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Kayaking: A Great Way to Tour a River City Like Boston!

Kayaking with friends in Boston is heaven!
Kayaking with friends in Boston is heaven!

Cities with rivers are better. Even more superior is a city with a river AND ocean combo. That delicious, watery duo is a major reason Boston is #1 on my list of places around the world to live. And what better way to experience this perk of a river-licious city than to take a kayak tour?

Sometimes the riverside scenery is the skyline, and sometimes it's lush green.
Colin and I loved paddling in the smooth Charles River!

Before New England’s autumn got too crispy cold, Colin and I met up with our friends, Shan Shan and Richard to rent kayaks and get our paddle on. Boat rentals are super easy in a city like Boston. We have at least three different companies operating out of this town, and you can choose from a wide assortment of embarkation points along the Charles River.

Kayaking brings out the diva in me.
Kayaking brings out the diva in me.

Once we slipped into the water, peace enveloped us. Between the cobalt of the sky and the sapphire of the river, the glories of Boston encircled us: The Esplanade! The golden dome of the State House! The “Pepper Pot Bridge!” The Citgo Sign! And of course, the #1 prettiest structure in Boston, The Hancock Building! Yum.

The "Pepper Pot Bridge" was a delightful boating backdrop.
The “Pepper Pot Bridge” was a delightful boating backdrop.

At a certain point, my pregnant self got tired, so we tied our kayaks together (not sure if this is sanctioned by the kayak rental company or not, but oh well) and forced Richard and Colin to do the paddling. Bwahaha. Then we all went onto dry land and ate a giant heap of Thai food for dinner. Isn’t part of the fun of outdoor expercise the sensation of going inside afterwards to eat?

Colin and Richard looked very manly with their protective sun and kayak gear.
Colin and Richard were “very happy” to do the paddling for us. Hehe.

So what about you? Have you ever tried city kayaking? What has YOUR experience been, and what tips, questions, or insights do you have about the splendid world of water tourism?

Yay for kayaking in river cities!
Yay for kayaking in river cities!

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Monday 30th of December 2013

i have experience of cities near to the ocean are really wonderful and awesome in my life...i had great time with my family.. i really appreciate for your beautiful work and also sharing your outstanding pics...


Saturday 28th of December 2013

Amazing images. That must have been fun! I have gone windsurfing in Sanibel Island, California. Paddling upstream is so hard!


Tuesday 17th of December 2013

Kayaking along the Charles always remains a highlight every summer I do this. Yeah can't stay in Boston without traveling along the Charles in style- gorgeous views of Bahston with the tepid wind caressing your face.


Sunday 20th of October 2013

I agree on Boston being a great place to live! My family got introduced to Boston three years ago when my mom got a job there (in fact she works right by the JH tower and whenever I pass by it when I'm there, I always think of your posts and how you think it's such a "sexy" building!). She usually commutes back and forth on Amtrak every weekend to NY but we love using her apartment to come visit on the occasional weekend and explore Boston. Never thought of kayaking along the Charles (I've done it on the Hudson River up by West Point and it was beautiful up there) but I will have to look into it for next summer!


Sunday 20th of October 2013

Awesome! rarely we get to such things.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.