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On Mafia Wars Addiction, or: How Blogging Saved Me

Confession: I used to be a Mafia Wars addict. Like… a REALLY bad Mafia Wars addict.

For those who are blissfully unaware, Mafia Wars is a game through the Zynga platform on Facebook which involves clicking buttons over and over (and over) again to “Do Jobs” and perform “Hits” against other players in order to gain loot and status. It’s brainless. It’s utterly enjoyable. It’s magnetically addictive.

At a castle in Sintra, Portual, un-addicted to Mafia Wars!
At a castle in Sintra, Portual, un-addicted to Mafia Wars!

In 2009, before I left America to travel around the world for nine months, here’s how my addiction would go each day: I would come home from teaching, exhausted, sidle up to my laptop… then rabidly play Mafia Wars for a really long time. Did I want to procrastinate grading or planning during the weekend? I’d play Mafia Wars instead.

We all need our escapes. We all have our obsessions. BUT, all I can say is praise the power of an Around the World journey to re-boot and re-shape my addiction! Can you guess what has 110% replaced Mafia Wars in my heart and time? That’s right: my websites!

My brother goofing around in Sintra, Portugal!
My brother goofing around in Sintra, Portugal!

Once I started and realized how much fun it was to WRITE and to interact with an ever-growing audience, there became no more need (and no more time) to clickity-click old Mafia Wars! Now that I’ve launched an additional website,, I am officially safe from being tempted back to the clutches of online game addiction.

Here are some reasons it’s AWESOME to create and run websites instead of play games:

1. Social Circle Expansion. Running websites gives you an excuse to reach out to, meet, and interact with amazing people from around the world. Because of my website networking (you HAVE to network to get readers, contributors, and clout), I have the coolest circle of new friends and “coworkers.” I also now have a legitimate excuse to approach fancy hot-shot folks, rather than just saying: “Um, hi, I’m Lillie and I like Mafia Wars.”

2. Brain Development. When you design and administer websites, you are forced to learn new things each day. Since starting this blog last July, I feel like I’ve completed the equivalent of three years of college Computer Science courses, simply through trial and error and reaching out for advice to the new friends explained in reason one!

3. Creativity Flexing. Got writing skills? Art skills? Photography? You will flex the heck out of them when you run a website… and what makes this even cooler is that others around the world will start to see your creative work and encourage you in its development! What a dream come true.

In Portugal, feeling FREE from Mafia Wars addiction!
In Portugal, feeling FREE from Mafia Wars addiction!

4. Power. Part of the allure of Mafia Wars is that you work and work (and by “work” I mean “click”) in order to get a higher and higher status rank. Growing a website is the same feeling… but a million times better!

Ooo the joy of seeing that the Facebook Fan Page for this site is nearing 1,000 fans (have YOU joined yet?), and that in merely one week, the Fan Page for is near 300 fans!

The moral of this story is as follows:

There is some addiction in your life right now that is wasting your time. Maybe you’re constantly saying, “I should quit doing this stupid thing,” but the truth is that it’s very difficult to abruptly quit and leave an empty void. What you need is a REPLACEMENT addiction.

Replace your brainless obsession with an obsession which will use your intellect and creativity, while expanding your social network, while adding to your power and clout in this world… and perhaps also contributing to society!

What will your new addiction be? Exercise? Cooking? Volunteering? Singing? Or… Website Design?

If you have an experience with addiction replacement or are struggling to shift addictions yourself, please leave a comment telling your tale!

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Amy H.

Saturday 16th of June 2012

People get addicted to video games really easily. This reminds me of last year when I wouldn't get off of my computer, because I was too busy playing this game.

Nick Prentis

Thursday 14th of June 2012

When I read the sign I thought you meant the real Mafia wars in the 40's.

Christine Y.

Monday 21st of May 2012

I realized that after my brother started playing this game called Minecraft, he got VERY addicted to it. I have to yell at him for more than ten minutes to get him off the computer.


Monday 21st of May 2012

Video game addiction is no joke!!!


Sunday 15th of April 2012

hi, lillie. i found your entry very entertaining and especially inspiring, being able to get over an addiction problem and replace it for something so challenging. now, i may not be interested in reading about your travels (and to be honest what brought me here to read your piece was your technology learning link and your efl-related experiences), but you can be sure your reasons for bloogging etc are an example for others to follow. i'm one. by the way, consider including a 1+ in your entries. i wanted to 1+ed, but you only have facebook and twitter. google+ is growing, which is where i found you. cheers!


Monday 16th of April 2012

Ed, Thanks so much for your kind and useful message! Yes, please keep reading and commenting and sharing, and once I get home from Greece (where Internet access is rather sparse), I will follow your +1 suggestion!


Sunday 30th of October 2011

Teacher girl, What you needed to help with your addiction were some auto scripts ... lol I have made it known to everyone I am using them in the hopes they would ban my account... No such luck... lol

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.