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Best BODi Beachbody Workout Programs: HONEST Reviews to Help!

Get in Shape Affordably at Home!

Hello, from a fitness geek named Lillie! You’ve come to the right place if you want the motivation and structure to start working out regularly with an at-home exercise program. Huzzah for getting healthy and fit… for less time each day than a single TV show, and less money each month than one pizza delivery!

Beachbody on Demand reviews
Time for some honest Beachbody Reviews!

I’ve spent the past three years researching the best Beachbody on Demand workout programs (while juggling teaching and parenting two young kids), and am here to help you find the best fit for YOU. Time to dive in…

Why You Should Trust These BOD Reviews:

Let’s start with why this article is honest, and will actually be useful to you. First, I truly DID every single day of every single Beachbody program in my ranking of best ones. Further, I personally sampled all the others in my section covering the “not so good” Beachbody programs. Hopefully this will save you time wasted in attempting inferior programs!

Second, BOD is not paying me for this article, nor did they ask me to write it, nor am I a Beachbody coach. I’m just a middle school teacher who is fascinated by the BOD platform, and who has gotten huge benefit out of using it. (Note: In terms of compensation, there ARE some affiliate links here which provide a small commission at no cost to you, ex: for my blue leggings pictured, but the main way I support this blog is by display ads, which function simply by you being on this page and reading!)

Third, my life goal is for as many people as possible in this world to feel healthy and happy, and I’ve found Beachbody to be one extremely affordable and effective solution for getting in shape at home. I’ve seen it work to transform bodies and lives… at the cost of just $15 a month! (2023 update: Use this link to see details about the Beachbody vs. BODi changes and pricing, plus BODi Blocks structure.)

Finally, I’m a fitness fan who really enjoys gossiping about which exercise programs are best. I was a college athlete (high jump) and now am the volunteer coordinator of a 1,400-person fitness network in Boston to help motivate people to exercise and find the best fitness match for their lives (be it walking, lifting, or online programs).

Does Beachbody on Demand Work? Get Results This Way:

Yes, Beachbody on Demand works like crazy to get people in shape and fit fast, but you have to DO IT RIGHT. What do I mean by “do it right?” Too many people do Beachbody erratically, meaning that they skip around between programs and do Beachbody workouts out of order, then take long periods off, doing nothing at all. DO NOT DO THAT.

Skipping around and taking random huge breaks is NOT how Beachbody is designed, and so that strategy will not produce the results you want. In fact, skipping around is dangerous, because programs are designed with a specific flow to protect your body as you get stronger.

The entire point of Beachbody is that experts spent months — even years — researching and planning a full program with a beginning, middle, and end. In that way, the platform is superior to (and cheaper than) any in-person gym. Pick a BOD program and do it as designed. You wouldn’t read a good novel by skipping to the middle, right? It disrespects the craft and it’s not effective. Go in order.

The two exceptions to the “do the programs as designed” rule are rest days, and following the specific nutrition plan. Regarding rest days, I actually DO suggest adding extra rest days to the Beachbody programs that run 6-7 days a week, especially if you’re like me and your “rest days” involve 5-mile walks. Listen to what your body needs, and after any extra rest days, just pick up where you left off in the correct order of program workouts. (Don’t repeat the previous workout that you already did before the rest.)

Which Beachbody workout program is best?
Which Beachbody program will make you feel like a superhero?

Here’s the nutrition component caveat: Each program has a workout component, and a nutrition plan. If — and that’s a big “if” — you already are doing well with your nutrition, just do the BOD workout component without the food suggestions, and you’ll still get results. (Indeed, “abs are made in the kitchen!”)

Since I’m already obsessive about healthy eating, protein, and hydration, I will focus 100% of this article on the exercise aspect of each program, but I encourage you to check out the nutrition side of BOD if you’ve been struggling in that area, as most Beachbody programs have a cool eating plan included.

