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Where to Eat in Williamstown, MA for Foodies and Families

With food this yummy, you need to wear it.

With food this yummy, you may want to wear it.

Reflecting on the best meal our family ate during travel around the Berkshires Mountains of Williamstown, Massachusetts this summer, I’m smiling just remembering The Store at Five Corners.

This historic restaurant, cafe, and market spells mealtime success both for snooty foodies like me, and families with young, messy, and rambunctious children like ours. Let’s see why…

The setting: Big field and playground in back.

The setting: Big field and playground in back.

Our family of four stumbled upon this 200-year-old establishment whilst careening down the highway, ravenous with hunger after summiting nearby Mount Greylock.

“I HUNGRY MAMA!” howled our eldest, gnawing at his seatbelt. It was 15 minutes past nap-time, and sustenance and sleep were of the essence.

I punched the food search into my phone’s Yelp app, holding it out the window for cell service.

“Umm,” pull in here, I told my husband, Colin, hoping for the best as The Store at Five Corners simultaneously popped on my screen and into real-life view. Colin screeched into the parking lot, and we all tumbled out.

Our freshly-baked pizza.

Our freshly-baked pizza, replete with pesto.

As the delightful building hinted, it turns out that The Store at Five Corners has origins dating back to 1761, when the edifice was launched as a log cabin, then tavern. Until it briefly closed in 2011 for renovations, it was considered one of the longest continually-operating businesses in the entire United States!

The interior of the store is a charming country store and restaurant, but I have no photos of it because our son sprinted to the massive block of local cheese, wrapped his arms around it, and wailed that he wanted to eat the whole thing immediately.

In other words, I could not place my hands on my camera while inside the store, or that cheese would have been a goner, and I would have been in debt for however much 50 pounds of cheese costs these days.

We placated the little guy with some fancy yet mildly healthy local popcorn, then placed our lunch order and headed out to the patio seating.

So many snacks to scarf at the store.

So many snacks to scarf at the store.

Let’s begin counting the family-friendly, foodie-friendly checkboxes, shall we?

For families: Look at this outdoor seating. Sure, there is a lovely indoor area with windows overlooking the greenery, but when you have two squirrely kiddos, the jackpot is finding an open field like this one for them to cavort through… with a playground conveniently in back, too! The adjoining farm was also way cool, though we didn’t have time to explore it before nap-nearing meltdowns.

For foodies: Holy moly was the food at this store delicious. In addition to the crispy, baked-on-the-spot pesto pizza pictured above, we ordered the New England-proud “Herman Melville Sandwich” which boasts fresh smoked salmon, local goat cheese, avocado, and red onion on peasant bread. I mean, come ON. Look at this thing…

The Melville sandwich: Smoked salmon and local goat cheese.

The Melville sandwich: Smoked salmon and local goat cheese.

I’ll leave you now to linger with the luscious the taste of goat cheese on your mind’s tongue. Should you find yourself near Williamstown, Massachusetts in the future, perhaps during a visit to MASS MoCA or the Clark Art Museum, do your tum-tum a flavor favor and pop by The Store at Five Corners. I know I’ll be back!

I approve of this spot, Mommy!

I approve of this restaurant, Mommy!

So what do you think? Have you ever tried this restaurant and store? Would you like to? Do share!

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Eleanor H.

Friday 9th of March 2018

Your description of the Store at Five Corners leaves my mouth watering! The food sounds delicious, especially the Herman Melville Sandwich. The added bonus of the playground and field are just the icing on the cake. I'll be sure to add this historic establishment to my summer to-do-list. Reading this article reminded me of another Massachusetts sandwich shop I have visited. Claudette's Sandwich Shop in historic 'Sconset Village on Nantucket Island is known for its charming location and delicious sandwiches. While it doesn't boast its own playground, the beautiful beach is just a block away. I can't wait to visit BOTH of these restaurants!


Friday 9th of March 2018

Mmm -- thanks for the tip on that other restaurant! Sounds lovely. I haven't been to Nantucket yet, but am very intrigued.

Kell | Happy Go Travel

Friday 16th of February 2018

Oh my goodness!! THAT FOOD looks amazing.

The Store at Five Corners

Friday 5th of January 2018

Hi Lillie, Thank you for the great write up! We couldn't wait and shared it right away. A few things about the history you might be interested to know. We are actually looking at about 250 years since the store was opened by Sam Sloan as Sloan's Tavern in the 1660's. Sam Sloan was led a company of Minute Men at the battle of Bunker Hill. The "Oldest continually operated business of its kind in North America" label is really as true now as it ever was. We're so glad you and your beautiful family enjoyed your time with us, and we hope to see you again!


Friday 5th of January 2018

Ahh, thank you for this history update! 250 years is truly historic.

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