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Block Island, Rhode Island: Wild Beauty and Relaxation

Block Island, RI is a wild beauty!
Such lush nature hikes on Block Island!

Block Island, RI has always seemed a fairy land to me: A mystical rock suspended just out of reach, moated by ocean waves. During the four college years I lived in Rhode Island, friends would periodically take weekend trips to the island, returning sun-smooched and salty, euphoric grins on their faces. I always yearned to go, but somehow just never organized myself to find the ferry.

Boarding the Block Island ferry for our adventure.
Boarding the Block Island Ferry for our adventure.

When would I at last get to see this famed island? Why, during my Maternity Leave from teaching, of course! What better way check out Block Island than a 15-hour day trip with a three-month-old baby? (You’re going to have to trust me that an infant was along on this trip — it took all my energy to snap these photos of the island’s abundant natural beauty, so the little lady and I remained behind the camera. If you want to see her, here she is in a ridiculous purple star suit.)

Long, fuzzy grass.
Not sure the technical term for this plant, but “Long, Fuzzy Grass” seems right.

To get to Block Island, one hops aboard either a private boat (alas, I did not have one lying around for nautical escapades), or a number of ferry options departing from Rhode Island, Connecticut, or Long Island, NY. We opted for the high speed Block Island Ferry from Point Judith, RI. Warning: “High Speed” is basically warp speed. Hold on like crazy if you choose to stand on the roof deck for the 30-minute ride! (The return trip we were much more comfortable in the windowed indoor seating area, thank you very much.)

The National Hotel's breezy oceanfront patio.
The National Hotel’s breezy oceanfront patio.

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The ferry docked, and we’d made it to Block Island at last! Our first stop was mere steps from the port: a luscious lobster roll lunch at the restaurant of the National Hotel (click for more info), home of the heavenly oceanfront balcony pictured above.

Downy Block Island flowers reaching for sister clouds.
Downy flowers reaching for the coolest clouds ever. We lucked out with weather!

The restaurant at the National Hotel also has a tantalizing option: DOUBLE LOBSTER on your lobster roll. Now, given the choice between Single Lobster and Double Lobster in YOUR roll, what would you do??? Here is my answer, pictured below. I want a T-Shirt that says, “Double Lobsta 4EVA.”

Double lobster National Hotel lobster roll!
DOUBLE LOBSTER National Hotel lobster roll!

Full of double lobster, we piled into a taxi and chugged off to take in the Southeast Lighthouse: a Block Island landmark so astounding both inside and out that I will have a whole new article dedicated only to that. See my whole Block Island lighthouse article here, and gaze at the stately angles of the building, and how it harmonizes with the sea, sky, and lawn.

The Southeast Lighthouse is a Block Island landmark.
The Southeast Lighthouse is a Block Island landmark.

Next, we drove around the island for a rapid tour (a day trip can crunch time!), spotting idyllic swimming beaches, bike paths, cozy rental houses and hotels, and celebrity mansions that shall remain nameless. “Block Island is what Martha’s Vineyard was before it became overbuilt!” I overheard. “Beautifully wild.”

The embrace of nature at Block Island's Hodge Preserve.
The embrace of nature at Block Island’s Hodge Preserve.

Speaking of wild, our final stop was a hike through the Hodge Family Wildlife Preserve: 25 acres of wild beauty connecting to the Block Island National Wildlife Refuge. The Hodge Property is so gorgeous that every other picture in this article is from there. I couldn’t stop cooing and photographing! Dizzy from the pretty, we headed back down to the ferry and began the journey home to Boston, wishing we could have stayed longer. Have you been to Block Island? If so, do share your experiences!

Heading home on the Ferry. Thanks, Block Island!
Heading home on the Ferry. Thanks, Block Island!

Where to stay on Block Island, and why:

Though a day trip to the island is possible, I HIGHLY recommend staying at least one night (if not way more) to avoid the longing we felt after such a quick visit. To help your accommodation search, here are easy affiliate links to the top hotels on Block Island, Block Island house rentals on Vrbo. Happy travels!

Block Island, Rhode Island is a fabulous place to visit!
Block Island, you’re lovely.

We were guests of Visit Rhode Island, but all double lobster choices and opinions are my own.


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Wednesday 3rd of August 2016

Nice blog!


Thursday 21st of July 2016

What a lovely sunny place it is! Loved that vintage looking light house. Beautiful! :)


Tuesday 19th of July 2016

Wait you did this all with a baby, IMPRESSIVE...... also.your pictures are amazing!!

Carly Moore

Monday 18th of July 2016

I'm that person who would book this little trip just for the double lobster on the lobster roll lol. Great photos!

The London Mum

Monday 18th of July 2016

I'm SO impressed you managed to do all that with a 3 month old- total life goals there!

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