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Life Lessons: Better Living in 35 Actionable Ideas!

What Does Improving Lives Involve?

As a teacher of both adults and teens for the past 16 years, it turns out that some of the most important and impactful lessons I’ve taught have been about LIFE — not just English.

Life Lessons for Better Living
Read on for practical new possibilities…

For the first time, I’m compiling over 30 of my most useful tips about better living here. Since the topics range through all facets of life, I hope you find something of value for yourself that matches with your goals and desires. Enjoy!

Life Lessons: Better Living

This useful list of tips is for improving lives in every realm: Fitness, organization, productivity, self-confidence, creativity, family, self-care, travel, money, and more!

Bonus Life Lessons

My other site, Teaching Traveling, helps people combine travel and global education. Here are some of the most useful life improvement opportunities from it.

Which of these Lessons Can YOU Bring to Life?

Phew — that was a lot of ideas! Which of these life lessons applies to what you’re hoping to shift or expand, and which are you curious to try? If you have tried any, how did they go, and what would you add or alter so we can all enjoy better and better living? Do share!

Better Living Life Lessons
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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.