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The School Toilet in China That May Make Americans Gasp

The "stalls" of a Girls' Bathroom in a Yunyang, China school.
The “stalls” of a Girls’ Bathroom in a Yunyang, China school.

Never in my life have I been more dizzied from cultural differences than the afternoon I saw the Girls’ Bathroom in a 4,000-student school of Yunyang, China.

It wasn’t that the bathroom was rather run-down and dirty that shocked me. No — I’ve been a teacher in large urban schools in Boston for seven years and have seen (and smelled) my share of dirty school bathrooms, and experienced all sorts of potties, globally during my travels.

BUT all of those toilets around the world had one blessed perk: PRIVACY. The giant shock for me about the China school toilets we toured was the fact that everyone is supposed to “do their business” with other people walking by and looking!

What the toilets look like in the Girls' Bathroom of the school.
What the toilets look like in the Girls’ Bathroom.

Study the first photo of this article. See those low walls? Those are the “stalls.” No door. No front of the stall to shield you. You just walk right in and squat, exposed.

Now here’s what REALLY made me almost faint: this is the bathroom the TEACHERS use, too! This would be my absolute worst nightmare: to be squatting, exposed, while my students walked by. It’s like a nightmare come to life for my cultural context.

Now, it would be one thing if this were a poor school we were visiting… but it wasn’t.

Not only did this school have a new computer lab, but it had a gorgeous, 20-foot-tall steel electric entrance gate.

Clearly the school had money… they just chose to spend it on the outer, most visible aspects of the school.

What a massive cultural difference! It’s not necessarily good nor bad; it just highlights what is and isn’t valued by each of our cultures.

What are YOUR thoughts on this particular school toilet situation?

See how open each toilet stall is? Imagine being a teacher squatting at one while students walk by.
See how open each toilet stall is? Imagine being a teacher squatting at one while students walk by.


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Qiyin Y.

Monday 27th of April 2015

I think I once saw these toilets in the Hutong neighborhood of Beijing (or was it Shanghai) but there were no dividers at all. The squat toilets were right next to each other and it was so open.


Tuesday 28th of April 2015

Yes! I saw those too! A big difference from what I'm used to.

Nathalie G

Monday 12th of January 2015

I personally would be very,very uncomfortable having to forcfully use a bathroom this way having everybody watching you do your business which needs privacy.Although we are all girlsin the bathrrom having at least one bathroom with a door would really help. Just to say if I was a millionare I would build better bathroom stalls for the school girls. (WITH DOORS)!!!!!!!

Sayraliz Manzanillo

Wednesday 7th of January 2015

Umm... If we had that toilet in our school I would file a complaint. I thought our bathrooms were pretty run down compared to my old school, I think I should be more grateful after reading this. If I went to this school I would probably not use the bathroom until I get home.


Sunday 29th of December 2013

Interesting! I have treavlled to America (I'm from New Zealand) quite afew times and stayed in College dorms. I have always found the lack of privacy in American public bathrooms difficult to deal with. I hate the way that you can see through the gaps at the edge of the doors and there are huge gaps under the doors as well. The dorm showers often mean that you have to get dressed publicly. Makes me feel very uncomfortable.


Monday 30th of December 2013

Such an interesting perspective!


Friday 19th of April 2013

I would not work or live in a situation such as this... However, with this said many millions of people around the world don t even have the benefit you see. If I had to I would. Just saying my honest opinion. Peace!

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