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Boston Sunset in Beautiful Back Bay, Naughty on a Chocolate Tour

Boston Sunset: Pink sky by George Washington statue, Boston Public Garden
George Washington watched a blimp in the pink sky from his post in Boston’s Public Garden.

I was naughty on the second half of the Boston Chocolate Tour that I attended with a dozen other bloggers (I’m not the only Boston blog in town!). In fact, I got naughty combined with creepy and hallucinatory… and it’s all the fault of the city and the sky.

Chocolate is good for you shirt
A wise “Chocolate is Good for You” T-shirt during our chocolate tour.

I was focused on the chocolate and the clan at first… honest I was. The whole first hour and a half, I chomped the deep cocoa squares, smiling through chocolate-creamed teeth, chatting charmingly.

As our chocolate tour chugged out of the Public Garden, clouds became rose-colored.
As our chocolate tour chugged out of the Public Garden, my naughtiness began.

But then the temptation tugged. As we walked in our blogger gaggle blob through the Boston Public Garden, the sky began to mist pink. The tree above me dipped down emerald and strong, and I did the thing a tour-goer should never do: I separated from the blob to get a better look… alone.

Sunset Boston, Newbury Street
Fashionable Newbury Street beckoned by glowing.

Unleashed from the group, I lurked a hundred paces back, snapping photos of the sky, trees, and backs of bloggers I’d been chatting with moments before. Once that sunset began, I craved beauty over buddies.

Mannequin and giant print ad women watched us from their windows.
Mannequins posed from their warm windows.

I had eyes and stomach for nothing but the city and the sky. My concentration hushed the air. The wedding-dressed mannequin in a window above gave me a fluffy white nod of approval before insisting I photograph her.

Boston sunset by the Hancock Building
The sky was painted in streaks, and pink paint dripped onto the Hancock Building.

The sunset colors brightened to urgent orange. Boston’s brick and glass grew warm and glowed darkly.
Strains of conversation wafted back from my abandoned tour group, speaking of pregnancy, conferences, and traffic jams. Words floated into the pink air.

Back on Earth our blogger conversations flowed with our footsteps. We craved more chocolate.
Back on Earth, blogger conversations flowed with footsteps. Chocolate cravings continued.

Increasingly creepy, I darted to the front of the group to snap the whole scene. “This is far,” a blogger sighed. “Where’s the next chocolate place? All those little samples just made me more hungry.”

Pink sky Boston sunset
The pink got angry as the sun set. “I’m not done being fabulous!” she huffed.

The sky became angry-beautiful. Neon coral screeched against cornflower blue. Boston’s roof-tops poked upward, demanding, “Hey, let me in the pretty clash!” Store-lights shone yellow squares into the mix.

Boston shirts
Gotta love Boston, preferably in neon.

Neon by the earth competed with the heavens. “BOSTON!” hollered a wall of garish tourist tees. “HARVARD!” “GREEN MONSTAH!” and so on. “Hey!” commanded the sky, “elevate your taste!”

Boston sunset, Hancock Building, Trinity Church, and pink clouds.
The Hancock Building, Trinity Church, and pink clouds by Copley Square.

So I did, eyes sliding up the slick length of the Hancock Building. Splatters of sunset sloshed it, and the tower took it easily, like, “Yeah, I do this every few days. So it goes when you’re this pretty and shiny. You absorb the lovely, left and right.” Squat Trinity Church nodded, deep-voiced affirming: “True.”

Sunset Boston: The wedding dress woman of plastic is eyeing the blimp warily.
The wedding dress mannequin eyed the blimp warily from her perch.

And what of the random blimp? That blimp blooped around the sunset swirls as if put there on purpose to enhance photos. Vera Wang’s mannequin craned her neck at it from her bay window, hands on her hips.

Just then I realized we had arrived at our final Chocolate Tour destination: Max Brenner.

Then we ate more chocolate. Or rather, drank ridiculously rich hot chocolate.
We drank ridiculously rich hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate of three different hues steamed on a circular tray. Bloggers shifted their iPhones to another hand to lift the paper cups and pour the heavy, frothed beverage towards tongues.

Oooo did I ever enjoy that hot chocolate.
Oooo did I ever enjoy that hot chocolate.

I made such a fool of myself trying to take my own happy picture that the Chocolate Tour leader offered to take my camera and snap it. Do you know how hard it is to try to drink from a cup while also attempting to show a camera what the liquid inside looks like? After experimentation, I deem it mathematically impossible.

Boston Sunset: Pink sky by Copley Square and the Prudential Building
Hot pink breath, hyperventilating onto Copley Square and the Prudential Building.

Our tour staggered out of the chocolate den, fizzing full of sugar and cocoa froth. The sky had become a magenta like hot breath, or like angelic flames billowing from the calmly silver buildings lining Copley Square.

Look at the intricacy of the architecture and window panes!
Look at the intricacy of the architecture and window panes!

I wondered about the people who live and work on Newbury Street. How often do they remember how pretty it is? Do they feel as cosy in their golden-glowing rooms as they look?

Sunset Boston Old South Church
Old South Church drinking in the last threads of magenta.

My naughtiness in beauty-soaked distraction was such that the group was blocks away. I jogged over to thank them and wish them a pleasant beyond. I turned, and then it was just me, the city, and the sky.

Prudential Building Boston
“Poof! Poof! Poofy-Poof!” sang the clouds around the Prudential Building.

The pink vanished as the sun hurled downward. Popcorn poofs of white popped around the Prudential, blobs of color like when second grade students jam paintbrushes against paper. I slipped in an earphone and flipped on disco. Blackness slammed across the sky as I returned through Copley. The place was afire with lights and life.

Copley Square Boston at night
Goodnight, Copley Square of Boston. I love you!

Full of chocolate, I paused to watch the other humans. Several sat strangely on the library stairs, staring at the square’s view. “Let’s be naughty and be alone with the beauty for a time,” they seemed to say… and I agreed.


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Tuesday 2nd of October 2012

Maybe it's just because I'm not that much of a chocolate person, but I'd never thought about doing something like this - but it seems like I'm in the minority! Looks like a great day out in Boston.


Tuesday 2nd of October 2012

"Not much of a chocolate person"?! Yikes! :)


Saturday 29th of September 2012

Oh Max Brenner! They have one in Manhattan too. I went there once for lunch but ironically I decided to have a sandwich instead of getting something from their chocolate menu (but seriously it was the middle of the day! Maybe for dinner but I can't think of having that much during the day). They even have chocolate pizza if I remember correctly!

I think the second time I went I did have a hot chocolate and tried the white chocolate one. I didn't even know hot white chocolate was a thing.


Saturday 29th of September 2012

I can't believe you got a sandwich!!! Hah!!! I have heard of hot white chocolate but haven't tried it yet. Was it good? Seems that chocolate just isn't the same without that rich cocoa color...


Saturday 29th of September 2012

Wow! Great chocolate tour, it sounds fun! II love hot cholate, and chocolate is something that I could not take out of my diet :P. I had an amazing chocolate tour in Barcelona. I am from Barcelona but I signed in and it was great, sometimes you do not pay attention to things that are in your city. I loved the chocolate, great chocolateries in barcelona. You can have a look at:


Saturday 29th of September 2012

Well said! Thanks for the article. Looks delicious!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.