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A Hot Dog Eating Contest as an ESL Field Trip at Spike’s, Boston

Spike's Hotdog rules
1.) The rules of the hot dog-eating challenge at Spike’s!

Pop quiz:

You’re an ESL teacher at an accredited English language school in Boston’s posh Back Bay.

Where do you take your students for the final field trip of Session 8?

Obvious Answer:

First to bowling, then to a hot dog-eating contest, of course!

I’ve written a photo essay about Laos, but what follows is far classier: a photo essay documenting a hot dog-eating challenge!

To be frank (haha!) I think you’ll dig the tale’s shocking twists.

And you’ll have to wonder: would YOU be up for the hot dog challenge???

Hotdog contest
2.) Teachers Ed and Dave order 6 dogs each. Laughter!
Hotdog contest
3.) Could they beat the reigning champ: 17 dogs?!
Hotdog contest
4.) Dave and Ed dig into hot dog #1 with gusto!
5.) Dave begins to see the enormity of the task ahead
Hotdog contest
6.) The dogs leer cockily at Ed and Dave. Who would win: Man or Frankfurter?? Who could gulp down more dogs: Dave or Mike?
Spike's hot dogs
7.) Business continues as usual. They’re so used to this!
Spike's hotdogs
8.) SUDDENLY, student Mike enters the race! Could such a petite, mild-mannered man even eat one dog?
Hot dog contest
9.) WHOA! Mike has a technique: dog first, buns after!
Hotdog eating contest
10.) Ed pushes onward, scoffing at Mike’s challenge
Hotdogs eating
11.) But Mike plows forward with laser-like focus
Hot dog eating contest
12.) Ed’s life begins to swirl before his eyes
Hot dogs
13.) Dave starts to hate planet Earth and everything in it
14.) Ed asks “Is there an an anti-hot dog sauce?”
Hotdog contest
15.) “YOU BETTER NOT QUIT!” screams Ed to Dave
hot dog eating contest
16.) Mike reaches his final hot dog!!!!!!!
17.) “NOO!” shreiks Ed in anguish, “How is he doing it?!”
Hot dog contest
18.) Mike daintily cuts and swallows dog #6… and WINS!
hot dog agony
19.) “This was the worst idea ever,” sobs Ed.
hot dog field trip
20.) The rest of us slurp up the remaining dogs, joyful
hot dog
21.) It was a proud day for hot dogs everywhere!


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Christine Y.

Monday 21st of May 2012

I would throw up after eating three hot dogs. I just don't have the stomach to eat all those hot dogs. I can barely eat two hot dogs, never mind three. I noticed that only men were doing this.


Monday 21st of May 2012

Hah! Good eye. :)

Triston Xie

Monday 30th of January 2012

The hot dogs looks huge. If it was me eating all those hot dogs, I would have been stuffed on the third one. I can't believe Mike finished all of those hot dogs. He had an awesome plan and he should go attend an eating contest.


Thursday 9th of June 2011

Oh goodness. A hot dog contest LOL! Go Mike!

Genesis Lumahan

Monday 18th of April 2011

I'm hungry now. Those hot dogs look delectable! But I don't think I could finish that much in such a short period of time. The pictures look so funny! The hot dog then bun technique seems like it worked well. I think if I was in that contest, I would've hurled after the fourth one!

Kevin Armstrong

Wednesday 5th of January 2011

I think I would throw up if tried any of this. It would be fun untill then though.

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