Best Intermediate & Advanced BOD Programs:

At last we’ve come to the most important rankings! After months of trying different ones, here are the TOP THREE Beachbody on Demand programs that I did from start to finish and loved.

Note that for all of these, you need a base layer of fitness (at least intermediate level) and the ability to listen to your body and modify if a move doesn’t work. If your level is more beginner, scroll down for those easier program recommendations. Here we go!

BODi Beachbody Reviews

Want an exercise plan that gets results? After extensive research with the BODi Beachbody on Demand fitness platform, here are my HONEST Beachbody reviews about which workout programs are best for your goals!

Reviews of Other Good Beachbody on Demand Programs:

Effective BOD Programs That I Quit:

There were several Beachbody on Demand workout programs that I did the first three weeks of, then quit. Why? They each have major downsides that didn’t match my goals. That said, they’re worth including here because I got as far as I did in them since they DO have a lot of positives, and the flaws I saw may not be dealbreakers for your personal goals.

1. “LIIFT4″ with Joel Freeman

“LIIFT4” is a very good program — especially if you’re a man and want a powerful triangle body shape. The program is fun, funny, effective, and short (about 30 minutes a day with THREE rest days a week). So why did I quit after just 3 weeks? Well, I found it incredibly unbalanced in favor of arm building. There is waaaaaay too little leg and glute lifting, and as a woman, that’s will not lead to the results I want.

Check out the calendar to understand what I mean. In the four days a week this program runs, THREE of them involve upper body lifting (biceps, shoulders, triceps, etc.) and only ONE is a leg day — and every other week the leg day is just plyometrics instead of leg lifting! So this means that with “LIIFT4,” you only get leg and glute weight lifting once every two weeks?! What?!?! No thanks, Joel. (2022 update: I actually restarted LIIFT4 and enjoyed it! My full LIIFT4 review is now up — as is my LIIFT MORE review.)

Speaking of balance, the other dealbreaker flaw for me with “LIIFT4” is that it is TOO balanced in terms of symmetrical workout moves. It is very important for stability building and health to lift and work in asymmetrical exercises, and I found that “80 Day Obsession,” “The Work,” and “#mbf” + #mbfa did a far and away better job with this element.

2. “Barre Blend” with Elise Joan

For some people, Barre workouts are ideal. They are low impact, and involve high reps with very light weights (1 to 5 pounds) in a ballet style to build long, lean muscles. I made it three weeks into the “Barre Blend” before quitting. Why?

This workout drove me crazy with irritation. I like heavy weight lifting, and have a very long (6-foot-tall) body, meaning that high reps were excruciatingly burning to my long lever muscles. I also found the ultra “feminine” vibe grating, but it may be a great fit for some people.

To be clear, this workout is low impact, but it’s not easy. “Barre Blend” is truly challenging in a unique way. My muscular husband did a few episodes of this workout, and found it extremely difficult! (Though he smirked at the direction to “write the name of your male celebrity crush with your feet during this leg lift.”) This program may be a match for you if the dealbreakers I mentioned aren’t concerns for your goals.

Beachbody reviews
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3. “P90x” with Tony Horton

“P90x” is the famous workout that (with “Insanity”) put Beachbody on the map. Countless people have used it to reshape their body. Yet, I made it just one week in the program before quitting. Why? Two reasons.

Reason one is that Tony’s jokes were… intense. Reason two is that “P90x” came out in the age of DVDs — before Beachbody had its “On Demand” feature — meaning it’s one of the many old BOD programs which require REPEATING videos in what I found to be a complicated, repetitive pattern.

Now that there are so many great On Demand era programs with unique videos for each day (which increase in difficulty appropriate for each week), my two cents is that there’s no reason to do the older DVD-style programs which require repeating episodes. Repeating videos is far less motivating and less growth-assisting than unique videos.

Knowing this fact immediately cuts down the number of programs you need to select from, which makes the massive Beachbody library less intimidating. How can you tell if a program repeats videos or not? Open the program page and click to “Workouts,” then see if it has “Week 1” and “Week 2” section and so on, each with unique videos. If not, I’d vote you close it and go for a newer program! (BOD has some really outdated programs still in its library, so beware.)

