Feb 222010
Easteria's Article: Beaten With a Cane

Article #9 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project When I Was Caned at School By Edor Easteria, Age 14

I felt the lashes of the cane at my back.

I was fourteen years old, in grade eight. I was in the classroom making noise with my friends during a time of discussion. We were debating about the issue of girls’ and boys’ education: which is more important?

It was interesting because [...Read More!]

Feb 212010
Edinam's Article: Joining YCC

Article #8 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project My First Day at YCC By Edinam Tamkloe, Age 13

My life is full of stories, but I’ve got to say only one for now. So I choose to talk about my first day at Youth Creating Change, because YCC has changed my life.

My first day at YCC, I was so shy! Everything felt like a mystery to me.

I [...Read More!]

Feb 202010
Starting to Understand Accra... and Staying Legal

As you read this pre-programmed post, I am headed back into Accra to meet up with the Ghana Couchsurfing.org clan, as well as several friends of friends of friends of friends, and to finalize my visa extension paperwork.

The events of this article occurred two weeks ago, but will surely be echoed in my experience today!

Perhaps you recall that it turned out I was in Thailand illegally.

It was unintentional, it really [...Read More!]

Feb 192010
My First Ever Interview, and a Party!

Three quick and lovely announcements:

1. If you have not already browsed over to the Sharing Travel Experiences site, here’s an easy link to my first ever online interview! Fame! Glory! Yay! Read.

2. Don’t Millicent and I look cute all dressed up for Valentine’s Day?

3. If you live anywhere near America’s East Coast, don’t forget that Saturday, February 20th, is the Ghana Fundraiser Party in Hartford, CT! [...Read More!]

Feb 192010
Pamela's Article: A New School

Article #7 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project My First Day at Covenant Preparatory School By Agbi Pamela, Age 14

“That school is full of witches and wizards!” was what people said about Covenant Preparatory School. “Don’t go!”

But I decided to enroll anyway. My mother had explained well how switching to Covenant would enhance my education.

In Ghana there are two main types of schools: public, government-run schools [...Read More!]

Feb 182010
Emmanuella's Article: Earthquake Panic

Article #6 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project Waiting for the Earthquake to Strike By Boateng Emmanuella, Age 14

Around two o’clock in the morning, neighbors ran from door to door yelling for people to come outside.

“An earthquake is going to happen!” they screamed.

In my lifetime, Ghana has never experienced an earthquake, and so everyone panicked. People poured outside with their children and their belongings so that the buildings [...Read More!]

Feb 172010
A School You'd Likely Never See

As the half-broken taxi thumped into another rocky crater on the endless dirt road, I gasped to Collins, “You seriously bicycle forty-five minutes down this to work each morning?”

My friend chuckled and nodded.

After weeks of planning, I was finally going to see the remote school where my Ghanaian YCC colleague had been posted since September!

At four-thirty am, we hopped the first tro tro the two hours from Sogakope to Accra, then [...Read More!]

Feb 162010
Elikem's Article: Kumasi Zoo

Article #5 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project A Trip to Kumasi Zoo By Dedi Elikem (aka: “Endless” Elikem), Age 12

I was scared when I saw the tiger opening its mouth. It looked like an old yelling monkey and it was one and a half meters long. All my friends were afraid.

Some people outside of Africa think that here in Ghana, we walk with wild animals every [...Read More!]

Feb 152010
Shine's Article: Accra Airport

Article #4 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project My First Day Visiting Accra Airport By Shine Doe, Age 13

That day was the first day I had ever seen a traffic light. I watched, amazed, as it showed direction to the many cars by its changing colors.

I was about ten years old, on an educational excursion to Accra Airport with my classmates and teachers. There are [...Read More!]

Feb 142010
Ceremonies and a Half-Year of Around the World!

Happy day of love, chocolate, and the fiery ire of single lovelies like me!

Let us now take a brief pause from the lovely Ghana Student Life Story Project (HUGE thanks to all the readers who are leaving encouraging comments for the students!) to talk about the concept of… ceremony.

When was the last time you took part in a ceremonial moment of reflection and ritual celebration? If you are in a [...Read More!]