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8 Woman Owned Businesses to Support by Clothes Shopping!

In general, I’m a thrifty gal — but I have one weakness: leggings and dresses by woman-owned and BIPOC-owned small businesses! Here is a round-up of my favorite such companies: perfect not only for gift shopping, but also for treating yourself.

Support women owned businesses!

None of the links here are affiliates, meaning these are my honest thoughts, and that I’ve supported each brand, myself, with my own purchases. I’m curious which styles you’ll most love after perusing the list, below. Apologies in advance for my ridiculous modeling poses; I’ve never been content with a shot that’s not somehow over the top! Click through to any listing below for my longer article featuring photos and videos of the clothing from each designer.

Woman Owned Small Businesses

Here is a great list of woman owned small businesses to support by shopping: clothing like leggings, athleisure, dresses, and athleticwear that's comfortable as well as stylish.

Which of the clothes on this list of woman-owned brands is your favorite? The STEM clothes of Princess Awesome, or the Armor Leggings of Lorica — or something else? Oh, and if you want to branch beyond clothing to support woman-run businesses, check out my friend (and former teaching colleague) Maritere Mix’s educational Black and Latina dolls that teach history! You can either buy them pre-made, or as a sew-your-own project.

2022 update: I have my own colorful clothing line now!

Of course, if I’ve left off any woman-run small businesses that deserve a shout-out, let me know so I can do some fun shopping — er, serious investigative research. Yay for supporting good people!

Princess Awesome leggings.
Three woman-owned brands in one photo!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.