. Turns out that those movements are really good for loosening out the body and increasing functional everyday movement!

II. Increased joy and “dancing through life.”

It does a person good to have kind words like, “You are AMAZING!” sung at you every day, and I began to notice Shaun T’s positivity rubbing off on my mood in a great way as the month progressed. I was also pleased to observe that the graceful dance movements from “Let’s Get Up” began to spill into my everyday life, as I found the boogie in just walking around the house, or making dinner. Dramatic flair for all!

III. Improved speed and confidence.

When I started “Let’s Get Up,” I could NOT move my feet and arms as fast as Shaun T and his beautiful cast. As the program progressed, however, I got better at doing the moves with them — and when I couldn’t do them, I got more secure in making my own modifications that worked better for my body, and still kept me moving.

IV. Boosted muscle tone and cardio fitness.

I was quite impressed with the muscle and cardio burn I got from “Let’s Get Up,” despite it having no floor work. It’s amazing how difficult it can be to wave your arms up and down, fast, for a sustained amount of time! Shaun T does a great job of pointing out which muscles to squeeze during each move, so it was easier to notice the workouts doing their magic.

V. Possible weight loss?

I know many people are interested about whether a specific program will help with weight loss, and my honest answer is that if you stick with ANY good program (including “Let’s Get Up”) it WILL help shed pounds. However, I can’t be sure how much this specific program contributed to my physique, since I’m also eating super clean and have cut out most sugars, all booze, and even cut coffee. Ultimately, it all adds up in a positive way, and I was motivated to continue LGU because it was so fun, which certainly helped boost my fitness.

8. Overall good music.

It’s not easy to come up with 18 original songs for a workout program, but “Let’s Get Up” pulled it off. Yes, some of the tunes are better than others (be prepared to make some faces in reaction), but there really are some gems in there. Did I find myself humming some days later? Yes indeed. Further, since workouts with music are somewhat rare on Beachbody on Demand, it was nice not to have to set up my own music for a change.

9. Shaun T is stupendously amazing.

I don’t have words for how thankful I am that Shaun T exists in this world. We are lucky bunnies to have him! We’ve discussed this Super Trainer’s joy and humor and inspiration, but let’s now marvel at the skill: Shaun T is able to give 40 form cues a minute — and all set so perfectly to the beat that it sounds like singing. You are in good hands with Shaun T, so just let go and let him bring you to exercise euphoria.

"Let's Get Up" results
“Let’s Get Up” results: Arm and ab definition.

CONs of “Let’s Get Up”

A. Parts of the program are surprisingly difficult — beware!

In many ways, I would NOT call “Let’s Get Up” a “Beginner” Beachbody program. As mentioned, the positive side of this is that even if you’re Intermediate or Advanced, you can benefit from this program. In the negative side, however, the many rapid side-to-side movements and twists could definitely wrench your knee or back if you aren’t carefully listening to your body. Proceed with caution and make your own modifications whenever needed because…

Unfortunately, the modifications actually didn’t address a lot of the difficulties I had with the moves. Yes, the mod does blessedly take out the impact for the jumping moves, but she never cut the speed of the side-to-side movement, and for a gangly-tall person with knee problems like me, I found I needed to insert a lot of my own half-time slowdowns, especially at first. My legs and arms simply can’t move that fast! (For a similarly “not really beginner, but it’s billed as such” workout, note “Job 1.”)

B. You’ll likely need to add in extra workout elements and floor.

The downside of a standing-moves-only dance-based workout is that you miss out on two key elements: floor exercises (including ground stretches) and heavy weightlifting (because the fast compound movements necessitate lighter weights). Depending on your goals, these may be such glaring “missings” that a hybrid workout is necessary.

Luckily, there are the pre-made hybrid calendars cued up at the bottom of the screen, and I would particularly recommend “360 Abs,” which gives all the ab floor work you need. I ended up making my own hybrid with “Let’s Get Up” and “9 Week Control Freak” (one of my all-time favorite Beachbody programs now), and adding in some additional floor stretches at the end of every LGU dance video, since I didn’t feel the on-camera stretching was enough.

