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3 More Awesome Things About America

Brunch in Philly
Brunch with Marleny in Philly last week! YUM!

Let’s sing a little (slightly amended) Joni Mitchell:

“Don’t it always seem to go… that you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone [for nine months]?”

As already discussed, I am newly in love with my natal country after returning home from so many months away!

So to sing its praises, here are three MORE reasons why the United States, for all its admitted problems, is fabulous.

1.) Bountiful American BRUNCH!

My hands are getting waterlogged with drool as I type this. How is it that no other country in the world seems to embrace Brunch as well as America? Ooh, sweet, savory, and steamy dishes, I can smell you now!

Last week I Bolt and Mega-bus-ed it down to Philly and New York to catch up with dear friends and family. In Philadelphia, my soulmate of ten years, Marleny, arranged a mind-blowing brunch with her fellow female doctors… documented in these photos.

Brunch in Philly
Great doctors of Philly (with a Boston teacher)… bonding at brunch!

Look at the food! There was mango-and-banana stuffed french toast. There was a giant, fluffed-out vegetable frittata.

There were crusty waffles with whipped cream, heaps of crispy bacon, and perfectly pan-fried crunchy hash browns.

There were glistening classes of fresh-squeezed orange juice and silver vats of bottomless coffee. There was even home-made ketchup!

Brunch in Philly
Banana-mango-stuffed french toast!

In short: there, that afternoon, we experienced The Ultimate American Brunch.

I maintain that no other meal besides Brunch can produce such a festive atmosphere in which to bond with fabulous female friends, both new and lifelong! YUM!

2.) Awesome American Restaurant Service.

Customer service in Japan is world famous for its excellence. But until my trip around the world, I had never before realized the awesomeness of American waiters and waitresses.

Philly brunch

Listen: we love Spain, Portugal, and Ghana, but will you wait forever and a day to order, get, and pay for your food in a restaurant in those countries? Very possibly. Will your waiter or waitress be chipper and chatty? Maybe yes and maybe NO-OH-OH. Will you leave a meager coin for a tip, as most people do in Europe and Africa? OOOOH, that explains it!

The whole tip system in America may have its issues, but WOWZA does it produce fast and friendly wait-staff!

3.) Cutting-edge American Technology!

“The reason I can tell we’re not holding this talk in America right now,” said a famous travel blogger in his speech at a Spanish social media conference, “is because if we were in America, this room would be equipped with Wi-fi Internet, and all of you would be Tweeting about me as I talked… and a screen behind me would be projecting the Tweets!”

Philly brunch
Veggie frittata with hash browns!

Maybe I didn’t pay attention to technology in America before I left because I wasn’t a blogger then. But now I see it: America has surged ahead in the digital media revolution!

I must admit to feeling quite irrationally proud to hear a rich Spanish man say he was flying all the way to New York in May because that was the only way he could get his hands on an iPad so soon after its release!

When you’re in the middle of something, you often take it for granted and don’t realize its power. But despite America’s flaws, the moment you fly out of it you see: America is at the center of so much.


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Saturday 25th of May 2013

Tipping? It is a protection racket, nothing more. I live where there is no tipping, unless you want to. Came to breakfast, still sleepy, forgot to tip. The next day, bad service, worsted seat, ... Tipping does not, in my experience inspire good service, it is extortion, a protection racket: one slip as a customer & you see the very worsted of it. Give me staff that just get paid & don't expect a tip anyway.


Thursday 9th of June 2011

It's funny that you talk about french toast, since I'm going to make some for dinner tonight.


Wednesday 4th of August 2010

1. We know you love brunch, Americans are obese 2. The service sucks 3. Years behind the Germans and the Japanese (and soon the Chinese, Indians etc)


Wednesday 4th of August 2010

Ouch! And yet, as an American, I gotta love your free speech :)

jim smith

Friday 11th of June 2010

Mmmm,looks nice.Hope you realise that amount of food would feed the rest of us for a day or more,not just one meal,still,whatever,eh?


Friday 11th of June 2010

Ahh, true true. Both Brunch and America are all about excess, eh? :)


Thursday 10th of June 2010

Brunch: how can you NOT love it?!

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