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Article #6 in the ESL Student Life Stories Project, by Meaad from Saudi Arabia, age 23.

Art exhibition

The Comma Art Exhibition of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

When the day came, we were worried and excited at the same time.  We held each others’ hands tightly, because we had worked so hard as a team to make our first exhibition a successful one.  And that night was the night when the world would see our creative efforts!

My name is Meaad, and I studied Art at King Abdulaziz University in my hometown of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  Our teacher, Dr. Efet, taught us so much, and was always encouraging us to create our own exhibition.  Because we were a really good team, we decided to do it.

We agreed that our exhibition would be named for the punctuation mark,  “Comma” (in Arabic, “فاصلة ”), because the gallery was like a comma in the sentence of our lives.  Though we would pause to show our paintings, we would continue, long after the comma, to create our art.

Once we decided on our exhibition’s name, the next steps were to find the exhibition hall, and to design the logo for our posters and merchandise.  And of course: we had to make sure our art was perfect!  We worked and shared everything together in the TWO YEARS that led up to our exhibition.


One of Meaad's gorgeous paintings

Then came the day of our opening.

The exhibition would be held in a big mall in my city called “Al-Serafi Mega Mall,” and we were told that the President of the University, herself, would be attending!

That morning, I woke up early.  Actually, I couldn’t sleep very well because I was worried.  Throughout the day I paced around nervously.  My mother stroked my head and told me, “My daughter, don’t worry!  Relax!  You and your friends worked hard and everything will be okay.”

At four pm, I went to a beauty salon and cut my hair because I wanted to look special at my first art gallery.  Though women wear headscarves in Saudi Arabia, the first day of our opening was women only, so we could show our hair.  After I finished at the beauty salon, I went home and put on my elegant black dress and makeup, and my driver and I drove to the gallery.

Saudi Arabia art

Women in traditional dress enter

When I arrived, I took off my headscarf and met my friends.  They looked so beautiful!  All of them were wearing formal dresses.  The Exhibition hall was bright and very big, and our paintings hung proudly on the wall.

My friends and I tried our best to get ready.  Suddenly, we heard someone holler, “They’re coming in!  Be ready!” so we hurried to stand in our places.  I stood in front of one of my paintings, preparing talk about it.  I saw the group moving towards me and I was so nervous I couldn’t breathe.  I whispered to myself, “They are coming!  Relax, Meme, be relaxed!”

Then the President of the University and ten or more of our teachers stood in front of me.  I took a long breath and then started to explain the meaning of one of my paintings.

They even had Comma Exhibition Merchandise!

I told my audience that the painting is about who I will be in the future.  The yellow color, the same color as the sun, represents myself, because I want to be strong, shining, and bright, just like the sun.  The white colors in the painting represent my goals in life: they started small, but they are growing up with time.  I feel excited to achieve the next goal.

The small white lines represent the contrasts in my energy.  Indeed, sometimes I get so excited, and other times I feel down.  I am a human after all!

The other colors represent the people who have influenced and left a mark in my life.

I was looking at my teacher’s eyes the whole time I was talking, trying to concentrate on the ideas.  When I finished explaning, I waited for the first impression from the group, especially the President.  And… they liked my painting!  I was so relieved and excited!


Meaad's star painting. Read her explanation!

The group continued around to look at my friends’ paintings.

As the days went on, all my family and friends came to the opening of our Comma Art Exhibition.  Our teachers told us that they liked our exhibition so much, and all of our friends liked it too.  We were so happy and proud of our work.

That was my first exhibition, but not my last.  Since then, I have participated in other exhibitions with my friends, and my future will hold many more.  Now I am in the United States to get my Master’s Degree in Graphic Design, and I dream one day of having my own solo exhibition.  Can you see me reaching up like the white swirl in my painting?

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The Most Exciting Exhibition Ever.

Meaad ,23 Saudi Arabia

In that day we were worried and excited at the same time. we were holding hands.

because we worked very hard as a team to make our first Exhibition a successful one .and that night was the night that the world would see our creative work!

My name is Meaad. I’m one of the students who studied art at  king abdulaziz university in Jeddah ,Saudi Arabia.l In two years ago we with our teacher Dr.Efet who taught us a lot about art and always encouraging us ,decide  to make our  first exhibition .We were a really good team ,and the work started by choosing the Exhibition name ,we settled to name it “فاصلة ” It means the punctuation mark comma. because we worked and painted, and the gallery was like a comma in a sentence in our lives and we will continue to create our art.The next step was to design the logo,post cards and to choose words to write in the exhibition’s book ,find Exhibition hole . we worked and sheared every thing together. that day was the day of our opening. The Exhibition was held in a big mall in my city called “Al-Serafi Mega Mall” and the president of the university attended the opening.After the opening, we explained to her the idea of our paintings .

In the day of the opening,I woke up early. Actually i couldn’t sleep very well because I was  very worried.

that day I was walking around nervously. My mother stroked my head  and told me “ my daughter don’t worry and relax , you and your friends worked hard and every thing will be OK” .

At 4 a.m. I went to a beauty salon and cut my hair because I wanted to look special in my first art gallery.

After I finished from the  beauty salon I went home and wore my elegant black dress and make up then went to the gallery.

When I arrived to the gallery, I toke off my scarf and met my friends who looked so beautiful. All of them were wearing formal dresses. They looked so nice and the hole of the Exhibition was bright and very big . And our paintings were hanging on the wall beautifully.

