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How do I Lub-d? Let me count the ways…

Two commonly heard sassy comments to me of late:

1) “Weren’t you supposed to leave for Cambodia a week ago?”

2) “You’ve been in Bangkok for nine days? NOBODY can tolerate Bangkok for nine days. What’s wrong with you?”

The answer to both of these questions is one Thai word: “Lub-d”. This word means “sleep well.” It also means “The best hostel I have ever stayed in, and may ever stay in.”

Lub-d’s secret: a) Impeccable cleanliness and modernity, b) Four floors of fantastic folks in dorms and doubles, c) A lovely lobby (with free Wi-fi!) where everyone hangs out, and, d) Absolutely wonderful staff.

The beauty of the staff was typified last night, when the manager (a goddess in my eyes) took all the smiling hostel workers and whichever guests wanted to come along to a scrumptious Thai meal of Sukiyaki (meats and noodles in a bubbling soup) and seafood at “Elvis Suki”, then all around Bangkok’s Chinatown for insane foods.

The highlight of Chinatown was the Magic Potion Man. Four red Thai liquors stood before him at the eerily green-lit stand. The manager explained to us the four powers: Manliness, Power, Altertness, and Womanliness.

Different people sipped. Everyone screamed and took photos. We waited for the effects. We are all still alive today.

To an outdoor ice cream stand we went! Under the blazing neon signs we sampled ice cream in mad flavors: basil coconut, Thai iced tea, taro, lychee, durian… Mmm!

The Chinatown food stalls stretched on for miles and miles, and it was midnight. Blazing commerce! Sizzles, smells, and excitement!

“Anyone need to go the the washroom?” asked one of the Lub-d staff, Golff. My roommate, Kathy, and I trotted along behind her as Golff led us down winding streets to a random Bangkok guest house.

Why was Golff giggling? We said, “Sawasdee ka” to the owner then tiptoed apprehensively to the bathroom in the back.

Suddenly I smashed against Kathy’s immobile body. “I don’t need to go anymore,” Kathy whispered. I peeked past her at the “toilet”; it was a hole in the ground with the largest amount of monster cockroaches that I have ever seen.

We turned back to giggling Golff and yelled, “Ok, now we know why Lub-d is the top-rated hostel in Bangkok!”

The dog-sized cockroach winked in assent.


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Friday 30th of November 2012

Lol - those cockroaches sound monster! Got to go with Lub D :D


Friday 30th of November 2012


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Wednesday 26th of May 2010

uracha said... Thank you sooo much for the Blog! We hope to see you again at Lub d Hostel!!!

Golfy Lub d Staff

September 19, 2009 3:48 PM

Tomas Sanchez said... I feel like a picture of the bathroom would have been great! haha, oh man, thats hilarious...!

September 20, 2009 8:40 AM

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