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The Missions of Around the World “L” Blog

Running the "Meet, Plan, Go!" Boston Travel Conference.

Running the “Meet, Plan, Go!” Boston Extended Travel Conference.

Who is this site for? This is a travel blog for people of all ages who are curious what it’s like to travel around the world, through Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas, and one’s own home (in my case, Boston!). This site has stories of things that I’ve seen and experienced during travel (some of them crazy), and also features specific advice for how to make your travel dreams come true on a budget.

Two of the most popular and useful articles on budget travel on this site are: “Why Travel Does NOT Have to Be a Rich, White Thing” and “The $30 a Day Travel Budget Secret.”

Here are the overall MISSIONS OF THIS TRAVEL BLOG:

1. To entertain you through fascinating, funny, powerful stories and photos from around the world! Try the Lusciousness categories Food, Humor, and Fashion.

2. To allow folks who are unable to travel now to come along for the ride and cyber-travel for some e-scapism. Try the Learning category.

3. To furnish students with a window onto other parts of the globe, thus building knowledge and showing that budget travel is both possible and extremely fun. In the Learning category, check out Student Travel Stories, Ghana Student Life Stories, and ESL Student Life Stories.

4. To illustrate specific ways that international travel is accessible for even a tiny budget. In the Logistics category, try Budget Travel Secrets.

5. To passionately advocate that travel is fantastic! My other site, does this by profiling other travelers, while this site follows me and my students.

6. To provide specific tips for current and future backpackers on packing, planning, and destinations. In the Logistics category, try Pre-Trip Planning and Packing, or browse from this List of Destinations.

7. To publicize interesting places and people in countries I visit, hopefully boosting tourism to deserving yet overlooked ones. 

8. To stay sane and balanced by reflecting and interacting with all of you! Writing for an audience is a deep joy of my life, and it’s amazing to hear of the impact these articles make. Do feel free to be in touch! See my About Lillie page for contact info.

9. To furnish teachers with quality articles they can use to bring global education to their classrooms and lives. In the Learning category, try International Education.

For more on the overview of this site, click here for How to Navigate this Around the World “L” Travel Blog, or click here for the About Lillie and Around the World “L” page.


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Herbert Morales

Friday 11th of May 2012

You really have achieved a lot of things with this website/blog. I am glad a lot of people come to visit your blog. You also reached many of your goals you expected to accomplish with this blog.


Friday 11th of May 2012

Thanks, Herbert!

Sabrina Chung

Thursday 23rd of December 2010

Hi, I was wondering what was your first article like so I found it! I love how you use really funny adjectives. (:


Monday 27th of December 2010

Goooo Sabrina! Except... in fact this is NOT my first article, because I wrote it later but added an earlier date because it's a background article. My REAL first article is the next one, here: !

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.