Youth Creating Change of Ghana!

Youth Creating Change of Ghana!

Hello, and thanks for stopping by!

My name is Lillie, and I am a 33 year old, six foot tall Boston native. Starting in 2003, I taught high school English in the Boston Public Schools before flying out in August of 2009 to begin voyaging around the world!

Although I had spent nearly every teacher summer volunteering or taking classes in Latin America, circumnavigating the globe for nine months was the longest I’d ever been away from home.

From August of 2009 to May of 2010, I had had the joy of: two weeks in Japan, four months in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos), a week in Italy, three months volunteer teaching in Ghana, and one and a half months in Spain and Portugal.

Now I am back home in my beloved Boston to teach in Boston Public Schools again! But don’t worry: this blog and my adventures will continue for many years to come, as I still voyage constantly. I traveled to China twice in 2011-12 (once with a group of 42 Boston students), took a 9-day teacher tour of Greece, went on a fabulous Honeymoon in Belize after our wonderful and reality-TV-televised wedding, and at last toured India. Our next stop is Baby World, and travel with baby!

Good news: In 2010 I launched a second website specifically to share the stories of other teacher-travelers! Check out and spread the word about and let me know if you’re a teacher-traveler (in ANY sense of the term) who wants to be interviewed for the site. If you run your own education site or regularly write for one, you should also join our Education Bloggers group.

Beyond teaching and blogging, I adore running social media trainings, doing website consulting, freelance writing, and public speaking. (Let me know if you’d like to book me!) I have also coordinated the Boston chapter of Meet, Plan, Go career-break travel conferences and meetups.

Want more juicy info about this site and about yours truly? Check out the This Site in the News page, read How to Navigate this Travel Blog, see The Full List of Countries I’ve Traveled to, browse my Media Kit, and read The Missions of this Blog. You can also connect with me on Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, or Facebook, subscribe to my RSS Feed, sign up for email delivery of new posts directly to your Inbox, or get connected with my monthly e-newsletter.

Thanks so much for reading, feel free to drop me a note at WorldLillie at gmail dot com, and please do leave comments and share this site around. Readers like YOU are the reason this site has been such a joy to run since 2009!

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  1. Dear Lillie,
    Thank you for sharing your teaching travelling experiences. I am an ELT teacher cum teacher trainer as well as Head Teacher at a school. I would like to ask you if it is possible for you to travel to our country Nepal? please reply if you can manage to be here .Then we will have more on this.


    • Hello TN,
      Thanks for reaching out. At this point I have no plans to travel to Nepal, but will keep you posted if I do!

  2. Hi!
    I love this blog and you are a pretty woman!
    I am a girl doing English honours for my bachelor’s degree. This year I will graduate and start my masters in English Literature. Should I get it from a foreign university or will an Indian university suffice? I want to become a teacher traveller. I am passionate about doing a noble cause and teaching is the best profession in making a person’s life, plus I am keen to travel the world! Please guide me as to what my next step should be and how I can volunteer initially and then be a permanent teacher traveller??

    • Hello Avneet,
      Thank you for your kind words and for reading and commenting. Your dream is very exciting! I can’t tell you the best next step, because there are so many ways to go about becoming a “teacher traveler.” The reason I started was to share the many stories of the people who’ve made it happen, so you can talk with those whose paths most match your dream trajectory. Best of luck, and be in touch!

  3. Hi Lillie,

    I love the articles and the whole idea of your blog! This is a great way to showcase the teaching opportunities there are around the world.

    What are your suggestions for a special education teacher looking for similar experiences working with students that have disabilities in other countries? In many places, mentally challenged students are not treated with the same respect and dignity as they are in the United States. Do you have any articles or external resources for working in this context abroad?

  4. Love your website -Traveling for Teachers. I am a 14 year teacher who travels wheneve I can, be it throuh grants and fellowship, or personal funds. It has greatly impacted my teaching and it is nice to know there are so many others with the same passion!

