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Yes, it IS Worth it to Pack Traveler’s Cheques!


Happiness like this sparklin’ sparkler!

“Ms. Marshall!” typed a former student on the Facebook page for this blog, “I am so curious. Did you ever get your money back when someone robbed you for your Travelers Cheques?”

Good-hearted young Carol was, of course, referring to my recent article about the shocking discovery, in my first week home from nine months abroad, that my secret stash of American Express Travelers Cheques was mysteriously stolen from my backpack in some hostel between Ghana, Portugal, and Spain. Ohh, the treachery! Ooh the financial pain!
I had no answer for Carol then, and in fact feared the money was gone forever. However, today I got a something in the mail that lets me resoundingly tell Carol: “YEESSS!!!” while dancing around the room pumping my fists in the air.
Today, three weeks after discovering and reporting the theft, I received a truly delightful letter from American Express in which they (ahem) expressed their sadness for my robbery and enclosed a check to pay me back for the FULL amount of money in the stolen Cheques: no small sum! I gleefully deposited the reimbursement check in my account, and thus am officially UN-robbed!
A full reimbursement

The delightful letter: “a full refund!”

This brings us to today’s li’l lesson: Travelers Cheques ARE worth packing for your next voyage!

“Ew,” sneers Negative Nelly right about now, “Travelers Cheques are sooo uncool. NO ONE uses them anymore. It’s hard as heck to find any place that even agrees to cash them, and when you do, the agents always charge a crazy commission fee. What’s the point?”

More sparkler fun… Pretty like that refund check!

Nelly, you are not alone in your disdain.

Few backpackers nowadays carry (much less use) Travelers Cheques for these same gripes.

However, what happened to me illustrates why you SHOULD always travel with a stash of Travelers Cheques as a third form of moolah beyond cash and credit cards: There is no better form of “emergency backup cash” than one that will be fully refunded (up to thousands of dollars!) if stolen or even absent-mindedly misplaced.

Travelers Cheques are basically like bionic, indestructible money: they can never be murdered and won’t let you down. Super Loot to the rescue!

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