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My New Second Website:

Teaching traveling The happiness of teaching and traveling…I have just given birth again!

After the successful first year of this delightful, pudgy baby,, passion has once again led to creation: my shiny new second site,!

Allow me to answer some preemptive Frequently Asked Questions about this birth:

Q: What is the difference between and

A: is about me (and students with whom I work closely), following my journeys around the world and inside the classroom, giving my personal tips for you about travel, teaching, and life. is about YOU. It is a site for teachers who travel, travelers who teach, and those who want to. It will chiefly be composed of inspirational teacher-traveler profiles and concrete tips and resources for aspiring teacher-travelers. There will also be (once my battle with technology ends in triumph) a discussion forum for teacher-traveler networking.

Paper cranes

Global education for the win!

Q: Why start an additional website?

A: Because teacher-travelers are awesome, and do not currently have a loud enough voice or large enough space in the blogger world.

If dear encourages even one additional teacher to travel, or one additional traveler to teach, I will do a massive jig of joy.

I have the feeling the site will inspire a whole lot more than one person, however, because the teacher-traveler profiles that are set to be published this week are FASCINATING.

Q: Will this website here, continue?

A: YES and YES ,and also YES! I love doing this blog so much (especially interacting with YOU) and nothing can make me stop any time soon. There are many spicy new articles coming soon, so stay tuned. While you wait, check out any of the 400 articles from around the world already on this site. And do please leave comments and share this baby around.

Flight! Learning! Joy! May bring this!

Q: I’m excited about this second website, Lillie! How can I get involved with

A: So glad you asked! Here’s what I need from you:

  • Help connect me with cool teacher-travelers to profile. If you are one yourself or if you know someone, contact me to set up the interview.
  • Help connect me with interesting organizations or companies that might desire to partner with the site.
  • Let me know if you have a bright idea for the direction and form of the site as it grows!

Thanks for your help in welcoming my second child, into this world! Feel free to send piles of money (or gold bars) for the impromptu cyber baby shower. :)

Want to read the awesome story behind these joyful Origami-in-Ghana photos? Click here!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.