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With Strength and Flexibility, You Made it Through the Year!

So much to balance…

WOW — what a year. It flipped everything on its head in a way few of us saw coming, forcing us to juggle a new reality.

Backbend flexibility
It’s been a stretch to make it.

How to visually show what it’s felt like?

As I thought through how to dramatically reenact the emotions and sensations of this year, the words of a friend kept echoing back, from the day in April that I called her and said: “I don’t think I can handle all this. I don’t think I can make it through.”

Headstand core strength
It’s taken strength to balance it all.

We found a strength we didn’t know we had.

My friend took a deep breath as she let my words settle, then she replied: “You WILL make it through. You are stronger than you realize. We all are.”

Flexibility with colorful leggings
You have had to be REALLY flexible this year.

Looking inside and doing the work.

That was a turning point. I started meditating every day, even when it seemed there wasn’t time, between remote teaching and caring for our two young kids. I channeled my stress and worry into daily exercise and walks outside. I quit drinking (see my article on how to stop drinking alcohol here). I scheduled calls with my best friends and beloved family as often as possible. I began to look at what was actually going on inside my body. It was surprising to see what is there.

Headstand running
Sometimes it’s felt like running in place, upside-down.

The truth comes out.

My silver roots began to grow in and take over my wild mane, and I stopped struggling to cover them. This became a metaphor for what I began to realize: At almost 40 years old, I am who I am. I am my body. My body is my soul. My soul is untouchable, no matter the context, when I actually learn to look at and love what’s there.

We worked so things wouldn't topple over!
We worked so things wouldn’t topple over!

You are strong and beautiful.

Thank you for the flexibility and power you showed this year. Thank you for pushing through to keep everything running, even when you thought it was impossible. Thank you for taking the time to pause and care for yourself, even when it seemed there wasn’t space. You are worthy, and you are incredible. Here’s to growth and love… now and always.

Flexing muscle, colorful leggings and workout clothes
We made it through!

Thank you for the colorful fashion, Rochelle Porter, Wanderbabe, and (affiliate link) Vim & Vigr! And thank you for this liminal space of the New Year cusp which allows us to reflect and renew.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.