My friends and I were ready for the opening. While we were still waiting  for the opening, we heard someone saying “they are  coming in …be ready” so we harried to stand in our places.

I stood in front of one of my paintings and was ready to talk about it. I saw them when they were moving trowed me and i was so nervous.I couldn’t breath and i whispered to myself “they are coming relax meme, be relax ” ..

Then the president of the university and ten or more of our teachers stood in front of me.I took a long breath and started to talk explaining the meaning of one of my paintings what was the idea behind it ,It was about what who I will be in the future, i expressed my self by the yellow color it is the sun color because i want to be strong,shining ,brit just as the sun, the white colors in the painting represents my goals in life thy started small and they are growing up by time ,every time i feel exited to achieve the next goal ,and the small white lines represents the contrasts between my excitement moments ,indeed sometimes i get so exited and other times i feel less exited, i am human after all and the other colors represent the people who influenced and left a mark in my life. I was looking at my teachers eyes when i was talking.when i finished i waited for their first impression.They liked my first painting then i was so relieved and existed.

Then they went looking around at my friends paintings.My family and all of friends came to the opening of my first Exhibition,our teachers told us that they liked our Exhibition so much and all of our friend liked it too.We were so happy and proud of our work.

That was my first Exhibition but not my last. I participated in other exhibitions with my friends.Now I’m in USA to get my master degree in graphic design and i hope to have my own solo exhibition.


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  24 Responses to “Meaad’s Article: The Best Art Exhibition Ever”

  1. Oh my goodness, this looks like a castle. It looks so clean and gorgeous. Absolutely wonderful.

  2. Ms. Marshall, the pictures in this article, makes me actually want to go there… maybe I will!!

  3. Wow! Meaad is an amazing artist! I have friends that are really good artists too and I really think they should follow their dreams and maybe some day have their own exhibitions. I’ve actually been to some exhibitions and the artists are amazing! I’m really glad Meaad got too show off her new look along with her art work.:D I’m also glad that she and her friends are following their dreams and that she has a masters in graphic designing.!

  4. Exhibitions are really cool! I’ve seen one art exhibition that was boring ,but this exhibitions sounds like you had a lot of fun. How nervous were you?

  5. Art is amazing, I really like the pictures.

  6. Meaad, what a wonderful painting you drew!!! I like the painting about who you will be in the future the most!!
    I understood how difficult and how worried you were when you were preparing for exhibition. You are great because you are studying both English and graphic design!!
    I hope you could hold your own exhibition in the future! You can do it:-)

  7. I was there and saw the wonderful paintings and the team work was apparent. Waiting for more great exhebitions like this one.

  8. This is a great artical, well done Meaad, keep up the good work,,,

  9. very nice and so proud of u me’aad 🙂

  10. Thank you all for your comment!!

    Actually I like painting when I was young , because of that ,I decide to study Art and be painter…


    Ooh ,,,I am really glad to hear this,,,

    Thank you so much


    Thank you so and I will keep going and no one can stop me 🙂

    Sherry ott

    Maybe last exhibition should I called point because point always in the end of sentence.


    My friend I am so glad you like my Exhibition

    hhhhhh friend ,,, so good I gave you some power so you should be superman …

    I think you should try to draw and painting,Its not all about talent its need practice !!

    Artist sara
    I think we all will not forget those days …


    Thank friend … good dancer ! lol

    Artist loli pop

    Thank you my best friend…. XOXO

    Me too, I am really like this idea .

    And this is the other picture of Exhibition


  11. Great article.

    I love the idea for naming your exhibit ‘Comma’…the metaphor of that as a title has so much to say on many levels.

    — Okie from Utah

  12. hey artist me,
    fascinating articale hun, i am really amazed, you have done a great job 🙂
    wish you luck in your next articale which i cant wait to read 😉
    artist loli pop – miami, florida.

  13. very good ~i like it 。i think u will be a good artist。!!just do it ~kkk

  14. hi meme …
    i think you did well and you return me back in that time and memories that day … in my opinian you did good when you choose the tobic of article and i wish you the best.

  15. Hi Meaad,

    I am always so jealous of artists who can draw and paint! I have no talent in this area whatsoever. So your artwork and courage to exhibit it really impresses me. You seem very passionate about art and I wish you the best in your career!

    -From Danae, an American in Germany

  16. You are superwoman! I like your art exhibition, and you give me some advises and power to do things. Thank you!
    You will be succeed.

  17. nice exhibition, while you visit the exhibition, you can improve your life and knowledge. That is a good activity, i hope you can maintain that.

  18. Meaad,
    I have no doubt that this will not be your last exhibition…but it will always be your first. What a lovely story that you will be able to keep forever. Your painting is lovely as is your explanation!
    Maybe your next exhibition should be called Exclamation Point!

  19. Meaad !! no question that you reached your dream, I am proud of you all, I wanted to come to this exhibition so badly but I wasn’t there. I knew that all of you will be proud of your self’s as much as we all did. Keep going sweetie and don’t you never ever make something stops you to make what you came to do here. Nice article and wonderful story behind your success!

    with all my love,
    Sara Albadi

  20. Meaad, you have captured the pretty much universal range of emotions that most of us go through when we are putting ourselves out there for the world to judge, and you’ve done it very well! Congratulations on your successful exhibit and on your awesome article!

    Chico, California, U.S.A.

  21. I like the article! What made you decide you wanted to be a painter?

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