C. “Let’s Get Up” takes some time to get used to.

I looooove Shaun T and follow him avidly on Instagram (@shaunt of course), so I expected to fall passionately in love with “Let’s Get Up” from minute one. Yes, I ended up adoring it as much as I expected — BUT that didn’t happen until Week 2, after I got used to some aspects. What took so long for the adjustment?

First, it really is a different kind of program than any other Beachbody workout I’ve done. The rapid side-to-side movements were difficult and annoying at first, and I felt silly having so much trouble doing a “Beginner” program. Further, in the initial videos, the constant repetition of moves felt somewhat monotonous — until I realized how effective repeating steps is to learning them.

Logistically, “Let’s Get Up” also took some changes to my usual workout flow. I normally work out on a squishy mat in compression socks with no shoes, but the non-stop dance steps beat up my feat so much that I was forced to lace up sneakers. Meanwhile, the exercise mat kept slipping due to the dramatic movements, and I ultimately concluded that this program is best done in indoor shoes on carpet (in as large a space as possible) or outside (provided you don’t have nosy neighbors to gawk at your boogie-ing). In short, if you don’t like “Let’s Get Up” at first, give it a week or two to sort things out in your body, mind, heart, and workout space.

D. Awkwardness: Repeated videos, asymmetry, and funny songs.

“Let’s Get Up” is very real. There are corny jokes, strange original songs, flubbed lines, and generally awkward moments. That’s the beauty of Beachbody on Demand’s “Real Time” programs! Luckily, the level of strangeness in LGU never hits “4 Weeks of The Prep” levels, but do be prepared for some riotously ridiculous moments.

Other awkward elements include needing to repeat the resistance videos, the product placement in the Energize Moments (which do actually have value if you can look beyond that), and the fact that some dances are not totally symmetrical. To elaborate on that last point, I’m obsessed (as is Autumn Calabrese) with working muscles exactly evenly on both sides. The good news is that “Let’s Get Up” does a FAR better job of alternating sides than Shan T’s other dance program, “Cize” (which I find egregiously asymmetrical), but there were still moments I had to modify by reversing the starting leg on my own because one side was getting too much action.

E. This program is potentially less efficient for results.

If you are really serious about getting weight loss, toning, fitness, and muscle-building results in as fast time as possible, “Let’s Get Up” may not be for you. Programs like “80 Day Obsession” or (if you’re seeking a high-quality Beginner option) “21 Day Fix” are optimized to transform your body with zero wasted movements. That said, many people are more motivated by fun, funny workouts like LGU, and the best workout program of all is the one you’ll actually do.

Dancing with the groove.
Dancing with the groove.

Specific “Let’s Get Up” Episode Reviews

Ready to get REALLY specific about each video in this month-long program? While this may seem overly geeky (ok, it is) it’s actually useful because each song and dance is very different, so this will give a preview of what to expect and watch out for.

“Let’s Get Up” Sample Workout:

I actually didn’t like the sample workout as much as the actual program, so I urge you to look beyond it and towards the first full week to truly understand the program. Yes, the sample workout has most of the elements of the actual program (though I’d argue it’s one of the stranger songs in the mix), but it really took me several days to get into the groove of “Let’s Get Up” and see its greatness and benefits.

I would also warn you that if this is the first workout you do, beware of potential knee and back pain as you do all the side-to-side movements, and consider putting in your own modification of moving at half-speed if you feel a twinge in your joints as I did.

“Let’s Turn Up!” (Prep Workout):

I liked this workout better than the sample one, as I found the music more engaging, and I began to get into the groove and really feel the cardio benefit plus arm and shoulder muscle burn. I also started to modify speed to protect my knees. I didn’t feel quite as “cardio cleansed” and drenched in sweat as I’d hoped, but I wasn’t pushing my hardest because I was getting used to the side-to-side movements.

