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The Best BODi Beachbody Workout for Beginners: an Honest Ranking

I’ve now completed and thoroughly (I mean THOROUGHLY) reviewed sixteen BODi Beachbody on Demand exercise programs in their entirety. I therefore now have enough data to reveal… the best BODi Beachbody workout for beginners!

Beachbody BODi for Beginners Tips

Yes that’s right — if you’re new to the world of online streaming fitness, this highly honest chart will guide you towards the best fit for your first BODi Beachbody program. Why? I am not affiliated with BODi in any way — I’m not a Beachbody coach, nor compensated by BODi, so I can be completely unbiased in my writing. In this chart, I also include warnings for which supposedly “Beginner” or “All Levels” Beachbody workouts I do NOT recommend for beginners, with why.

Best Beachbody workout for beginners
What’s the best Beachbody workout for beginners?

True Beginner to Exercise?

Now, an important disclaimer: This Beachbody BODi for beginners article is really most appropriate for people with at least some base in exercise. If you are a TOTAL beginner to working out at all, first, I’d like to say, “Yay! You are taking such an important step for your health in launching exercise motivation!” And second: rather than doing online Beachbody workouts, I highly recommend that you invest in at least four sessions with an in-person personal trainer instead of immediately diving into home exercise.

Why opt for a personal trainer before BODi Beachbody workouts if you’re new to home fitness? Though trainers seem expensive, they will help you understand body mechanics, and build a foundation of strength and knowledge that will be priceless in avoiding injury through the rest of your life. Even the absolute easiest Beachbody on Demand workout, fully modified, can hurt you if you don’t have some training in how to listen to your body during exercise, in order to further adapt moves as needed.

Now, even if you’re not an absolute newcomer to working out, please always use wise judgement in following your body’s guidance, even consulting a doctor if needed before starting a new fitness program, in order to avoid injury. Had enough disclaimers, and ready to start the chart of best beginner workouts? Let’s go!

Best BODi Beachbody Workout for Beginners

What is the best BODi Beachbody workout for Beginners? After completing 18 programs, I've compiled this very honest ranking for you to find the best fit for your goals and desires. To see my full review of any of the programs mentioned, click the "Continue Reading" button below any blurb.

“For Beginners Only” on BODi Blocks

2023 update: In early 2023, Beachbody rebranded to “BODi” and began a structure of “BODi Blocks” with new semi-live workouts each month — including a monthly block called “For Beginners Only” which features the wonderful trainer, Lacee Green, from “Muscle Burns Fat.” Because I only write about programs that I have completed in their entirety, I do not yet have a review for these videos, but will bring it to you soon! I will say, however, that in general, I prefer the more polished, non-live-filmed programs explained above to the newer blocks.

Best BODi Beachbody Workout for Beginners, in Sum

There you have it: the full chart you’ll need to ascertain the best BODi Beachbody workout for beginners. Now, you’ll notice there are several Beachbody on Demand workouts which are labeled “Beginner” on BOD, but are not included in this ranking. Why is that?

First, let me say that any form of exercise is better than nothing. Explore the other programs on BOD that aren’t mentioned here if they call to you, because everyone’s taste is different. That said — there’s a reason I didn’t finish the other programs labeled “Beginner” on Beachbody: I either found them not engaging or effective, or I became concerned that they would actually cause injury.

In other words, I don’t recommend them. For example, “XB Pilates” has some fast squat-style plies and side to side movement that could be tough without knowing how to add extra mods.

I’m willing to be proven wrong, however, so do write in the comments if there’s a program I left off this list which you think I should try in its entirety and add in! I’m also happy to be proven right, so if you’ve tried any of the beginner BODi Beachbody workout programs in this chart, I’d love to hear how they were for you. Do share!

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