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The Best Reclining Umbrella Stroller for Travel and Home

Smiley stroller cutie, comfy in her cushy seat.
Smiley stroller cutie, comfy in her cushy seat.

“A light umbrella stroller with a reclining seat?!” I exclaimed to my husband, Colin, as I read the (affiliate link) UPPAbaby G-LUXE description online. “I want it! This way we could stay out on the town during nap time instead of always having to go back mid-day. No more Nap Jail!”

“Isn’t our four year old hand-me-down stroller just fine?” Colin replied skeptically. “Sure, it’s about to fall apart and it doesn’t recline, but who needs one of those fancy schmantzy contraptions you’re looking at?”

Me dramatically pushing the G-Luxe stroller.
Me pushing the G-LUXE stroller in the dramatic seascape of Rockport, MA.

“Let’s just try it,” I convinced my guy. Soon the box was at our doorstep, and from the first day we used the G-LUXE, we realized what we’d been missing.

“This stroller is actually tall enough for me to push comfortably,” my 6’2″ husband exclaimed, easily gliding forward with a single arm as he caught Pokemon with his free hand.

“I’m confused,” I muttered. “Why isn’t this stroller making a rattling noise like our old one? I’m used to one wheel almost falling off. This new stroller is all silent, smooth, and stealthy!”

Rockin' out the full recline and sun shade for a snooze.
Rockin’ out the full recline and sun shade for a snooze.

We took the stroller to the cute seaside town of Rockport, Massachusetts (the site of these photos) to investigate how the G-LUXE would fare on the road. Loading the car, we were delighted to observe that not only does the stroller fold up to classic “umbrella” smallness, but once it’s folded, it stands up on its own! (For those not into stroller geekery, most every other folded stroller must be propped against a wall, or it tumbles to the ground with a crash.)

Sure enough, my nap theory was correct: The G-LUXE’s reclining seat eliminates “Nap Jail,” meaning we could keep exploring Rockport during the baby’s nap time. (As the stroller’s official motto proclaims, “Tilt back. Move forward.” Amen, UPPAbaby, amen.)

When the little pumpkin got sleepy, we just clicked back the seat (one-handed recline!), pulled forward the generous SPF 50 sun canopy, popped up the foot-rest, and Jojo fell fast asleep! When she woke up, she was all like, “I’m rested, but I wasn’t in my crib… How is that possible? Magic!” See the accompanying surprised face, below.

"You mean I was sleeping in a stroller, not the crib? Wow!"
“You mean I was sleeping in a stroller, not the crib? Wow!”

Other fun features of the G-LUXE: There’s a storage basket underneath, one-wheel lock brakes, and a shoulder carry strap. Most important in terms of making a lasting investment, the stroller’s harness adjusts to fit babies as small as 3 months old, all the way up to 55 pound kids!

Once our traveling toddler realized this, he demanded to take over the stroller as his own (“Want it! NEED IT!”), but I made him wait until I finished this photo shoot because Devi is potty training. Speaking of potty training, the body of the stroller is removable and washable… which we immediately had to take advantage of once our tinkle toes toddler was allowed in. Grumble.

Good job, G-LUXE. We're fans!
Good job, G-LUXE. We’re fans!

So what about you? What tips do YOU have for strollers at home and during travel? Do share!

Curious to get your hands on one of these smooth riders? Use the following affiliate links, which provide a small commission up on purchase at no extra cost to you. Click here to see deals on the G-LUXE and its accessories (travel bag, rain cover, etc.) on Amazon, over here to see the G-LUXE line on Bye Bye Baby, here to find a local sales spot, or here to order directly from UPPAbaby. Enjoy!

The best stroller for travel and home may well be this reclining umbrella stroller from UPPAbaby called the G-LUXE. It can help you avoid "Nap Jail" and stay out longer! See details here for why.
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I was provided with a G-LUXE stroller as part of the @UPPAbaby #travelwithUb #UbGLUXE #UPPAbaby campaign, but all opinions and squishable babies are my own. This article’s affiliate links support this site at no cost to you. Thanks for reading, and happy strolling!


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Lisa D. Richards

Sunday 16th of April 2017

These are awesome. i also found this as a great read and with great guide to picking out the right stroller for my kids.

Vicky and Buddy

Sunday 18th of September 2016

So glad you found something that gets you out of Nap Jail! lol

Natalie Deduck

Sunday 18th of September 2016

I love her face... such a cute and well-rested baby!! I'm sure she approved the stroller, and the Pokemon catcher father too. Happy travels family!



Saturday 17th of September 2016

What a great stroller! Love that your kid can nap in it and that it doesn't make that annoying rattling noise! And the washable stroller body. Perfect!


Saturday 17th of September 2016

This stroller makes it so much easier to travel with a small kid!! I hope more mothers will find out about it)) Thank you for sharing!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.