WEEK 1: “Feel Good” Dance Workout

I was soooo grumpy the day I hit “Play” on this workout, but it lifted my mood with the bright outfits and cheerful cast. Speaking of cast, let me clarify a confusing aspect so you can understand it earlier in the program than I did. Shaun T talks about himself in the third person, right? So there is also a cast member named Chawnta’ (pronounced “Shauntay”). For much of the first week of “Let’s Get Up” I couldn’t tell who he was referring to! Later in the program he clarifies more and everyone has a good laugh about it.

“One Way” Dance Workout

This was the moment I admitted that this supposedly “Beginner” level program is really hard if you do all the parts with full energy. My notes read: “Shoulders burning!” I embraced beloved Aleksia’s modifications to take the impact out of the Insanity section, and added extra mods to take fewer steps during the dance moves so I didn’t have to move so lightning fast.

“Let’s Tone Up” (Resistance 1)

This is the first weights workout of the program, and it also features some fabulous short shorts, shirts pulled up to show abs (in order to demonstrate “work through your core”), and a rump shake with the words “You can look but you can’t touch!” uttered. Yes — this episode is like a good TV show.

It begins with dance moves without weights, then you get right into it, and there’s not really time to switch pound choice, so choose well. Since I only have 10s, I did it with those, which was challenging for some of the moves using smaller muscles. I was buoyed, however, by dear Shaun T declaring, “You are so freaking awesome for showing up to work.” Why thank you, my trainer! He closed by saying: “Go to mirror, find something you like about you, and trust and believe.”

“Solo Quiero Bailar” Dance Workout

I’m passionate about Latin dance, and this episode delivered. In my notes I wrote, “OMG — Shaun T is soooo delightful and joyful and funny!” A possible moment which might have spurred this thought was when the trainer said — perfectly to the beat — “I only want to dance, and so does my bootay!” (exclaimed with a hip shake).

The song here is great, and the moves got my heart rate up. Shaun T’s cues to engage your abs are helpful, and it was fun to get some behind-the-scenes peeks at the people behind the filming, including a fellow named Dustin, and the cameraman Mac (aka “Mac Daddy”) who I know also did Autumn and Amoila Cesar‘s programs.

“Show Up and Lift” (Resistance 2)

This was one of my favorite workouts. The first full eight minutes are lunges and pliés without weights, but then the dumbbells kick in. My 10s were way too hard for all the arm work, and my shoulders were sore the next day. The only frustration was I missed doing a good heavy leg lift — dumbbells have to stay light because of arm combinations and high reps.

“Livin’ My Best Life” Dance Workout

It’s a disco episode! As you can see, I drew inspiration from that classic disco pointing move for all my photos and drawings here — haha. At this point, it was getting easier to do the whole video without stopping. (Again — not as much a “Beginner” program as I thought.) I had some concerns the moves here were lopsided, so I added in opposite leg versions. This episode also has the classic Shaun T statement: “I’m gonna show y’all what you wanna see,” meaning — a rump shake. Love it!

Inspired by Shaun T's energy!
Inspired by Shaun T’s energy!

WEEK 2: “Wow” Dance Workout

This is a hip hop song, and I enjoyed it. As I wrote in my notes, “I’m getting addicted to the joy and style of movement of this program!” Some moves were complicated, but I just tried my best, and really went wild during the free dance section, jumping around. This program is about joy — you move how you want, in ways that feel best for YOU!

“Only Way is Up” Dance Workout

This was my #1 favorite workout in the entire “Let’s Get Up” program because it’s slower, dramatic modern dance — that’s my jam. The embedded video in this article is me doing the “Shareable Moment” from “Only Way Is Up” — Fire Arms and all. (Speaking of fire, do check out “Fire and Flow” if you’re looking for another program with dance-like elements.) Shaun T does a nice job here reminding you to watch your breath and keep on breathing.

The Energize Moment that goes with this episode is helpful and inspiring, too. Shaun T says, “When you’re stressed, what’s the ONE thing you can do to help?” My answer: Work out!