    • Thanks for connecting! Do email me at TeachingTraveling at gmail if you’re interested in being featured on this site!

  5. Hi Lillie,

    I’ve loved visiting your blog posts. I came across your blogs by researching traveling abroad. I have been blessed with the opportunity to participate in a Fulbright-Hays Study Abroad program in Belize (your honeymoon location). I would love to speak to you more as I prepare for the wonderful adventure!

    • Ulanda, thanks so much for your kind message, and CONGRATS on the scholarship! Do be in touch via my email at WorldLillie at gmail!

  6. Lillie, love your pictures, you’re so pretty!! Love the articles I’ve read too, so far.

  7. I have some formal education but nothing comes close being educated through traveling, meeting other people from various cultures. I’d like to think I’m less ignorant now and certainly more open-minded. You’ve been to so many places, Lillie and I have some “catching up” to do. Thanks for sharing and giving back to others!

  8. wow! You been to so many places in a short time (and countless journeys ahead lol)!
    I am inspired and feeling to take a break from my boring and depressing office job, become a TEFL teacher, travel and live among different cultures which I always wished to do.I know there is a traveler in me but I am not brave enough to make such bold decision yet. I want to secure my own house first so that I have a home to return to. I wish you Good luck for your future journeys!

    Sunny, Raipur, India

  9. Travelling in itself is education, to my mind. Nothing better than travelling to learn to understand other people and to abolish prejudices.

  10. I was googling travel and found your site. I have used up my laptop battery reading your adventures! I love it. I teach 4th grade and am planning a rejuvenating trip for next summer. I am intrigued by your Teacher Tour in Greece. I didn´t find a link to that, but I would love to look into that type of trip. If you have a link to share, I would really appreciate it!

  11. amazing

  12. Hi Lillie,

    I wish in the near future you will visit Turkey and please don’t hesitate to inform. You are already highly welcome

  13. If you ever visit Bhutan with your students on education tour or bring them for cultural exchange program . Let me know

  14. Hi Lilli,

    Should your travels ever take you to the arctic, I hope you will say hi.

  15. Hi Lillie,

    I love your site. It’s great seeing people do something they truly love and also gives so much back to others. If you ever feel like sharing stories or pictures please check us out at BarrelHopping, I know our readers would love your stories!

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  17. Hi Lillie,
    First of all I want to say that your website is just fantastic. I like reading your travel adventures – they are very interesting and give valuable info. I wish you to continue this way. Good Luck

  18. Being an educator is an excellent way to indulge one’s wanderlust. My Dad was a Philadelphia public school art teacher and managed to find ways to get us traveling: he took a sabbatical and we lived in Mexico for a year when I was 9-10; and, he was awarded a Fulbright-Hayes teacher exchange position and we lived in England for a year when I was 15-16, followed by 7 weeks camping around Europe even though we had never camped before. When I wanted to study in Bogota, Colombia as a college junior, my parents were totally on board.

    I ended up married to a university based physician-scientist. The perk of academic medicine is plenty of opportunity to travel.

    So, travel on; write on and congratulations on finding someone with whom to share your life.

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  20. Hey Ms.Marshall! Have fun on your honeymoon and don’t forget to take a lot of pictures to show-off your mysterious honeymoon trip. (:

  21. Wow, you have traveled so much! I hope one day I can travel all over the world!

  22. Ms. Marshall, did you really travel every summer? My friend told me that teachers have to take more courses over the summer so that their curriculum is up to date.

    • Yes, I’ve traveled ever summer, and no, teachers do not always have to take courses over the summer, though some do.