4. “Insanity” with Shaun T.

I’m obsessed with Shaun T. as a person, and follow him on Instagram to my great delight. He has several programs on Beachbody, including “Transform 20” (just 20 minutes a day), “T25,” and “Cize” (dance that I found fun but lopsided) — but his most famous is “Insanity.” There is also “Insanity Max: 30” which has shorter versions of his workouts.

I really enjoyed the “Insanity” episodes I did, and found them sweaty, heart-pumping, and effective. However, I did not complete the program because, first, it is the older model which requires repeating videos, and second, I love weightlifting, and Shaun’s workouts are almost fully bodyweight-only.

5. “Morning Meltdown 100” with Jericho McMatthews.

“Morning Meltdown” is ONE HUNDRED 100 unique 20-30 minute intermediate workouts set to “live DJ” music with Jericho McMatthews. I actually really enjoyed the videos that I tried, because the “pros” of the program are: 1) Jericho (with her hypnotically flowing bright red hair) is wonderfully upbeat and encouraging (not “tough love at all”), 2) The moves are doable but effective, and the pace efficient and fun, 3) 20-30 minutes is highly possible to fit into a day, 4) The overall mood and music are happiness-inducing, and, 5) The workout styles are delightfully varied, from Mixed Martial Arts, to weights.

Unfortunately, I could not finish “Morning Meltdown 100” because, um, it’s ONE HUNDRED workouts! Yes, I did “80 Day Obsession” no problem (which actually has much longer videos), but there was something about “MM100” for me that was less motivating to do to completion — and more motivating to just skip around and not complete. In fact, there are several different versions of the calendar, and the program encourages mixing and matching days together, and not necessarily going in order: a recipe for me to go so wild that I do not actually achieve coherent completion.

Overall, I actually do recommend “MM100” if you just want a short, effective, and upbeat workout (I have a friend who sprinkles it in once a week to supplement other BOD programs), but in my opinion, “Muscle Burns Fat #mbf” has a lot of the same elements — namely positivity and music — but is set up with a more effective progression for actually finishing the whole program and seeing results.

Results from Beachbody workout programs!
Results from 3 back to back Beachbody programs!

Good Beachbody on Demand Programs I Haven’t Fully Reviewed Yet:

After completing “21 Day Fix Real Time” I’m moving on now to “21 Day Fix Extreme Real Time” with Autumn Calabrese, but haven’t finished it yet. (Note that the “Real Time” version gives different workouts each day, versus the version where you have to repeat videos.) Stay tuned for my next write-up. Another Beachbody on Demand programs I haven’t tried but friends have loved are “10 Rounds” (boxing and weights with Joel Freeman, who did “LIIFT4”).

New Beachbody on Demand Programs

BOD is always coming out with great new programs, and one new Beachbody on Demand series that I’ve just completed is “30 Day Breakaway” running and weights program with BOD’s only Latina trainer, Idalis Velazquez. I have a dream of doing the Spanish language version of #30DBA to boost both my running AND language skills, simultaneously! Autumn Calabrese also has a very interesting new program called “9 Week Control Freak” which I just finished reviewing, and now I’m doing “Fire and Flow.”

Best Beachbody Programs for Beginners:

As you can see, my top BOD program recommendations are geared towards people with a base fitness level, but what if you’re just starting out? Never fear! Beachbody has some really fun and accessible programs for beginners. I’d recommend clicking over to my “Best Beachbody Workout for Beginners” ranking, but the summary is that my top pick for this would be “Fire and Flow,” (alternating cardio/weights with yoga/dance for 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week, 4 weeks), “4 Weeks for Every Body” (30 minutes a day, 4 days a week, no-impact) or “21 Day Fix” (all the classic moves at a medium pace — with clear modifications — for 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week, with 2 yoga and pilates days).