“Livin’ in the Weights” (Resistance 3)

I adored this resistance workout, and was able to do the whole thing through without stopping (which can’t be said for previous ones). It was different from the others because it had fewer arm movements, which made using my 10-pound weights more doable — but still very challenging. Shaun T summed up the uniqueness of this program well when he said, “When’s the last time you were in a weights workout where you danced at the end?”

“Swing n’ Shake” Dance Workout

This old school swing dance routine was one of my favorite episodes of the whole program! Super fun music and moves. I had to cut out some of the extra steps because I can’t move so fast, but with the repetition of the Choreo Reps I was able to follow along with most of the dance — grinning the whole time.

“Feel Strong” (Resistance 4)

Loved this resistance workout, and this episode went quickly. 10 pound weights were challenging but doable.

“Fais Toi Confiance” Dance Workout

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t listened to much French punk music in my life — and now I realize what’s been missing! This was a really fun episode, and as Shaun T says here: “No one’s around, so GO WILD!”

WEEK 3: “Let’s Get Up!” Dance Workout

Dorky confession: It was a thrill to finally get to do the dance that goes with the official theme song of “Let’s Get Up!” Some of the moves were hard to follow with the footwork, but Shaun T suggested some modifications which I gladly took. My notes for this episode read: “Took yesterday off “Let’s Get Up” and really missed it! I need this soul cleansing. Shaun T literally makes me laugh out loud.” 

“Bailamos Y Vivimos” Dance Workout

Yay for one more Latin music dance! There are lots of cha-cha moves here to compliment the great tune, and a stupendous demonstration of Shaun T’s adeptness at giving instructions in perfect time to the music.

“Run the Game” Dance Workout

I LOVED this episode: hip hop! It left me feeling great, and the moves were complex, but felt great. The only thing was the cool-down was a bit short on this one.

“Leave it on the Dance Floor” Workout

I didn’t realize how much I missed dancing in nightclubs until this episode. Re-live your strobe-light filled days and party with Shaun T.

The only way is up!
The only way is up!

WEEK 4: “Show Up & Shape Up” Dance Workout

Want to be famous? This dance is all about being a diva, and the “Trapped in a Cage” song is perfect for high drama and epic expressions. Does Shaun T do some lip synching right into the camera? Sure does — and I’m here for it. There are rump shakes and wilding out, too.

“Got the Love” Dance Workout

This episode is Rock n’ Roll and features one of my favorite Shaun T motivational utterances of all time: “Air guitar for your life, ya’ll!” I really enjoyed this dance.

“Break the Rules” Dance Workout

Ok, so I’m a huuuuge Musical Theatre nut, so I was counting the seconds until this Broadway-style episodes and… it was not what I expected. Yes, it was super fun (old-time and bouncy), but I was expecting really dramatically big moves like “Chicago” or “A Chorus Line.” The choreography and musical style here, however, was faster and more swing-ish, and reminded me of “Hairspray.”

“Always Forward” Dance Workout

This episode is sort of funny 80s electronic music, and is notable because we FINALLY get to focus in on Graham, the lone man in the cast! I wrote in my notes: “Holy %$&* — how is “Let’s Get Up” already almost over?! It went so fast because of the joy!”

“BONUS: Rooftop” Dance Workout

I didn’t like this workout as much as the others. There is a somewhat different cast and radically different location, and I felt clunky doing the moves. This could be because I took a few days off to start writing this review, though! I did love Irene, the modifier for this episode, however. Gorgeous!

Let’s Add On” (short workouts with weights):

Shoulders, Bis, and Tris (15 minutes)

Good stuff! 10 pound weights was an overly ambitious choice, and I actually had to stop and finish the second half the next day. I found this episode a bit repetitive, and preferred it split in two than all together.

Biceps, Legs, and Booty (10 minutes)

Intense! I’m not sure I needed all that bicep work in a row in the first half. The second half of the workout is really great booty and bicep work, though. A fun moment was when Shaun T threatened: “If this isn’t your favorite, you can go home — except you’re already home!”

