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Derrick’s Article: The Sea at Accra

Article #2 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project
My First Day by the Sea at Accra
By Sarpong Derrick, Age 11

I remember how the sea at Accra flows. I remember thinking, “I’m afraid!” because of how the sea flowed forward and back. I saw a little child get into the water, and I become frightened. They say that the sea can kill.

It was my first day in Ghana’s capital city, and it was the year 2001. That day, I went with my parents to visit my aunt, and my mother and father held my hands. I was not even five years old.

My aunt was very sick, and that was why we came. Sickness can kill, just like the sea.

We visited my Aunt for a time, and then we walked many kilometers to the ocean. When we got to Accra beach, everybody could tell that we were newcomers in the city from how we stared. We stood three meters back from the sea and watched.

In the water I saw five white men swimming, and three standing beside the sea. When we got closer to them, one of the white men said, “Hi! You are welcome here!”

Then the sea flowed and I became afraid. One of the white men said, “Small boy, don’t be afraid!”

“Okay,” I said, gaining confidence.

By the time we returned to my aunt’s house, we were carrying three boxes full of fish.

That day we went to the beach it was my birthday, and when we come back in the evening, my aunt threw me a big party. That evening, I became five years old. I was becoming older and less afraid.

Before we left Accra, we prayed for my aunt. I wanted her to be strong against her sickness as I had been strong against the sea.

Soon after, my aunt was admitted to Korlebu Hospital for two months. When she returned back from the hospital, she called my parents on the phone and told them that she was healed! She is still alive today, and I know she will be alive until Jesus comes, Amen! THANK YOU.

Lillie’s Note: Did you enjoy this article? Please do leave a compliment, constructive suggestion, or question for dear Derrick, and do specify your country of origin and where you are in the world right now! On a side note, today is my HALF-YEAR anniversary of flying out of Boston to travel around the world, and I am thrilled to be celebrating it with the the great folks of Youth Creating Change, Ghana!

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