My #2 pick would be 645 with Amoila Cesar because of its attention to education and form and its slow pace, but that program is 45 minutes a day and 3 months long. If you want a funnier, dance-based option, I just finished “Let’s Get Up” and really recommend it if that kind of movement and tone seems your style.

Note: If you are a true beginner, I highly recommend getting a personal trainer for at least 3 months before starting any online workout program. Trainers may seem expensive, but the money you’ll save avoiding injuries makes the investment worth it.

The official Beachbody blog has the most comprehensive list of beginner On Demand programs, which include “PiYo,” (a neat combo of cardio, pilates, and yoga that my husband loves), “Country Heat” (I really enjoy that one for an easy dance workout), “21 Day Fix,” “Shift Shop” (I liked the workouts I sampled in that one), “Mes de Mas,” “3 Week Yoga Retreat,” “Clean Week,” (with the #mbf trainer, Megan Davies), and “A Little Obsessed.”

Another fitness expert I follow writes that “Barre Blend” makes a good beginner workout, and that even beginners can try harder programs like “Insanity” as long as they modify movements. I would agree with that analysis, and say that the most important thing is to find a trainer and style that resonates with YOU, then be zealous about listening to your body and changing exercises to avoid injury, until you build enough strength to do the workouts fully. (Note — I’ve been an “advanced” athlete for decades, and still need to modify many moves, so there’s no shame in it!)

Openfit Workouts on Beachbody

As of July, 2022, Beachbody acquired the Openfit workout platform, and thus imported a dozen new programs, including “Just Bring Your Body (JBYB),” “XTend Barre,” and “XB Pilates.” I am still in the process of trying and reviewing them all, but my first impression is that the Openfit Beachbody workout programs are very uneven, in the sense that some are very short (with repeated videos), or have a higher potential for injury than the actually Beachbody programs. More updates on Openfit workouts soon.

Beachbody on demand abs results
They say “abs are made in the kitchen.”

For Travel: No-Equipment Programs

As I’ve started being on the road again more, the question of which Beachbody programs are best for travel has been on my mind. Ultimately, no-equipment, bodyweight-only BOD programs are the best match, and shorter ones are ideal because in a new city I’d rather be sightseeing than staring at a screen.

After much research, I’ve concluded that Shaun T’s programs are best for travel because they’re so fun, efficient, and equipment-light. T25 (an intermediate 25 minutes), Transform: 20 (just twenty advanced, efficient, and sweaty minutes), and Let’s Get Up (beginner dance) are all fabulous. My LGU review is coming soon, but what’s especially good about travel with it is there are zero floor moves, meaning you can keep away from stinky hotel room carpets.

Bodyweight Programs vs. Buying Beachbody Equipment

One thing that may be stopping you from starting a Beachbody on Demand program could be that you don’t have much exercise equipment at home yet. Here’s my advice about that: Start with a bodyweight program like “Insanity” or “Core de Force” (a kickboxing program), and if you even slightly like them, YES — invest in equipment!

It may seem like a lot of money to buy weights, or a mat, or resistance bands, but the payoffs are SO WORTH IT. I started out with a cheap used set of dumbbells to do the first few programs, then invested in a massive adjustable dumbbells system — and I don’t regret a single penny because I use those weights multiple times a week. Any piece of equipment you actually use to make your body healthier merits the price!

What Beachbody Equipment is Most Needed?

The equipment you end up buying will depend on which Beachbody on Demand programs you end up doing, but here is my ranking for which order to purchase them in, organized by most useful and essential, with tips alongside each for how to affordably acquire them. Note that shipping is often faster if you just buy online versus through Beachbody itself.

1. A soft exercise mat (ideally two).

No matter which program you do, a thick, soft exercise mat like this one will make your life soooo much less painful — especially for floor moves like sit-ups, or if you work out barefoot like I do!

Ideally, in addition to that smaller super-squishy thick mat, you could also get a larger, thinner mat like these puzzle piece workout floor tiles.

