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Men’s Travel Clothes, Male-Modeled Amid Flowers

"Pretend to smell the flowers, but tilt to model the clothes!"
“Pretend to smell the flowers, but rotate awkwardly to model the clothes!”

Want travel clothes for men? My husband is a male model and will show you what to pack!

Er, truthfully — my husband is actually a middle school teacher like me, not a professional model… but I think you’re going to enjoy the next few photos, anyway, and get some men’s fashion ideas, too.

Behold: A world of men's travel fashion!
Behold: A world of men’s travel fashion!

Back up: How did my spouse get this modeling gig? Well, back in 2015, I was contacted by the clothing company, (affiliate) prAna (yes, it’s capitalized like that, and all links to their site here are affiliates that provide a small commission upon purchase at no extra cost to you) to see if I’d like to photograph their travel line for my site.

When I started this site in 2009, I never dreamed I’d get to work with fashion companies like this, but it is a delight!

Peeking from behind a flower tree with a manly shirt.
Peeking from behind a flower tree with a manly shirt.

Anyhoo, prAna provided clothes for both me AND my husband for that 2015 shoot, and as you can see from the resulting travel fashion article we photographed in Ireland, my spouse triumphed in his first round in front of the camera.

But this wasn’t just for show. It turned out that Colin really and truly LOVED his prAna gear. I did, too, and both of us ended up wearing the clothes constantly in the years following that article.

No problem climbing a tree in those pants!
No problem climbing a tree in those pants!

Thus, it was almost eerie that, the very same day that Colin said to me, “Do you think we can get more of those awesome prAna clothes?” I got an email from the company asking us if we wanted to model their newly-improved travel line.

“YES!” hollered my husband, springing to his feet and pumping his fists in the air. “I WANT THOSE CLOTHES!”

“Ok then,” I said, “You’re gonna have to earn them. You will to need to male model, BIG-TIME.”

“I can do that,” Colin declared.

This is an action shot because he's dramatically donning the hood.
This is an action shot because he’s dramatically donning the hood.

Little did we realize that the 60-minute window we got free babysitting for (thanks, dear mother!) was during… Lilac Sunday: the celebration of mothers at Boston’s Arnold Arboretum.

Yes, we did a male modeling photo-shoot in fields of flowers filled with mothers.

So what exactly are the clothes Colin is showing off here? They are, specifically, the Prana Long Sleeve Hood, Cardston Long Sleeve, Stroud Short Sleeve, and Furrow Pant.

Colin is a particular fan of the way in which prAna uses the singular “pant” to describe the garment that goes over one’s legs. He already owns the “Ruckus Pant” and indeed, generates a great deal of ruckus every time he wears them.

Just resting on this stump amid a plant expanse.
Just resting on this stump amid a plant expanse.

Despite bringing the ruckus in terms of style, prAna is good-hearted with regards to manufacturing. Their clothes are made of organic cotton, sustainably and ethically produced. They are also really cute.

Speaking of cute, I was charmed by the initiative my spouse took in inventing poses. For example, as I was snapping away at him in the green hoodie, he exclaimed, concerned, “STOP! We need to show the hood in action!”

He then flipped the head covering gingerly over his noggin and exhaled, “Ok, now you can photograph again.” He knelt by the fully magenta flowers and feigned sniffing them, thus providing a visual commentary on the ways in which masculine energy can meld harmoniously with Mother Nature. Poetry, my friends… poetry. Male modeling at its finest.

He has activated the hood feature!
He has activated the hood feature! And now is smelling flowers.

Then we sauntered over to the Arboretum‘s river, weaving between mother-hugging families who were perplexed as to why a man was yanking off one shirt and putting on another in the middle of a park.

“Oooh, the river looks glistening-pretty,” gushed I. “Go stand on the rock wall — but don’t fall in!”

“All-righty,” agreed Colin, leaping up the rocks. “Get ready — I’m about to really intently look at this leaf.”

Male modeling magic was made.

See how the clothes move and stretch?
See how the clothes move and stretch?

“I have a concern,” said Colin. “Do you think I should have worn my purple alpaca socks instead?”

“No,” I replied.

At that point I’d taken 487 photos (I kid you not), and it was getting ridiculous. Mothers were on the verge of pummeling us with purses to regain the best posing spots for their rightful holiday, so we scurried out the gate and back home.

Actually, we did not scurry — we strutted… because we had triumphed! It was a joy to get to mix quality time with my dear spouse with one of my favorite past-times (photography!) in one of the most beautiful places in Boston. Thanks for the opportunity, prAna… and thanks for making my heart soar with your epic poses, Colin!

Who knew that male models and flowers were such a great combo?
Who knew that male models and flowers were such a great combo?

So what do you think? Do any of these prAna clothes strike your fancy? Which of the four items here is your favorite?

And perhaps equally important: Which male model pose here do you deem most epic? We might just get this opportunity again…

Do share!

Men's travel clothes ideas can blossom from this male modeling fashion photoshoot amid spring flowers in Boston!
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These dashing outfits were provided by prAna, but all opinions are my own.


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Dianne Sivulka

Wednesday 23rd of May 2018

Looks like you guys are having a great time!

Sophia Williams

Tuesday 22nd of May 2018

That tree pose though! I totally missed the fact that he was trying to show how flexible the pants were before I read your caption. Who knew modeling and photography could be such a great past time for couples. Lol. Keep at it, you two!


Tuesday 22nd of May 2018

He's just a natural. Rocking those great travel clothes!

Joshvinder singh

Sunday 20th of May 2018

Looks like you, the camera and the male model had lots of fun. Fantastic time.

Cathy (Mummytravels)

Sunday 20th of May 2018

He is a natural! Love the poses - and I can definitely see my husband in a few of these items as well (although maybe not smiling at the camera from the flowers...)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.