Back, Legs, and Booty (13 minutes)

This was my favorite episode of “Let’s Add On” because my 10-pounders worked well for the big muscles of the leg moves. There was a nice variety here of squats and lunges, and the time went fast.

Full Body Workout (15 minutes)

I would give this episode a “B.” It was pretty good and went fast, but felt repetitive and incomplete, because while there were a lot of bicep curls and upright rows, for example, there were no push moves like overhead presses, which would have mixed things up nicely.

Shareable Moments” and “Energize Moments”

Beachbody has really gone full-out lately on interesting bonus materials. The “Shareable Moments” are perfect to post to social media, but a warning: they are actually slightly different choreography than their corresponding workouts, so be prepared to learn a new move flow. The “Energize Moments” are a bit of a mixed bag, and are very “real” in that they have flubs as well as truly inspiring thoughts and useful form tips. I’d suggest watching a few to get the gist.

Comparison to Other Beachbody Programs

Normally I do a very detailed comparison between the BOD program I’m reviewing, and the others I’ve completed, but the reality is that “Let’s Get Up” is so different than the others that an overview comparison makes more sense. LGU is about fun, joy, and fitness gains through dance.

If that description encapsulates “your thing,” do “Let’s Get Up’ in its entirety. If the description is “kind of sort of” your thing, do it in a hybrid program (either one Beachbody provides, or one you create yourself). If it’s not your thing at all, just do another program — but I would urge you to at least try one of the best episodes (see my recommendations above) to make sure you’re really a “no” and aren’t in fact missing out on something you might like.

“Let’s Get Up” vs. Other Beachbody Dance Programs

This recommendation is easier: in my opinion, “Let’s Get Up” is by far the best Shaun T dance program, because “Cize” is too lopsided and doesn’t have as much variety, nor any weights, and “Hip Hop Abs” is now quite dated in style and filming technology. Meanwhile, I enjoyed Autumn Calabrese’s “Country Heat,” but find LGU wayyyyy more fun and ridiculous. Autumn has a more serious and intense style, so pick the trainer who matches your preferences, and if you like laughter and body positivity, choose “Let’s Get Up.”

“Let’s Get Up” vs. Other Shaun T Workout Programs

Shaun T’s other fitness programs are EXCELLENT, but they are totally different than “Let’s Get Up.” Lately I’ve gotten really into T20 (Advanced, 20 minutes) and T25 (Intermediate, 25 minutes) because they’re so efficient and intense, and are perfect for the travel I do because most don’t require equipment. They also have nifty on-screen countdowns. In contrast to LGU, Shaun T’s other programs feature a ton of floor work, including pushups, sit-ups, and burpees galore. In my opinion, the best of all worlds is to do a hybrid between them all.

I haven’t experimented much with “Insanity” or “Insanity: MAX 30” but the “360 Abs” episode included in the pre-made hybrid calendars at the bottom of “Let’s Get Up” is one of the best core workouts I’ve seen on Beachbody, and I highly recommend you incorporate it into your routine. It’s fun, varied, effective, hard-but-doable, and features pumping music in the background.

A Note on My Athleticwear and Leggings

Curious about my workout outfit? The shirt is a gift from Rush Order Tees, who kindly offered to show what my logo looks like on a tank top (verdict: super cool). The leggings are a continuation of my obsession with woman-owned athleisure companies, and the WOC-run brand is Sunia Yoga. To see other athleticwear in this series, check out these leggings with pockets and these armor leggings! Fitnesswear fun…

Beachbody dance workout "Let's Get Up"
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Is “Let’s Get Up” a Good Workout Program for YOU?

6,000 words later, I hope you now understand more about Shaun T’s delightful new dance fitness program. Does this workout plan seem like a good match for YOU? If you’ve done it, is there anything you’d add? If you haven’t yet, are there any other questions I can answer? Do share!

Want more? See ALL my (highly detailed and geeky) Beachbody reviews here.


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Sunday 13th of February 2022

Thank you so much for this thorough review! I have just finished week two and I am absolutely in love with this program. I also agree that "Only way is Up" and "Swing n' Shake" are two of my favorites (so far), so much so that I doubled up a couple of days so I could do them again this week!