2. Dumbbells (ideally at least two sets).

If you are just starting out, try to get a set of dumbbells that are 5 lbs., and a set that are 10 pounds. If you can only get one, I’d vote for tens, because you can get a lot of miles out of them. If ready to invest in a third set, 20s or 25s make sense.

What about adjustable dumbbells? They’re what I currently use, but be warned that they do have tradeoffs. On the plus side, they save SO much room and hassle because you have about 10 different weights all in one. On the minus side, their shape and structure can make certain moves in Beachbody programs more difficult. If you do go adjustable, you should also have a set of 10 lb. standard dumbbells for the moves that require things adjustable ones can’t do well.

Want to save money? Check your local neighborhood secondhand listings. There are lots of people selling their old exercise equipment for a steal. Just make sure you use judgement and caution, as there have been some weird workout equipment scams going on lately.

3. Resistance loops and exercise sliders.

Quite a few Beachbody on Demand programs call for resistance loops, sliders, or both. I got this loop and slider pack which contains all of the above, but I actually find that using burp cloths on hardwood floors works better than sliders! Also bear in mind that Beachbody resistance loop colors are different than other packs online, so you’ll need to “translate” in your head what “blue loop” means, for example, in terms of resistance level.

4. Fitness clothing like compression socks.

Wearing the right gear, especially compression socks and good quality sports bras, can make all the difference for a comfortable workout. For compression socks, I’ve enjoyed this brand and this brand.

If you enjoy the blue outfit I’m modeling in the photos in this article, you can find the goods at my friend’s woman-owned, ethical company, Wanderbabe.

The cordless jumprope ("BOD Rope") from Beachbody #mbf
The cordless jump rope (“BOD Rope”) is super fun.

5. Possibly: Cordless jump rope, resistance bands, chin-up bar, etc.

Depending on the programs you pick, there may be random other equipment required. I urge you not to let unfamiliar new materials stop you from trying a program. Most items can be found very affordably online, and some aren’t actually necessary.

For example, “#mbf” requires a “Bod Rope” which is a cordless jump rope. I bought this one online for super cheap, and it’s perfectly functional as long as you make sure the top and bottom are screwed on tight before each use.

Regarding chin-up bars, don’t stress about them — especially if you are a woman and don’t feel like bulking up in that direction. Most programs, including “The Work,” offer modifications for chin-up moves, so the bar isn’t required. (Thank goodness because chin-ups are my nemesis.)

These aren’t mentioned in Beachbody equipment requirements, but I really appreciate having push-up stands like these ones to combat wrist fatigue in programs with a lot of floor work.

Other Beachbody on Demand Tips:

Enjoy the Cast Members’ Personalities!

Part of the fun of joining a community as large as the Beachbody one (we’re talking MILLIONS of users) is enjoying the personalities involved. My top tip that I don’t see talked about a lot is to find and follow the cast members of programs you like — not just the trainers.

One of my favorite cast members to follow online is Kevin Caliber (the muscular Marine from “6 Weeks of the Work,” who it turns out is a budding actor, and also a super nice guy).

Find a Workout Peer Pressure Buddy

Like most things, fitness is more fun when you do it with a friend — ideally more than one! See if there are people in your life who could be persuaded to start a program at the same time as you, or to recommend a program they’ve already done, and talk you through it.

These don’t need to be best friends — even a random acquaintance can make a big difference in motivation if you’re on the same page. There are also online Facebook or social media groups, and Beachbody BODGroups to assist in the motivation matching process.

Don’t be intimidated by the name “Beachbody.” Doing an exercise program is not about strutting around beaches like the Caribbean ABC Islands or Folly Beach in tiny bikinis, flexing for no reason — it’s about your own personal health and happiness.

Muscles and results from Beachbody on Demand workout programs
Beachbody workouts have given me very happy results!

What’s YOUR Best Beachbody on Demand Workout Program?

Share YOUR Reviews!

