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Alpaca Farm on Martha’s Vineyard: Fluffy Fun!

Alpacas are awesome!
Alpacas are awesome! (But would baby be convinced?)

The most hilarious and fun activity we did during our Martha’s Vineyard vacation had nothing to do with a beach, or a seafood stall, nor anything you would even remotely associate with a New England island. No… the best activity of all was visiting a Martha’s Vineyard ALPACA FARM!

Alpaca farm Martha's Vineyard
Hey humans, what’s up?

“Alpaca Farm Martha’s Vineyard”

When a friend told me to track down “Island Alpaca” on the Vineyard, I thought she was pulling my leg. One associates alpacas with South America, not a random island in Massachusetts!

But I typed “Alpaca farm Martha’s Vineyard” into my smartphone map search, and sure enough, directions popped right up. We were guided to the center of the island, just minutes from our Edgartown hotel and the Oak Bluffs Gingerbread houses.

The alpacas were so fluffy, and you could pet them!
The alpacas were so fluffy, and you could pet them!

In the first of many lovely surprises in alpaca land, entrance was just a suggested donation of $5 in an honor system box. What enjoyment I got for that measly $5! Upon entering the farm, we observed two outdoor yards for the alpacas, and one giant indoor barn.

A farm worker greeted us and said we could feel free to caress the alpacas. The majestic beasts would have their summer shearing that Saturday, so we lucked out in encountering them in their maximal fluffiness. They were heaven to touch!

The alpaca fur was unbelievably soft.
The alpaca fur was unbelievably soft and deep.

But what did our baby think of the alpacas? Well, he just stared. No cries, no smiles, just hypnotized staring. The alpacas stared back, chewing their hay reflectively. Would love grow between these adorable mammals by the end of our visit? Only time would tell.

Baby plus alpaca equals hilarity.
Baby plus alpaca equals hilarity.

The hairstyles of the alpacas varied widely, from afro puffs to spiked punk attitude. I wanted to climb on the back of every alpaca and bury my face deep in their fur! (I suppose buying out the gift shop’s alpaca wool clothing would have been the next best thing. To learn more about key alpaca vs. llama differences, click.)

This dude was an intense alpaca, and his hair was hip.
This dude was an intense alpaca, and his hair was hip.

Once I calmed down from giggling at the alpacas themselves, I began to read the alpaca sales signs around the farm, and commenced laughing again. Allow me to excerpt some of these informational signs for you.

Which alpaca would you pick?
Which alpaca would you pick?

One sign entitled, “The Alpaca Advantage: Pet Quality” declared the following: “Companionship, great entertainers, and a wonderful lifestyle… and the most quiet and environmentally friendly lawnmowers!

Alpacas give you terrific fleece that you can process into beautiful yarn for friends and family. They will leave “behind” the most fabulous fertilizer for you! They will also provide specific tax advantages as a fiber producer.” Oooo! Alluring reasons! And quality poop pun.

Um, where did you take me, dad?
Um, where did you take me, dad?

I began to yearn to own an alpaca. However, my husband and baby, ever thrifty, were not convinced. It was then that I saw a second sign with the heading, “Is it OK to own just one alpaca?”

Breathlessly, I read the answer, and my heart sank. “Generally, no. Alpacas have very strong herd instincts and need the companionship of at least one other alpaca to thrive.”

Rodrigo the alpaca was extremely charming.
Rodrigo the alpaca was extremely charming.

Oh my! I wanted my alpaca (if I owned one) to thrive! But at over $2,000 a pop, a two-alpaca-purchase would be pushing it. Just then, the farm worker hollered, “Rodrigo! Come here and meet the visitors!”

A snowball-fluffy alpaca bounded out of the shed to get a loving rubdown. “They respond when called by name?!” I gasped, awed. “Just a few of them,” replied the lady. Sigh… I will probably never have the big bucks to own an alpaca (or rather, two), but my love for the beasts expanded yet again.

Can I eat some of that hay?
Can I eat some of that hay?

As we headed back to our car, I smiled at the “Alpaca-Lover Parking” sign marking our spot. “That’s me!” I sang as we piled into the seats. Our baby raised his eyebrows, paused, then gave us a grin. Another alpaca lover was born!

Postscript: Several years later we discovered an alpaca farm in Western Massachusetts. Highly recommend all forms of alpaca love. The more fluffy fur, the better.

By the end of the visit, we were indeed alpaca lovers.
By the end of the visit, we truly were alpaca lovers.

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Saturday 8th of April 2023

Thanks for the great recommendation. Enjoyed the animals and their quirky personalities and the shop. Walked away with a beautiful alpaca cape! The animals are sheared once a year to make the textiles that become soft cozy alpaca items!

Lillie Marshall

Saturday 8th of April 2023

So happy to hear this spot is still going strong in 2023 —- and that they sell alpaca capes now?!

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Thursday 7th of January 2016

Alpacas are amazing animals! I am lucky enough to work on a farm in Maine with alpacas! As cute as they are their fiber is even more amazing! Its soft like cashmere and keeps you so warm.


Tuesday 20th of May 2014

Love this. I'm a sucker for any kind of farm...with cute animals, and Alpacas?! The cutest!

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Monday 19th of May 2014

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