I wasn't sure if I was going to do this program until I found your review a few weeks back and I am SO happy I did because I would have seriously missed out on a gem of a workout series. I am soaked in sweat after every workout and left feeling happy, inspired and ready to take on whatever my day might bring!

Lastly, I am HUGE Shaun T fan, I have done almost all of his programs and while I do like Cize, a lot, this dance program is much more complete. And yes, Shaun T is definitely giving us his most truest self and I absolutely LOVE it!

I can't wait for the next two weeks!

Best, Shamone

Lillie Marshall

Sunday 13th of February 2022

Shamone, Your comment has absolutely made my day! I’m thrilled you’re loving the program. Go Shaun T, go! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience, and hooray for getting movement and joy into your life!


Thursday 4th of November 2021

Thanks for this review. I was trying to find some help with the program and stumbled across this. I've been a fan of Shaun T since I tried Insanity long ago. It really helped me recover from minor injuries after doing my first half marathon. For some reason, as a 58 year old somewhat clumsy guy (on the slightly larger side) I've decided to try LGU. I sweat a lot, burn a lot of calories, but am frustrated that I just can't consistently get the moves. Even with the modifier and the cameo I'm always off(at times way off). I wish there was a LGU for dummies. The little how to do it video is nowhere near close to what I need. I get that 80%-ish of BB users are women who probably have more rhythm and coordination (heck everyone has more than me). Open to suggestions.

p.s. It is interesting in researching the casts of the various videos over the years, the majority come from a dance background.

Lillie Marshall

Friday 5th of November 2021

Wesley, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! "Let's Get Up" is really not a Beginner program at all because of the side-to-side and move complexity, and I think that label really throws off expectations. For example, because "6 Weeks of the Work" is labeled "Advanced," I know that I should just try my best and won't be able to hit every move. LGU actually needs that expectation.

I agree that it would be nice to have an easier version. If you want to stick with dance, you might want to check out some of the older dance workouts like "YOUv2" (much easier -- but the trainer is... not for everyone) or "Country Heat" (slightly easier than LGU). If you want to try another platform, DailyBurn has a dance fitness program called Move! with a trainer I love named Keaira LaShae, but even those moves are at least Intermediate.

I applaud you for trying something new, and I want to affirm that you are not alone in finding "Let's Get Up" challenging!


Monday 27th of September 2021

I love your articles Lillie thank you so much. I’m a beginner, I started with 21 Day Fix and unfortunately injured my arm part way though (I’m obese, over 40 and hadn’t exercised in at least a year). I absolutely love Shaun T and I’m no 6 days into the program. I also loved both the Solo Quiero Bailar Workout and the Show Up and Life.

One thing I wish Beachbody would do is break down the workouts a little further, such as having a Beginner/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced Category. One thing a really like is planning the workouts I’m going to progress through and your reviews help me define the level even more.

Warm Wishes and much thanks, Aimee

Lillie Marshall

Monday 27th of September 2021

Aimee, Huge thanks for taking the time to leave your kind and helpful comment! I agree that the categories of Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced are not accurate on BOD, and programs labeled "Beginner" can be deceptively challenging. I'm so sorry to hear you got injured during "21 Day Fix!" I hope that "Let's Get Up" is a better fit. Just make sure you add in extra modifications as needed (including doing moves in half-time instead of so fast) because as I wrote, I actually found this more of an "Intermediate" program in some ways. Curious to find out which episode turns out to be your favorite!


Wednesday 14th of July 2021

Great post! I like dance workouts and it's great to hear that this is a good one.

Lillie Marshall

Wednesday 14th of July 2021

Dance workouts are fun indeed!

Fiona Maclean

Tuesday 13th of July 2021

You look so happy doing this workout - it's a great advertisement!

Lillie Marshall

Tuesday 13th of July 2021

Thanks Fiona! To clarify, no one paid me to write this —- I’m just happy to dance and write!

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