Feb 272010
Hannah’s Article: Mount Afadjato

Article #12 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project Climbing Mount Afadjato, My First Mountain Ever! By Edor Hannah, Age 12

As we trudged up, up, up, the tallest mountain in Ghana, I became so tired and sweaty that I nearly wanted to turn back. But I needed to see what the top of the mountain looked like! It was my first mountain ever.

The original name for [...Read More!]

Feb 192010
My First Ever Interview, and a Party!

Three quick and lovely announcements:

1. If you have not already browsed over to the Sharing Travel Experiences site, here’s an easy link to my first ever online interview! Fame! Glory! Yay! Read.

2. Don’t Millicent and I look cute all dressed up for Valentine’s Day?

3. If you live anywhere near America’s East Coast, don’t forget that Saturday, February 20th, is the Ghana Fundraiser Party in Hartford, CT! [...Read More!]

Feb 132010
Patience’s Article: Cape Coast

Article #3 in the YCC Kids Club Ghana Student Life Stories Project The YCC and BSV Educational Tour to Cape Coast! By Patience Amekudzi, Age 13 “Only students with perfect attendance can compete for a spot in the YCC trip to Cape Coast,” the Director told us.

I was thankful that I had attended school each day, so I was able to advance to the next round in the Cape Coast trip competition: writing [...Read More!]

Feb 032010
How to Get a Custom-Made Dress for $15

Want a custom-made dress for just $7.50 for the fabric and $7.50 for the sewing, making a grand total price of just $15 U.S. dollars?

Just follow these simple steps!

1.) Fly to Ghana. (Don’t forget your visa and your vaccinations.) I told you this would be easy, right?

2.) Trot over to the nearest hectic, madly bustling outdoor market you can find.

In Sogakope, this market (pictured to the upper [...Read More!]

Feb 012010
Stay at the Wonderful YCC Guesthouse!

Have you always been intrigued by the idea of a visit to Africa but are unsure about how to go about doing it?

Listen: if a seventy-one year old German woman who speaks just a few words of English can have a fabulous month-long volunteer stay here in Ghana, why can’t you?

You can be guaranteed a large and comfortable bed, a powerful and refreshing shower, scrumptious local food prepared for you at [...Read More!]

Jan 252010
Millicent The Magic-Making Cook

I’m not going to lie: it’s a little scary to walk through a pitch dark, packed market, lit by only tiny flickering gas candles, pursued everywhere by the ghostly yell: Yavoo! Yavoo! White woman!

Luckily, I had Millicent’s warm hand on my arm as we wove through the shadowy stalls to buy her ingredients for the week.

When you live or travel in a country far less expensive than your own, [...Read More!]

Jan 092010
Where the Volta Meets the Ocean Meets Food Poisoning

Under the curve of Mother Africa’s head, before her long neck, the blue Volta river spills forth from Ghana and meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Today we had a free time before the Youth Creating Change holiday party tomorrow, and so American Dan, German Alexander, and I went with Ghanaian YCC Staff Member Collins to the meeting of the waters.

Seth pointed to Dan as we were leaving. “You,” he said, “you bring [...Read More!]

Jan 082010
Epic Fundraiser Shopping in Aburi

“Please do not be offended,” said the soldier at the Volta River roadblock, “but are you a spy?”

“No I am not.” replied Dan respectfully.

“Are you sure?” asked the soldier, eying Dan’s fancy camera.

“I am sure,” said Dan.

And thus began our epic journey to the distant hill town of Aburi to fulfill the mission of Backpacking Granny: 1) Take seed money from the U.S. to Ghana to buy hand-crafts, 2) which Dan [...Read More!]

Jan 062010
9 Epiphanies of Around the World, 2009!

Hello! Welcome to the last pre-programmed, 2009 Reflection post before we delve into the thrilling world of Ghana news!This here is the biggie, isn’t it: Epiphanies, or, as we teach it in Boston Public Schools: “The ‘AHA!’ Moment.”

Indeed, why do we travel but to shake up our lives and force an “Aha!” from our nose to our toes? Sure enough, the first five months of this joyous Around the [...Read More!]