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Scarfing a Wagamama Feast While Waiting to Give Birth

How do you spend your time when you’re nine months pregnant, Maternity Leave has started, and you could give birth ANY MINUTE?

Delicious soup during our Wagamama feast.
Delicious Chili Ramen Soup with Beef during our Wagamama feast.

1) The number one answer is: EAT. The baby needs nutrients to enter the world powerfully, right? Right. Happily, my husband Colin and I were just invited to the grand opening of the Lynnfiend, Massachusetts location of the delicious pan-Asian restaurant, Wagamama.

I wanted to dive headfirst into all that food!
I wanted to dive head first into all that food! And I basically did.

Wagamama restaurants are already famous in the UK (which boasts 98 stores), but are now headed into my dear Massachusetts. The Lynnfield location which just opened makes restaurant number four for the United States… two of which are dangerously close to my house.

Now sit back and soak in the photos of the Japanese-inspired Wagamama cuisine we scarfed, as I continue my list of things to do while waiting to give birth

Bowling ball preggo belly is happy about our Wagamama feeding frenzy.
My basketball preggo belly was very happy about our Wagamama feeding frenzy.

2) Take belly photos. When you could give birth ANY MINUTE, there’s both temptation and pressure to constantly document what could be the LAST picture before going into labor. Every time I snap a photo now, I think: will I someday show our son and gush, “That was you, the day before you came into the world!”?

Salmon and salad. Mmmboy.
Mandarin Sesame Salad with Salmon. Mmmboy.

3) Splurge on body treatments. Thus far I have sprung for a professional prenatal massage and my first ever acupuncture treatment. Both were unbelievably amazing, and so worth it! I felt relaxed, special, and taken care of, and even saw a fascinating light show of purple and yellow in my mind’s eye during acupuncture! Was it my Chi??? I haven’t really gotten massaged since I took a Thai massage training course in northern Thailand in 2009, so it feels yummy to get back into bodywork.

The vegetarian soup was my favorite of the bunch.
This vegetarian soup called Moyashi Soba was my favorite of the bunch.

4) Cultivate community. I’ve tried to have lunch or dinner with friends and family every day for the past month, plus talk on the phone with those who don’t live in Boston. Not only does it give me joy and comfort to connect with loved ones, but when our baby comes, it will be so important for him (and his sleep-deprived parents, for that matter) to have an extended community.

Amazing fried shrimp.
Yummy Ebi Katsu: Fried shrimp with sweet chili and garlic sauce.

5) Walk (or try to). There is currently a bowling-ball baby head in my pelvis, so getting around is shockingly difficult, but when I am able to muster the energy to take even a short walk, I feel energized, calmer… and also sense that gravity is helping things move in the right direction.

Edamame in its emerald green, healthy glory.
Edamame (soybeans) in its emerald green, healthy glory.

6) Give thanks for your partner. My husband, Colin, has been SO GREAT in baby prep and final-days-of-pregnancy support. He has even revealed a stunning talent for folding tiny baby clothes, which is essential since I’m so big that I can’t bend over to take things out of the dryer anymore.

Wagamama's most popular dish.
Wagamama’s most popular dish: Chicken Katsu Curry.

7) Revel in the Internet and iPhone games. I’m too mentally distracted now to dive into heavy novels or nonfiction, but awesome shows like “Scandal” and brainless smartphone games hit the spot!

Noodles are a Wagamama specialty.
Noodles are Wagamama’s specialty. Here: Teriyaki Soba with Salmon.

8) Nap. People keep screaming at me, “Rest up now, because you won’t be able to when the baby comes!” Ok, no problem. Zzzz…

Pad Thai: An old favorite.
Pad Thai: An old favorite, done well.

9) Barrage the Twitter community with pregnancy updates. Since hitting 10,000 Twitter followers last week (YAY!) now even more people can read posts such as: “I have just eaten a very large amount of (pasteurized) brie. #PregnantLife.” Woo hoo!

Sweet lollipop shrimp.
Sweet Lollipop Shrimp Kushiyaki.

10) Write and share. When my doctor asked me, “What’s your pain management technique, given that you’re planning on giving birth without drugs or an epidural?” I replied: “Over-sharing.” It has been incredibly therapeutic these past nine months of pregnancy to be able to share experiences and thoughts with over 1,000 a day from around the world… including YOU!

The feast continued with Beef Teriyaki Donburi.

Thank you all for being on this journey together, and stay tuned for some exciting updates very soon!

Chocolate caaaaake!
Chocolate cake! I’m not sure how Japanese it is, but I was not going to argue with the cultural origin of the happiness in my mouth.

So what about you? Which of these waiting-for-birth tactics are most appealing to you? Which of the Wagamama dishes featured here make you want to leap into the screen and scarf them? Now if you’ll excuse me, writing this has made me decidedly hungry again…

A delicious and unique dessert.
A delicious and unique dessert: Coconut Reika has vanilla ice cream, mango sauce, and toasted coconut. Usually I scoff at desserts without chocolate, but this one was faboo.

We were guests of Wagamama, Lynnfield, but all opinions and baby dance while feasting are my own.


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Cesur Gezgin

Sunday 10th of June 2018

foods look so delicious :)

Stephanie - The Travel Chica

Thursday 28th of November 2013

I believe I would be completely satisfied if that were my last meal ever.

Sam @ Trilogy Yachts

Sunday 24th of November 2013

oh looks like this japanese wagamama serves really delicious food... the cake looks yummy..

(don’t live near Wagamama so can't participate lillie :-|)

Gabi (The Nomadic Family)

Saturday 23rd of November 2013

Wow...!!! Those look so so delicious. Such a great way to spend the time waiting for baby while consuming some delicious food! Hugs to you. - Gabi

Bethaney - Flashpacker Family

Friday 22nd of November 2013

Those last few weeks are sooooo long. I remember just lying in bed every other day being exhausted. And eating a lot of pies!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.