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Hannah’s Article 2: Sweeping, Singing, Poetry, and Kindergarten in Ghana

Article #28 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project
Sweeping, Singing, and Saying Poems in My First Day of Kindergarten

By Edor Hannah, Age 12

My father and I walked through a green field and past some bleating goats. We were on the way to my first day at Sogasco Government School Kindergarten!

Hannah, the author of this article.
Hannah, the author of this article.

First, we entered the head teacher’s office for a short interview. Then my father paid my Developmental Levy money, and my name was officially written in the register. At that moment I became a pupil of Sogasco! We walked home happy.

The next morning, my mother bathed me with buckets of water and I took my breakfast: tea with koko corn porridge. Then I walked to the school alone, because even though I was young, the building was not far.

When I reached Sogasco, I saw the other students sweeping, so I went and took a broom and started sweeping, too. “Scratch! Scratch!” went the sound of the twig broom on the earth. Because I did not know how to sweep, I did it very poorly. But I was not sad because I knew I would improve with practice.

When we finished sweeping, we gathered the rubbish and sent it to the refuse dump to be burned. After that, a bell rang calling the pupils to form a line according to their height and classes. I was told by a teacher to join the nursery. We prayed, then sang the Ghana National Anthem: “A nation strong in unity… With our gifts of mind and strength of arm…”

Hannah with classmates in Ghana.
Hannah with classmates in Ghana.

I didn’t know how to sing the National Anthem so I was just opening my mouth without words!

Then we marched to our classrooms. Once there, we were taught some poems and were made to sing and dance. I did well among my colleagues and so the teacher asked me to recite a poem for her. I was able to do so, and she rewarded me with biscuits!

During break, my classmates played with me and I gave them part of my food to eat: waakye, which is rice and beans. They also gave me part of their food. I felt friendships growing.

When we were about to close, our teacher called out our names from the register and taught us to respond thus: “Present, Madam!”

At one o’clock in the afternoon, my sister came to take me home. I told my sister as we walked out of the tree grove surrounding Sogasco Kindergarten: “School has made me happy!”

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Kesanet M.

Tuesday 17th of November 2015

That's really nice of them. Sharing is caring!

Amanda C

Tuesday 17th of November 2015

I really liked this article! I loved how Hannah gave her food to the other children and the other children gave her some food. I feel like that's a good relationship between people!

Amanda C

Tuesday 17th of November 2015

Also I am glad you did well and had fun on your first day of school!


Thursday 9th of December 2010

I really enjoyed this article. I'm so happy that your first day went over well for you. Thank you for writing this. I really enjoyed hearing about your first day of kindergarten. You seemed like you had a lot of fun!

Malaysia S.

Monday 6th of December 2010

Hannah, thank you for writing this article. I'm glad that your first day of kindergarten went so well.I was wondering how well your other first-days-of-school went for instance the year after kindergarten. How much different were they?

Deborah Hiwot

Thursday 2nd of December 2010

Wow! School sounds so fun there! I'm glad that Hannah had fun in kindergarten but now and as she grows older the school system's will get tougher and she will have to work even harder. I hope her friends didn't move so she can still be friends with them and share food. I still don't believe in sharing food because what if one of her friends doesn't wash her hands and put's her hand in the food? Then Hannah would get sick. If their her true friends I hope they wash their hands so Hannah and them don't get sick. Thanks for posting this article. :D

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.