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A produce vendor in Old Delhi taking in the sights...

A produce vendor in Old Delhi taking in the sights (wink, wink)…

Here’s a budget travel secret: One and a half blocks in Old Delhi, India can provide more delicious photography opportunities than miles and miles of another region of the world!

What a cute, colorful alley in Old Delhi!

What a cute, colorful alley in Old Delhi.

When we last left off, our teacher tour of India was in day two of our adventures. We had lapped up the sights at the largest Mosque in India, and gotten some fabulous stares, sights, and photo bombs from our first steps into historic Old Delhi.

The snarled tangle of electrical wires in Old Delhi astounds.

The snarled tangle of electrical wires in Old Delhi astounds.

This new article, here, shall cover a mere block and a half of Old Delhi as we finished up our foot tour, and headed into the main street to commence a bicycle rickshaw escapade! Take a moment to really look at these photos, as each one contains shocking and fascinating nuggets of humanity and architecture.

Posing by a store for fancy gold bangles.

Posing by a store for fancy gold bangles.

Flower necklace store!

Flower decoration store!

So many hanging things, some pretty and some... electrical wires.

So many hanging things in Old Delhi, some pretty and some… electrical wires.

The walls of India ooze layers of history.

The walls of India ooze layers of history.

One man carries a backpack, and another a giant white bale of goods.

One man carries a small backpack, and another a giant white bale of goods.

Even the ground in Old Delhi is colorful and ornate.

Even the ground in Old Delhi is colorful and ornate.

I love this Old Delhi scene. So much going on!

I love this Old Delhi scene. So much going on!

Do comment: What did YOU notice in the photos? What do they make YOU wonder? There are so many mysteries and delights for an outsider’s eyes in the color-singing streets of Old Delhi, India!

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  29 Responses to “Wonderful India Travel Photos from Streets of Old Delhi”

  1. Wow, amazing colours! I love how everything is so vibrant and colourful in India. Lovely pictures!

  2. your pictures fully reflect the character of this old city. these images have all the history, the neglect, the pain and a strangely improvised ways of muddling through. in case someone knows the history of this city, the irony these pictures reflect may be fully appreciated. to those who wish to do it, i recommend William Dalrymple’s ‘City of Djinns’. go thorough the book, explore the old Delhi and you would be lost in a strange ongoing drama history has played in this party of the world.
    to Lillie i would say that i was fasinated by her pictures and have selected a couple to be used as a reference in my next painting. i live in Delhi and intend to paint (in oil) a series of old Delhi.

    • Thanks for your great comment! Do post or send a photo of the painting when it’s done!

  3. You’ve done an amazing job capturing the colours of India. It’s so vibrant. I feel like I’ve been transported back to Delhi. Cheers!

  4. Such beautiful colors! Great perspective.

  5. So many colors! Old Delhi isn’t your average grey-colored city.

  6. Old Delhi is the part of kingdom named Shahjahanapur ( now known as Delhi) ruled by the King Bahadur Shah Jafar and the Queens of the king used to shop in the streets of old Delhi. Major part of the Old Delhi is still of that era this is the reason it is has small streets. King of Delhi covered it completely with the huge walls to stop the intruders. When you go in Delhi it will show you its colors……………..And thanks for showing it in your article. I liked it very much.

  7. What an amazing looking place. Can’t wait to visit while I am still in Asia!

  8. India is so high on my list of places to go this year! Hopefully going to work a trip in from SE Asia sometime around the end of the year… Fingers crossed!

  9. Such vibrant colors! Such activity! My head is spinning! Whew!

  10. What beautiful colors! I’ve been following your blog for a while, and I love how excellent your photography has become. Your photos really bring the places you write about to life!

    • Thanks so much, Kelly! I’ve put a lot of time and work into improving my photography skills, so glad it’s paying off!

  11. I’m transported back to the colorful bazaars of Beijing and Istanbul. Really, I think I may find myself in India sooner rather than later!

  12. Wow! I think India would be an overload to the senses… but in a good way. Love the post.

  13. I love the street patterns and colors. They seem to look right on a street rather than the boring grey streets in Boston.

  14. gorgeous colors! WOW!!

  15. Just discovered your blog.. you have soaked India experience like few do…the pictures capture the essence of Old Delhi ( my maternal grandparents lived there)

    • Thanks so much! I am SO curious to hear from people who have actually lived in Old Delhi what the experience is like!

  16. great pictures. Love the colours!

  17. I love the juxtaposition of the beautiful and pristine (the ornamental flowers and bangles, the vegetables, people’s clothing) with the hopelessly dilapidated and chaotic (the wires, the ground, sides of buildings, and other people’s clothing). If you look carefully you can also see religious pictures and statues that were ubiquitous in Delhi.

  18. Great photos – so colorful, vibrant and full of life.

  19. India is, indeed, very photogenic!

  20. Great pics…I’ve noticed the exposed electrical wires in several of your posts…just boggles my mind!

    • Ah yes. I have one more Old Delhi post to come, and that one ALSO has a crazy electrical wires picture!

  21. wow- Delhi is not my favorite city, but the pic of the alley with the colored makes me want to give it another visit!

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