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Rockin’ out Everyday Tokyo!!

Want to ride the Subway and trains in Tokyo? So do I! Check out the sweet li’l map over here… But don’t forget that there are TWO intertwined train systems! Is it any wonder that I feel a ridiculous sense of accomplishment whenever I arrive ANYWHERE successfully? Love it :)

The Subways and trains of Tokyo are gorgeous, gliding snakes of efficiency. Nearly totally silent, and 99.99% Japanese… and yet no one even glances twice at the lone large American ogre that is me! How kind :)

A pleasure of traveling is figuring out the everyday, the ordinary, the needed. Morning broke in Yuki’s apartment and I booted up her chubby Dell laptop to email my parents that I had arrived safely. Got into Yahoo Mail fine and dandy… when– OH NO!– one of my long, slender fingers jabbed a mystery key by accident that MADE EVERYTHING JAPANESE! I banged in horror against the keyboard, screen, and air around the computer for half an hour straight until I accepted that no English writing would be accomplished on this morning, and thus my parents just had to telepathically trust that I was and am intact and happy. How lovely that they did, and I was. :)

The sidewalk, tra la la, strolling along to find breakfast whenHOLY HEAVEN WHY ARE ALL THESE BICYCLES SHOOTING TOWARDS ME?!! Why??? Whyyy??? Ooohh yeah… in Japan they both drive and walk on the LEFT side of the road! Still gettin‘ used to this one.

Bought breakfast. Thought it was a soft rice ball with sweet azuki beans inside. CHOMPed right in and– PUFFY WHITE FROSTING INSIDE WITH CHOCOLATE CHIPS AND CHOCOLATE COATING!!! Mmm… breakfast.

And… throwing out trash. I tell you– I stared at these three trash cans (ALL trash is sorted meticulously, everywhere in Tokyo) for a straight 3 minutes, aching to deduce which pail was the true home for my yogurt container, newspaper, and plastic bag. Quick– which one is it???

Japan, Day 1: Pancakes on Crack and the Kindness of Japan!
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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.