May 292010
My Interview About Ghana on Amateur Traveler Podcast!

Thrilling!  My interview with Chris Christensen about volunteering in Ghana has just been published on Chris’s world-famous site, Amateur Traveler Podcast!

For the full interview homepage on Amateur Traveler, click here, my dear.

Or, if your finger is a tad lazy, the entire interview can be played right here, by clicking this button:

Amateur Traveler Episode 234 – Travel to Ghana

If this chat whets your appetite, there are over 90 articles on this very [...Read More!]

May 042010
Lucy's Article 2: The Result of Running From School

Article #31 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project The Result of Running Away From School By Lawani Lucy, Age 13

“Run fast, Lucy!” my friend shouted. “Pass over to the other side of the road so they won’t see us!”

On the fifth of March, 2010, my friend Bless and I decided to run away from school. We were hungry to a great extent, but at that [...Read More!]

Apr 242010
Pamela's Article 2: A Painful Lesson

Article #30 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project Understanding an Adult’s Punishment By Pamela Agbi, Age 14

This story is a story I will never ever forget in my life.

On the sixth of March, Ghana’s Independence Day, Youth Creating Change organized an excursion to a huge celebration in Aburi Botanical Gardens, two hours from Sogakope.

All the students in YCC’s Cross-Culture Class were organized to attend so that we could [...Read More!]

Apr 062010
Thanks from Youth Creating Change of Ghana!

Today I swallowed my seventh and last post-exposure anti-Malaria Malarone pill. This means that it has been a full week since I flew out of West Africa and into Europe, tearfully leaving behind the wonderful Youth Creating Change of Ghana family.

But wait: nothing is ever left behind in this Internet age!

And thus I can give you the news, seven days after my Accra departure, that the donations we have collected through [...Read More!]

Apr 032010
Shulammite's Article: Extreme Poverty and My Classmate

Article #29 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project The Extreme Poverty I Have Witnessed By Shulammite McCarthy

In Cross-Culture Class, we are studying the Millennium Development Goals for ending extreme poverty. But what does “Extreme Poverty” really look like?

I once was in a class with a twelve year old girl named Agbenorxevi who was intelligent as a squirrel. She was beautiful and so brilliant that everybody in [...Read More!]

Mar 312010
A Travel Packing List Secret: Multi-Use Items

When trying to pack light for your long or short term trip, your overarching mantra should be: “Things that are also other things.” Here are some examples of this motto in action to consider for your bag, graciously modeled by Sena Comfort of YCC, Ghana!

1. A sarong or large, lightweight cloth. Uses: Towel, light sheet on cold bus rides or nights, sleep sack in nasty dorm beds, screen for changing in [...Read More!]

Mar 302010
Ghana-Germany-Spain-Portugal in 24 Hours... and a Great Dress!

As you read this pre-programmed post, I am jetting from Ghana to Germany to Spain to Portugal over the course of twenty-four hours. Woo hoo!

Thus we launch the Iberian Adventure chapter of this Around the World journey. This will be my last phase of travel before I fly home to Boston in May… to scheme how to fly out again in August!

Though I will be writing extensively about Spain [...Read More!]

Mar 292010
Why International Volunteering is a Glorious Way to Travel

“Ooo, you were CRYING last night, ooo!” laughed Sena Comfort this morning, pulling me into a hug.

How true her words were! Yesterday, Youth Creating Change threw me a “Thanks for the Past Three Months” Bon Voyage party with all my students in the afternoon, followed by a powerful ceremony with beloved co-workers in the evening. The day was unbelievable… and I cried a ton!

During the student party, kids belted out [...Read More!]

Mar 282010
Meeting Huge Celebrities... Who You Don't Recognize

Peter was quivering with excitement, and Seth couldn’t help but hop up and down with each burst of emotion coursing through his zesty heart.

“He’s a SERIOUS radio presenter!” my friends gushed, hauling me and my camera in the direction of the yellow-shirted man.

With all this zing in the air, how could my heart NOT thump as well? But the truth was: I had no clue who this big-shot man in [...Read More!]

Mar 272010
Hannah's Article 2: Sweeping, Singing, Poetry, and Kindergarten

Article #28 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project Sweeping, Singing, and Saying Poems in My First Day of Kindergarten By Edor Hannah, Age 12

My father and I walked through a green field and past some bleating goats. We were on the way to my first day at Sogasco Government School Kindergarten!

First, we entered the head teacher’s office for a short interview. Then my father paid [...Read More!]