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We Can Finally Reveal the Happy News: I’m Pregnant!

We are so happy to be creating life!
We are so happy to be creating life!

YAY! After three long months of awkwardly hiding my nausea, fatigue, and increasingly poofy waistline, my husband Colin and I can finally announce: we are expecting our first baby this November… and we are so excited!!!! :D
At Lilac Sunday in Boston with my beloved Mother, Colin's Mother, and me... a Mother-to-be!
At Lilac Sunday in Boston with my beloved Mother, Colin’s Mother, and me… a Mother-to-be!

As we walked through Boston’s Lilac Sunday in the Arnold Arboretum (aren’t these flower photos gorgeous?) with our mothers on Mothers’ Day, I thought back with a chuckle to 2010 when I was traveling the world for nine months alone and I wrote an infamous article that began: “Shut up, biological clock, SHUT UP!” I was in Spain, alone, and lonely.

This is a profile of our baby's face, with its hand waving!
This is a profile of our baby’s face, with its little hand waving!

I had delighted in the previous eight months traveling around the world, but a pang had hit me: Would I ever find a life partner? Would I ever have children?

However, given that I met Colin at my “Welcome Back to America” party, I am now very clear: Though it seemed like a huge risk and blow to my prospects of marriage to leave everything and travel for months, I would not be in this wonderful marriage, joyfully CREATING LIFE today if it hadn’t been for taking that risk to see the world!

Speaking of the world, what is the future of a travel blogger who is about to have a wee baby? Luckily, bright! We have several awesome trips coming this summer (hint: one is a 15 hour plane ride away and will have even more flowers than this post), and I will continue writing weekly on this blog because it brings me great joy. After all, this site was originally envisioned as a “symbolic baby,” as I purposely created my 2009-10 Around the World trip to be nine months long as a response to the fact that so many people around me (students included) were getting pregnant, and I wanted to put forth an alternative.

Caption from Colin: "WRONG BELLY!"
Caption from Colin: “WRONG BELLY!”

Just four years ago, I thought that things like marriage and having babies were not for me. But now, dancing in a world of happiness, I know that with the right person, and with lots of love and partnership, there is so much joy in creating life!

On that note, this week my parents celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, and Colin’s parents celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. WOW– so wonderful and inspiring! Let us continue many more generations of love.

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Sunday 2nd of June 2013

Blessings to you, your husband and the little one. We are grandparents-to-be in September to little Amelie. My one hobby is woodworking.

If you would be close, I would make or restore something for you!


Sunday 2nd of June 2013

So kind! We are too far away for wood, but appreciate the sweet wishes!


Friday 31st of May 2013


That now makes you the fifth couple I know to have announced a pregnancy in the past two weeks. Must just be that time of the year.

Again, many congratulations.


Thursday 30th of May 2013

Huge congratulations cant wait to hear your new born cry mumy.wish you success through the journey of parenthood.

Jasmine Boudah

Wednesday 29th of May 2013


Wow, I remember we used to talk about having children and things of that nature during my residency year! I am so happy for you and Colin and I'm sure you will be such thoughtful and loving parents. I'm wishing you a healthy pregnancy!

Amy Koehler

Wednesday 29th of May 2013

Yay Lil!!! I knew this was coming when you grilled me about traveling to Switzerland with a 3 year old!! Very very happy for you!!! Much love--

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