Seeing the world makes us happy!

Seeing the world makes us happy!

Hello, and thanks for stopping by!

My name is Lillie, and I am a 34 year old, six foot tall Boston native. Starting in 2003, I taught high school English in the Boston Public Schools before flying out in August of 2009 to begin voyaging around the world!

Although I had spent nearly every teacher summer volunteering or taking classes in Latin America, circumnavigating the globe for nine months was the longest I’d ever been away from home.

From August of 2009 to May of 2010, I had the joy of: two weeks in Japan, four months in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos), a week in Italy, three months volunteer teaching in Ghana, and one and a half months in Spain and Portugal.

Now I am back home in my beloved Boston to teach in Boston Public Schools again. But don’t worry: this blog and my adventures will continue because I LOVE writing for you all, and I still voyage constantly. I traveled to China twice in 2011-12 (once with a group of 42 Boston students), took a 9-day teacher tour of Greece, went on a fabulous Honeymoon in Belize with my husband Colin (who I met the week after returning to America in 2010) following our wonderful and reality-TV-televised wedding, and in 2012 at last toured India. Once our first child was born in 2013, I transitioned to also covering family travel as we voyaged through Puerto Rico, Ireland, and Canada. Our second child was born in 2016, so we are really getting into this Baby Travel and Toddler Travel thing! Despite having a family, however, I still relish solo travel, exploring Turkey and Dubai, following the exhilarating Top 100 Travel Bloggers conference on Study Abroad at the U.S. White House.

Can you find all the "L" poses on this blog?

Can you find all the “L” poses on this blog?

I’m happy to report that this site is going strong, with around 1,000 readers a day from around the world (yay!), but though I love having this blog to share my own travels, I also want to feature the inspiring stories of others. Therefore, in 2010 I launched a second website specifically to share the stories of other teacher-travelers! Check out and spread the word about and let me know if you’re a teacher-traveler (in ANY sense of the term) who wants to be interviewed for the site. If you run your own education site or regularly write for one, you can also join our Education Bloggers group.

Beyond teaching and blogging, I also adore running social media trainings, doing website consulting, freelance writing, and public speaking. (Let me know if you’d like to book me!) I have also coordinated the Boston chapter of Meet, Plan, Go career-break travel conferences and meetups.

Want more juicy info about this site and about yours truly? Check out my Media Kit, browse the “This Site in the News” page, read How to Navigate this Travel Blog, see The Full List of Countries I’ve Traveled to, peruse this site’s Privacy Policy, and read The Missions of this Blog. You can also connect with me on Twitter, Google PlusInstagram, Pinterest, or Facebook, subscribe to my RSS Feed, sign up for email delivery of new posts directly to your Inbox, or get connected with my monthly e-newsletter.

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Thanks so much for reading, feel free to drop me a note at WorldLillie at gmail dot com, and please do leave comments and share this site around. Readers like YOU are the reason this site has been such a joy to run since 2009!


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  1. Hi Lillie,

    I’ve been following you on Facebook for about a year now, and you have inspired me to take a leap of faith. I just purchased the 150 Hour Online Master Course through Global Language Training to improve/expand my teaching skills and take my teaching career out of my local comfort zone and into the world stage.

    I’m nervous and excited!! Wish me luck!

    Thank you for the inspiration! Keep up the good work!

    • Eeeii! Sending you so many good vibes, Brenda! Keep us posted! Two pieces of advice: Look for jobs using your TEFL certification as soon after completing the course as possible. I waited quite a while after mine, and it was harder to work the connections I’d made. Second, know that teaching is an ongoing learning process, and the transition from online work to in-person instruction can take some getting used to, but with perseverance and a school that’s a good fit, you will rock it out. Can’t wait to hear your updates!

      For others interested in this exclusive discount on TEFL Certification, here’s my link:

    • Thanks for your quick reply and the great advice!

      I have been teaching in-person K-12, and Adults for 15+ years, so I feel comfortable in a classroom. I find my nervousness is more related to developing the confidence that my new skills will be in demand, especially as a as a “mature” educator.

      This might sound strange, but I have had the perspective that this type of adventure was usually reserved for younger people, especially recent college graduates.

      Therefore, I am always eager to hear about the adventures of “mature” educators, too.

      Thanks again!

      I will definitely keep you posted as this new adventure develops.