  23. Hi Lillie,
    even bostonians can be “normal”, afer all!
    Many years ago I was a researcher at BU and MIT, and also made in those days a photographic exposition, now that I focus on that period.
    But I’ve never been back to Boston, i don’t know, they were so serious, at least in the University Depts.
    Nice to meet you on your way to…

    • Hah! Yes, we Bostonians have a reputation for being quite serious and studious, but just as our cold winter thaws into a lovely spring, we’re loving and fun at heart once you get to know us! :)

    • I am just planning to go to Vietnam and I will “STUDY” your suggestions!
      On the contrary, I’ve read that you have been recently to China, that I’ve travelled all around on … my VESPA. Yes, it sounds crazy, but it is so.

    • Hah! Amazing!

  24. I read from another comment that you had taught at Charlestown High for 5 years. That is also where “The Assist” was taken place. Did you enjoy working at Charlestown High?

  25. It’s truly amazing on how much you travel! You went to China recently and now your going to Greece! It has always been a dream of mine to travel the world like you do and also to be a great role model like you are to young people and older people. I really hope everything else in your life goes well including your wedding! I better be invited! ;p

  26. What school or schools did u teach at before BLA?

  27. Ms.Marshall honestly it amazes me how much work you do for the youth and many others around the world. You’re an amiable person, really. Hopefully, ONE DAY I will have the chance to travel around the world and make a difference. By the way the dress in the picture above is beautiful :)

  28. Great refection on your trip to China! I am going this summer with students as well. What did you use to call back home? can you skype? twitter? blogger? I’m teaching our kids all of these tools to use while we are away…any tips. I would love to get more insight from you about any technology tools you were able to use. I know YouTube and Facebook are not allowed.

    • Thank you, and that is so great that you’re going!
      Different sites are blocked in different parts of China at different times, but in general, Twitter and Blogger were blocked. Email and Skype worked mostly ok, but if you’re aiming for a blog with kids (good skill for them to learn, though I am biased :) ) there are a few options that do work in China. If you’re going through a tour company, ask them (EF has its own blogging platform) or research yourself… That said, in our experience, we were so busy during the tour that it was better to journal, discuss, experience, and take photos in the moment, then blog it up once back home. This may work for you if you’re going for only a week or two. Keep us posted, and let me know if you want to be featured on !

  29. Lillie – I love the way you get conversations started with people here on your blog! It’s so inspiring. I often write off electronic community because of how much I’m drawn to in-person community. But reading your writing and seeing the way you respond to comments is a great reminder of the great potential for online community. Thanks and blessings as you continue to travel and explore the world and life.

  30. You would have more fun in your travels if you also knew Esperanto. In addition to what you already do, you could visit the Esperanto clubs in the locations that you visit, and even use Esperanto to help in teaching English.
    Here’s the link to the Esperanto website of the U.S. Esperantists (Esperanto-USA):

    • Several people have suggested this, but while I like the IDEA of Esperanto and the idea of its community, in practice it’s not captured my love as much as Spanish!

  31. One day i wish to go to many, many different places!

    One question i have for you is: Didn’t you get home sick!? I don’t think i could stay away from home for two months! You spent almost a year away!

  32. Lillie, can you get in touch with me privately? I’d like to chat with you about this year’s Fluff Festival and a possible game you’ve inspired.

  33. Just found your blog through facebook and I’m really enjoying it. It is constructed quite well and I like the diversity of topics and locations. Though I’ve traveled more than most people I know, I am really envious of how successfully you pulled it off. Keep it up!

    • Justin, thanks so much for your lovely comment and kind words! :) Do be in touch, keep the comments coming, and spread the word about this site! My hope above all is to have this site READ as much as possible, given that I have over 400 articles pumped out here over the past 1.5 years!

  34. Greetings! I found you on twitter and am now blog-stalking you. I just wanted to say that I LOVE this blog and teaching travel dot com. The reasons why are obvious–I’m also an English teacher about to take a year off–23 more teaching days until my 14 months of travel and writing. I’m so glad I came across the Boston Meet-Up tweet (even though I obviously can’t go, as it is in Boston tomorrow, and I’m outside of Philly and still teaching!) Know that you’ve gained a new fan.

