Mar 262010
Fun Ghana Vocabulary, Part Two

You liked Part One of Ghanaian Vocabulary Fun so much that you demanded a second installment. So without further ado, here is…

Entertaining and Surprising Ghanaian Phrases, Part Two!

1.) “I was running.” – This does not mean that the person was going for a healthy sprint to stay in shape. No– it means they had raging diarrhea!

Ex:“Sorry I couldn’t come to class… I was running and didn’t want to leave the washroom.” [...Read More!]

Mar 252010
Agnes's Story: Being a Forced Child Laborer

You are about to read the story of Madam Agnes Appiah: a remarkable woman who endured years of forced child labor in her youth, and went on to found and direct Living Faith School and Home for orphaned and deprived children in Ghana’s Volta Region.

All photos accompanying this article are from an academic competition held this week at Living Faith.

Here is Madam Agnes’s story in her own words.

“I was [...Read More!]

Mar 242010
The Joy Factor in Teaching, in the Form of 41 Birds

As I write this, tears swirl my vision and burn paths down my cheeks, while Oliver and Bernice try to soothe me sweetly with hugs.

The reality is slowly setting in for our Ghanaian family: six days from now, I will be flying far away from these people I have grown to love so much over these past three months. Oh, my brothers and sisters!

The ten million jokes we’ve [...Read More!]

Mar 232010
Increasing Fame For This Site! Woo hoo!

In exactly one week, to the hour, my flight will be soaring out of Accra, Ghana and into breezy Iberia. Oh, the waterfall of emotions evoked by this thought!

After three months working in this small town in Ghana, will I be simply thrilled to stride the breezy streets of Spain without small children screaming: “White woman! Yevuuu!” every step of the way? Or will I immediately collapse into a [...Read More!]

Mar 222010
How I Offended an Entire Class Through Cultural Ignorance

“We would like to present you with a gift,” said Madam Yvonne breathlessly over the phone, “to say thank you for teaching in our school these past three months! Please stop by our school anytime today.”

“Sounds great!” I said. So after our banku with palmnut soup lunch, and after hacking open coconuts with a machete to drink the water and scoop out the meat for dessert, Oliver and I [...Read More!]

Mar 212010
Marvel's Article: Taken to Prison

Article #27 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project The Day I Will Never Forget: Prison By Marvel, Age 13

As the only child of my parents, I have been lucky that my family has tried to fulfill everything I have requested of them. I am therefore a happy child. However, on December tenth, 2007, there was a day that I will never forget in my life: a [...Read More!]

Mar 202010
My Scariest Moment in Ghana

I sat bolt upright in bed, heart thumping, breath gasping, straining to see into the darkness in the direction of the voice.

Had it just been a bad dream? It had been such a terrifying phrase! I listened again, shaking.

Silence… Heat… The whirl of the ceiling fan…

And then suddenly, there it was again: a horrid, deep, rasp right outside my window. “I AM COMING FOR YOU,” it [...Read More!]

Mar 192010
Jennifer's Article: First Time at Market

Article #26 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project My First Time at Sogakope Market By Jennifer, Age 13

I was young, seven years of age, the first time my mother brought me with her to the market. When we arrived, I saw so many things for sale: tomatoes, notebooks, pens, rice, beans, pencils, shoes, bags, yams, clothes, fabrics, fish, and more!

In Sogakope, the big outdoor market is [...Read More!]

Mar 182010
Emmanuella's Article 2: Dangers of Fetching Water

Article #25 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project Nearly Dying from Fetching River Water By Boateng Emmanuella, Age 14

First my bucket fell into the river, and then I tumbled in, too! I didn’t know how to swim, and there was nobody around to help me!

I was a girl of fourteen years old. At around ten o’clock in the morning, the water tap in my house stopped flowing, and [...Read More!]

Mar 172010
An AMAZING Food Secret. Try It!

Your mother will be furious at what I’m about to reveal to you. For years, she tried to turn you into a refined Etiquette Eddie or Edna, drilling in Good Table Manners and shaking her head, “NO!” at such disgusting offenses as playing with your food.

Well, what you are about to learn will topple the foundations of your Good Table Manners forever.

Here’s the secret: Food tastes twenty times better when [...Read More!]