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3 Striking Signs of Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach

All your Florida needs in one truck!

Striking sign 1: All your Florida needs in one truck!

I have just returned, joyful, breathless, golden-red tan, and rested from a remarkable week’s vacation in Florida and on a Bahamas cruise!

Stay tuned for the best-of-the-best from the 300 photos and countless tales I’ve now got from the spectacular Everglades, hoppin’ South Beach Miami, powdery Bahamas beaches, cruise livin’, and a certain silver Ford Mustang that we rented. But to warm us up, let us start now with the three most striking signs I witnessed in Florida! I guarantee at least one will evoke a gasp or chuckle from you.

Striking Sign 1: Spotted a block from our base camp hotel. “OPEN 7 DAYS. GUNS.” Gasp! Guns?! Yeep! “Perhaps we shall not be taking strolls around here at night,” we mused. This Boston gal is not used to such open embraces of Second Amendment rights!



Striking Sign 2: Spotted on a pier in West Palm Beach (near the famous Breakers hotel) regarding keeping local manatees safe.

“Please do not hold, grab, or RIDE a manatee.”

“RIDE a manatee?!” I exclaimed.

“Well,” responded Colin, “if they have to have a sign for it, it must have happened.”

Visions of boys in cowboy hats mounting squealing manatees and shouting, “YEE HAW!” abounded.

Mmm... delicious, nutritious Yellow Water...

Sign 3: Delicious, nutritious Yellow Water.

Striking Sign 3: Spotted on the bathroom mirror of one Ft. Lauderdale hotel: “Yellow water.”

I drank the water anyway, trusting and wide-eyed. Mmm… yum.

Would you have sipped away or abstained? :)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to semi-unpack and put in three days of work before hopping on a plane again this weekend for… Nashville, Tennessee!

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