Launching your workout life with Beachbody — or any other fitness routine — is like dating. You need to try a bunch of different ones before you find the right match for you, but that exploration is part of the adventure! And you’ll never find a good fitness routine or a good romantic partner if you just sit idle on the couch and don’t try, right?

So what are you waiting for? DIVE IN to the vast On Demand library and see for yourself what’s a fit! Report back in the comments section below. I’m so curious to see what you end up matching with.

For those of you who’ve already done some Beachbody programs, which are YOUR favorites and least favorite, and why? Do your reviews match with mine or differ? Do share!


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Friday 10th of June 2022

Thanks so much for writing such thorough reviews - I've found them very helpful. I enjoyed MBF and came across your blog while trying to decide which Beachbody program to try next. As an exercise/weightlifting noob, I decided to try 645, and I think it was the perfect choice for me. I'm almost done with phase 2, and feel that it has given me a good foundational base that MBF was lacking. 645 has done wonders for my core strength, and the focus on full-body functional movement is excellent. I can't wait to go back and try MBF again after I finish 645. Thanks again for taking the time and effort to share your thoughts - it's much appreciated!

Lillie Marshall

Friday 10th of June 2022

Hi Lindy, I so appreciate you taking the time to share this. You’ve made my day!


Monday 7th of February 2022

Thank you for the review. I've had BOD for years and done a bunch of programs. I agree that I don't like the older programs where you repeat the same workouts over and over. I didn't find it motivating, especially when there are so many unique/real time programs. I liked MM100, T20, MBF, MBFA, but I got really good results from LIIFT 4. I've done 3 rounds of it, and my last 2 rounds were a hybrid LIIFT 4/Insanity Max30/Beast Abs. I really got amazing results from the hybrid! It's time to start again or try a new program and I've been conflicted on what to do. I know a 4th round of LIIFT 4 will work well for my body and provide the results I like, and I kind of want to try something new...but want to know I'll get results. haha I was debating between 645 or 6 Weeks of the Work. Sounds like 645 might be too slow for me. I spent hours reading your reviews. Thank you for taking the time to give honest, unpaid reviews!

Lillie Marshall

Monday 7th of February 2022

Hi Tara, Thanks so much for taking the time to read, and I am so curious what you end up doing! Do keep us posted, and best of luck.


Friday 16th of April 2021

Hi, Thank you so much for this detailed review. I have been on the fence about signing up with BOD only because I'm afraid of not being as consistent as I wish and hope to be. I have purchased many many exercise DVD's over the years and I still go back to the same old Taebo DVD that I absolutely love!

But as you mentioned in your review, Its fun to have a new workout everyday versus the repetitive one, daily or even weekly.

Silly question probably but I was interested to know when and why do you wear compression socks? Is it for recovery or to wear during workouts? (I genuinely don't know much about those, but I am very interested in them and I'm afraid of circulation issues too)

Thanks, Jasmine

Lillie Marshall

Friday 16th of April 2021

Glad to help, and thanks for taking the time to read and leave a comment! Not a silly question at all. Though compression socks are recommended to improve performance and recovery, the real reason I wear them is because I developed some intense varicose veins in my legs during my second pregnancy (which could have been prevented by wearing the socks back then, but I didn’t know about them), and my doctor said that the best way to keep them from getting worse is compression during exercise. The varicose veins are not painful — they just look bulgy and awkward to me. I’ve also read that compression socks can ward off varicose veins due to long periods on your feet, including workouts. Hope this answers your question!

Vickie Young

Monday 1st of February 2021

Thank you!!

Lillie Marshall

Monday 1st of February 2021

Glad to help!


Sunday 27th of December 2020

Thank you for the honest review! I miss my workout classes and sometimes have a hard time getting myself motivated to work out at home but I think if I use a program or tracker it will help me stay interested!

Lillie Marshall

Monday 28th of December 2020

It's so motivating to follow a full fitness and exercise program that has a start, middle, and end!

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