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Edinam’s Article: Joining YCC

Article #8 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project
My First Day at YCC

By Edinam Tamkloe, Age 13

My life is full of stories, but I’ve got to say only one for now. So I choose to talk about my first day at Youth Creating Change, because YCC has changed my life.

My first day at YCC, I was so shy! Everything felt like a mystery to me.

I was twelve years of age when I entered the doors of YCC to enrich my mind and further my education. YCC is located opposite the police station, in a very cool place due to the air breeze of the Volta River nearby. It is in the down floor of a white, two-story building, and the neighbor’s goats are always playing loudly in front.

When I walked in, I knew only one other student: Elikem, who lives in the same area as me. I was asked many questions by the staff, and one of the questions was, “What do you know about YCC?”

This was a difficult question for me to answer, because I knew only two things about YCC: children learn there, and inside the building is one of the few libraries in the Volta Region of Ghana.

After I was interviewed by the staff, I paid my one-time YCC fee of five Ghana Cedis ($3 U.S. Dollars) and then I officially became part of the YCC Kids Club! This meant that I would attend four excellent classes per week after school: ninety minutes of I.C.T. (Information Communication Technology) on Wednesdays, ninety minutes of English on Thursdays, ninety minutes of Maths on Fridays, and two hours of Reading Club on Saturdays. I would also have full access to the YCC library, as well as the small computer lab.

I was so happy when I was given my first storybook to read for our Reading Club! Although I was already able to read when I entered YCC, I had not had the chance before to take books out of a library like that.

And I certainly had not had the chance to use computers like that before! When I first came to YCC, I didn’t know anything at all about computers. But with my courage to join Youth Creating Change, I now know much about computers, from using Word documents to sending email to American penpals through Yahoo Mail!

I started going to YCC when I was in grade six, and after my first day there, I felt a change come over me at school. When I went back to class at Living Faith School as usual the Monday after joining the YCC Kids Club, I began to take my studies very seriously.

It been great to study with YCC, but it has also been so much fun making friends. When I started to make friends with the other YCC students, I became less and less shy, which is a very great accomplishment for me to do. I am the kind of person who normally gets shy and bored, but when I entered the doors of YCC, that kind of shyness and getting bored was no more in my life, due to the advice of my YCC peers and friends!

I am also much grateful to YCC because recently they gave a prize of a backpack to students who took part in the Grand Quiz of reading. School supplies are expensive, and my family appreciated that I earned that backpack! I use it every day now.

Out of a thousand men, there is usually only one leader. The rest simply follow. The YCC staff is preparing us to lead our communities through the leadership skills they teach, through their academic lessons, and through instructing us to take the advice of our parents, siblings, and friends. With all the efforts of our YCC teachers, we truly are becoming leaders of our friends. And YCC is a leader in our lives, too!

With all this I’ve written, I hope there will be a change in those who read my article. I hope you will begin to learn hard, like a hobby of learning and leadership, rather than just sticking to the hobby of being shy or playing games. YCC helped me change my life, and I hope that other young people can enroll in activities that help change their lives, too!

Lillie’s Note: Did you enjoy Edinam’s article? Have you also joined an organization that helped shape who you are today? Please leave a comment, making sure to state where you’re from and where you are! Thanks!

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