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Tokyo at Night

OH the joy of walking around alone at night in a safe, safe, safe city! I rocked it, hardcore: 5 miles clear across the city, 3 maps in hand, from 6pm to 9:30pm. Yum, yum, yum. I think I’m sort of catching this photography lust thing that my friends have.

Now the delicious facts: The only “catcall” in 4 hours: A gentleman softly saying: “Oh.”

The only “being hit on” in 4 hours: When I was waiting for my friend at the train station a businessman politely asked: “Are you waiting for your boyfriend?” I lied, “Sure,” and he said, “Ok then,” and walked kindly away.

Ever traveled in Latin America? OH we love (love to the love love LOVE) Latin America, but you cannot walk down a mili-inch of pavement around those parts without a hoot, grope, piropo, menacing leer, major or minor stalking, etc! Japan is the most relaxing, let-you-be place to travel!— minus the insanely giant (yet logical) subway :)

Oh, and my fave-orino pic of this bunch is the heavily suited policeman inside the perpetual motion machine, trying gently to fix it! Gorgeous. I’m also real proud of that first rainbow riot of neon (there are about ten million different squares like that in Tokyo, since it is basically Times Square in a cloning machine on speed).


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Glenn Barker

Sunday 14th of April 2013

Hi Lillie,

Very cool perspective of an awesome city! I loved out visit to Tokyo and was amazed by how polite and orderly everything was, down to places to wash your hands before ordering in the fastfood restaurants crowding downtown. Thanks for sharing!



Sunday 14th of April 2013

Love your description of your experience. Thanks for reading!

Deanna Anderson

Thursday 9th of February 2012

I always wanted to go to the city of Japan just to look at all of those lights! I heard that Japan has really modern buildings, furniture, ect. :-) I also heard that there are a lot of stores that have amazing clothes!

Jackie Phung

Monday 10th of October 2011

Wow! Now I really want to go to Japan. It looks so amazing and beautiful. I watch a lot of anime, but it doesn't looks as good as the pictures you taken. I've always wanted to learn Japanese and go to Tokyo, Japan.

Genesis Lumahan

Monday 28th of March 2011

I really wanted to go to Japan. It just seems so beautiful there. I love the simplicity of it too. I'm really interested in their technology. I was honestly fascinated by Japan. Then I the tsunami came. I was crushed. But maybe when I'm old enough to travel myself, Japan will be okay again.


Tuesday 15th of March 2011

I wonder how recked it all looks now. It's really depressing what happened over there.


Wednesday 16th of March 2011

It is so sad about the tsunami and earthquake in Japan! With regard to your comment, my guess is Tokyo looks relatively the same now as it did when I wrote this article; it was the Northern part of the country that was most affected by the natural disasters. That said, there are still possible dangers for all parts of Japan. Here's sending our love and positive wishes their way!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.