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Can You Guess Where This Beach Is? Proves Something.

Where in this world is this gorgeous ocean scene?
Where in this world is this gorgeous ocean scene?

These photos — azure waves and alluring soft sand — have sat trapped on my computer for a year. Interest in travel to the country pictured has plummeted as stability there was shaken. Thus, the challenge: Can you even match the happy scenes here with a place repeatedly screamed about in the news?

Me leaping in the ocean.
Me leaping in the ocean… but where?

Yes, Turkey is the country in which I took these photos — Ladies’ Beach in Kusadasi, just across the water from Greece, to be exact — not the classic Caribbean Curacao beaches that you might have guessed it was. What’s so striking, browsing the 9 previous articles about my 2015 Turkey trip, is how drastically the international narrative about the country has soured over the course of mere months.

The ultimate in beachfront dining.
Beachfront dining in Kusadasi.

I wonder about the variety of emotions right now among the 75 million people living in Turkey. How many souls are heartbroken to be lost in a swell of negativity, when there is still so much good around — from the Blue Mosque to Ephesus, Turkey?

Such relaxing vistas.
This is my favorite photo of them all. You are beautiful, Turkey!

In 2013 when the bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon just blocks from our apartment, that tragedy was all the media focused on for months regarding our beloved city. But I remember walking through Boston the week after the Marathon, gazing up at the sun-dappled pink flowers in the Boston Public Garden.

I heard TV vans zoom past, cameras pointed towards the sadness down the street, and all I could think was, “That sadness isn’t the only thing in this city. So much else is still going on. Don’t forget the beauty here!”

The Turkish flag flying high above the lovely scene.
The Turkish flag flying high above the tranquil beach.

And thus I give you these seven photos of a happy beach in Turkey. We see your beauty, Turkey. I think of you often, and send love and positive energy!

Can you guess where in the world this beach is? It proves a point.
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I’m curious to hear from you, readers: Which places that you’ve traveled to or lived in contrast in some way with the media’s predominant narrative about them? Please do share.


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Mahesh Yadav

Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Turkey is really a lovely and lively place to be. The beaches are really fantastic, and yeah you look quite pretty in that pic. Nice :)


Saturday 10th of September 2016


Penny Sadler

Tuesday 16th of August 2016

Lillie, this is a lovely idea for an article and a great way to make the point, we are all one. I hope there will be a chance to visit in the future.

Mary @ Green Global Travel

Monday 15th of August 2016

We'd love to explore Turkey someday. These beaches look beautiful!

Sue Reddel

Friday 12th of August 2016

Kusadasi!! What a wonderful place to visit. We stopped there on our tour of Turkey a fews back and had a wonderful time there and an amazing sunset. Thanks for taking me back there with your wonderful photos.


Wednesday 10th of August 2016

That looks so gorgeous! I definitely would visit there any time!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.