    • Such an important topic. I assume you’ve read these articles: and . Do please email directly at WorldLillie at gmail once your journey is underway so I can feature YOU on Teaching Traveling!

  2. Hi Lillie,

    I found your blog by searching for short courses in teaching. I’m a nurse with my bachelor’s in nursing, and I got some teaching-learning theory in my nursing education because nurses need to teach their patients self-care skills. Then I worked side-by-side with an Early Childhood Special Educator in a classroom-based program for preschool-aged children – I was basically “half-time nurse, half-time teaching assistant.” Now for what I want to do next (become a traveling governess) I need a teaching credential, but I learn well in intensive programs and, with the bachelor’s in nursing, don’t need a second bachelor’s. So I was looking for short-term intensive teaching programs that would enable me to teach in some classrooms (ideally abroad) and also be a good foundation for what a governess does (either full-on homeschooling or reinforcing basic academics that the kids get in school and supplementing it with enrichment activities). I was thinking that a TEFL program might do that. Can you tell me which program you took? I saw that you thought very highly of it. Was it the CELTA? I’m looking at a CELTA program now. Thanks so much – I loved your article on TEFL courses and TEFL around the world!!!

  3. Hello, I just found this website today, and I have a question. I am a homeschooling mom who would love to travel for educational purposes with my family. Do you know of any grants or programs that support homeschool families? Thanks!

    • Hi Kelly,
      How exciting! I don’t have specific grants or programs to recommend, but invite you to check out the many stories on about how to see the world affordably. Best of luck, and let us know if you find anything you think others would love, too!

  4. Dear Lille,
    I am not a teacher but am an ardent student of the Classics who has never been to Greece. I was wondering if you could possibly help me locate a really good guide to take a friend and me on a Greek mythology tour of Greece.
    We are not looking for a touristy sort of trip, but very like the ne you went on. I really need a good guide such as a retired teacher of the classics or a PhD student who needs to implement his income.
    Pls help
    Bubli Brar

    • Hi Bubli, thanks for your comment. I will try to find the contact information of the guide we used and email it directly to you. Happy travels!

  5. Hi Lillie,
    I stumbled onto your blog while researching Namibia. In 2010 you had a post called, “Interview With Laura: Teaching in Namibia for Two Years”. I have a friend who is venturing out at the end of this summer to teach in Namibia. She is also from the Boston area. I am wondering if by chance you still have contact information for Laura. I would love to see if she might be willing to share her experiences with my friend to help her prepare for her experience.
    Looking forward to hearing from you,

  6. You just amazing Lillie. This is the best site for who loves the travelling . Keep going

  7. Dear Lillie,

    I stumbled on your article “20 Funny Pregnancy Symptoms of the Third Trimester” and I thought you might help me with an advice. My wife is in Boston on an exchange study and she’s nearing her third trimester. I wonder if you have an idea what she might do to make her spare time more enjoyable. She may be there for as much as two months more, and I would like it if she could have some nice experiences, like any normal (non-pregnant) exchange student would. We are from Denmark, and while Google is great, “fun things to do in boston when you are pregnant” doesn’t really give any concrete suggestions, although it did give me your article 🙂 Our unborn daughter will not let my wife walk too much, and the winter doesn’t help either. I hope I will have the time to visit her myself, but either way it would be great if you would share some pregnant-friendly pastime activity advice.

    I don’t really have anything to go on, no idea what one might do on a Sunday like today or in the coming weekends. And I realise it’s an odd request of someone who blogs on international traveling, but after all I do hope that my wife will feel a bit like she’s also on an international travel, in your home city. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

    Best regards,

  8. Hi Ms. Marshal,

    Due to safety reasons, this is not my real name. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I am the student who followed you on Twitter and Facebook. I really enjoyed the lecture you gave us in class during journalism. I was really fascinated about what you were saying and you really got me interested more in journalism. I am going to see if I can get my opinion articles published in big name newspapers, such as the Huffington post. I really liked your suggestions about the opinion articles when i talked to you after class. I was really inspired by you. Please come and visit us again.

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to leave this note, “Joe!” I had such a great time presenting in your class in Dubai and am so inspired thinking of what you all will go on to do!

  9. Hi Lillie..
    I like you and i like what you doing..
    It is nice to write this comment and say hi for you after 12 years of blogging..
    I hope you will come to Dubai.. nice to meet you

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