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Back to Boston Public Schools, but the Blog Lives On!

HS Graduation
Graduation at the school where I taught before traveling!

Tomorrow, after a year-long Leave of Absence to circumnavigate the globe, I return to being an English teacher in the Boston Public Schools!

I am super, super psyched. A year away has given me massive new appreciation for living in beautiful Boston, for the great people here, and for being a teacher in BPS.

“But,” some of you may be asking now, sniffling slightly, “does this mean the end of this blog?”

No, no, and NO! Most certainly not! This is self-declared “Educational Travel Blog,” and as such, it is a PERFECT fit to keep on creating as I resume teaching in America.

Here’s why:

1. Teachers work extremely hard, but we are happily rewarded for this not only by the joy that comes from helping society, but also by a ton of vacation time and a steady salary. Ergo, my traveling will most certainly continue, unabated. I am scheduled to visit at least 4 new countries in the next year (during December, February, April, and summer vacations), and you can bet that this site will take you along for the ride!

2. This is America: one of the most heterogeneous countries in the world. Simply by walking into my classroom in Boston Public Schools, I will be instantly surrounded by wonderful young people from dozens and dozens of different countries and cultures. Though I will be extremely careful of student and school privacy, lively articles exploring International Education will, without a doubt, keep on coming!

3. Did you like the ESL Student Life Stories? Did you enjoy the updates about Youth Creating Change of Ghana’s students and their thrilling educational exchange to London? Good! Because there are still a bunch more of those articles coming.

Graduation from CHS
Graduation from CHS

4. Discovering and sharing the hidden corners of one’s own hometown is a perfectly acceptable Travel Blog topic, and so get psyched for more wonderful places to explore in Boston!

5. It’s so much fun to teach writing, but we English teachers often harbor a deep desire to do our OWN writing and have it read, too. And hence you will all be doing me a lovely favor by continuing to read what gets written on these glowing computer pages.

I am so excited for what the coming year will bring, and so thankful that you’re still along for the ride. Do please continue interacting by leaving comments and sharing these articles around.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must now sleep, given that I will be waking up at 5:15am for the next 180 school days of the year. Back in the saddle, baby! Be in touch.


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Sunday 28th of November 2010

"Ayyy!" Moving to BLA. Bye Bye circumnavigate the globe, hello BLA. [A.K.A] School of the most awesome, Chris!

Mohamed Abdelrahim

Friday 29th of October 2010

What school is graduating. My sister's graduation was there.


Saturday 18th of September 2010

As Voltaire's Candide said at the end of his journeys, "I must go back and till the garden..." I was recently reminded of this as I've been writing about a journey I took 20 years ago. Glad you're keeping your blog. Have you read Phil Cousineau's "The Part of Pilgrimage: The Seeker's Guide to Making Travel Sacred"? Great book--he draws from many traditions and has traveled extensively.


Saturday 18th of September 2010

Sage, very cool that you are going back to write about a journey 20 years ago! I bet you realized a heap of new things about it. Thanks for the support keeping up my blog. It makes me happy (especially because of interactions from folks like you), so that's motivation enough. I haven't yet read Cousineau's book, but will have to check it out!

Adam Axon

Saturday 11th of September 2010

Keeping the momentum of a travel blog up when you're not travelling can be a challenge so I wish you all the best with it!

You've got a really positive approach by the sounds of it though and that will help a lot :-D


Saturday 18th of September 2010

Thanks! Technically it's not just a "Travel Blog," but more of an "International Learning Blog," so if I spin it that way, it's all good! :)


Tuesday 7th of September 2010

Welcome back!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.