    • Tracy,
      What a lovely message! Thanks, and I’m thrilled that you found me and that you’re about to embark on your own travel adventure! I really look forward to hearing your updates, and do send me an email when you’re ready to be featured on . In fact, it would be great to interview you now, as you’re planning for your trip, and then during and post trip. I will email you the interview guidelines now. Hooray for us traveling teachers!

  35. I wish I could travel to all the different places that you did Ms. Marshall it really does sound like so much fun.

    • Thanks, Kevin! And now an important question: do you say “I wish I could” because you think you never will? Explain… Because if that’s what you mean, you’re wrong! You can and will if you desire!

  36. I am really glad I read this article because it gives me a sence of who you truely are Ms. Marshall, which to me is very important when forming relationships and connections with new people! You have done many astonishing things Ms. Marshall, Congratulations.

  37. I think it’s pretty cool how you’ve traveled so much to spread your knowledge to other people. I hope to travel as well, when I’m older. Your dress looks great by the way! Very colorful !(-:

  38. Hey Lillie love what you are doing and I love both Ghana and Ethiopia. Great blog and just curious at 6 feet do you find people in other countries to be in amazement at your height?

    • Thanks, and good question! YES, I am apparently taller than 99.9% of the world! In Ecuador once I went into a store to buy pants and everyone started laughing hysterically because there were NO pants anywhere in that town that would fit me. “Am I the tallest woman you have EVER seen?” I asked as a joke, and everyone screamed, “YES!”

  39. Hi Lillie,

    I just recently listened to you on the Amateur Traveler podcast about Ghana, and was fascinated. I enjoyed checking out the website, and admire your attitude and interest in traveling.

    Thanks for inspiring me.

  40. Hi Lillie!

    Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog, and admire your positive and adventurous attitude! As a teacher and traveler I can totally identify with your passion!
    The world needs more people like you. :)

    • What a kind, sweet comment! Just what I need to inspire me to grade the remaining 60 essays in this stack of 150. Thanks again and be in touch!

  41. You’re so young! You have made the best of your young years with adventures and traveling. When I grow up I want to have an adventurous life like you!

  42. When I grow up, I’d love to live a life like yours! You seem like you’re living life to the fullest. I love how you get to experience so many things out of the country. Thanks for sharing all your adventures with us! When I read your articles, I learn so much about topics I never had interest in before. I get to learn about kids abroad and how they’re just like us Boston kids.

  43. You look really happy. You must have had a lot of fun! Glad you are back in Boston?

    • Indeed, I had a wonderful year of travel, but I am SO HAPPY to be back in Boston and teaching where I’m teaching! Extended travel truly makes you appreciate what you’ve got :) I feel cleansed, rejuvenated, and steady now after so much movement. I feel content!

  44. hey mate,

    cool site – wanna do a link exchage? If you do, just add me ( , One Step 4 Ward) and reply that uv added me and ill do the same asap =)

    take it easy, all the best!


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  46. Lillie –

    So cool that you were at the Fluff Festival. You took some awesome photos and captured some aspects that no one else did — like the games. Would it be okay with you if I re-used some of them on our website and for future publicity?

    • I love when folks share these articles around as long as you ask permission and put a link back to my site with my name! Go right ahead, yay, and thanks! :)

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  48. […] makes it very easy to stay in the loop with her, listing all of the possibilities at the bottom of this page. You can subscribe to an RSS feed of her blog, or connect with her on Twitter or Facebook. If […]

  49. Ned,

    Huge thanks! There are a gazillion articles on this site that I reeeeally want to be read, shared, and commented upon, so thank you so much for any efforts to spread the word!

    – Lillie

  50. Howdy Lillie. First off, we both share DNA (I’m your Pa’s cousin)

    AT a recent reunion, I was talking to your units and they told me modestly about your site.

    well, well well…. !!!

    I just wanted to say that it’s terrific. Funny, informative interesting, and all things in between.

    and I’m passing it around.

    keep up the good work and congrats about your recent successes

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