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Beautiful Boston Under Two Feet of Blizzard Snow

Boston Public Garden under two feet of snow with a sunset in back.
The Boston Public Garden was covered in two feet of frosting!

WOWZA did we have a lot of snow in Boston!

Two feet, to be exact. Raging winds whipped the wet, fat snow of Blizzard Nemo all over our city. Windows shook, the view was waves of white, and schools were closed for three days. Driving was banned, and travel ground to a halt. An epic Boston winter!

Blizzard snow covering Bay Village, Boston and cars
Blizzard snow smothered Boston’s streets and parked cars. Can you see the hood peeking out?

The upside? Snow day fun!

Being married to another teacher is splendid on a triple snow day like this. Colin and I ate tons of ice cream, watched five Bollywood movies (we’re addicted to them after travel to India), and rocked out fuzzy sweatpants.

Boston blizzard icicles and snow
Icicles made graceful chandeliers.

But at a certain point (er, day three) we figured we should probably get off our sweatpants-ed rumps and walk around the city to see what Nemo had done. We may or may not have kept our sweatpants on as we yanked up jeans and snow boots.

Bush under blizzard snow
Ornamental shrubs got squashed with snow. Plop!

Boston was completely covered in blizzard snow.

So, what had Nemo done to Boston? In a giant “BLOOP!” it had swaddled the entire city in frosting of epic proportions. Cars were invisible but for a glint of metal. Plows worked overtime, but many streets remained an impassible snow swamp. Stairways turned to frozen waterfalls, as if the doors had vomited white.

Church stairs in Boston completely covered in snow
These church stairs looked like a gushing waterfall, impassable.

How did this compare to our delicious double snow day in 2011? Bigger, better, deeper! Colin and I decided to trudge to the Boston Public Garden to see the willow trees and pond covered in snow. The sun was setting and the sky became pink behind the winking golden lights of the buildings.

Boston Public Garden under snow at sunset
We walked to the Public Garden where some danger-loving man was walking on the ice.

Tons of Bostonians had also emerged from their blizzard cocoons, and many brought their dogs with them. Ooo, is there anything cuter than fluffy animals in jackets rolling around in fresh, deep snow?

The pups must have been thrilled to have a bigger space to do their natural business than the two-foot space their owners had shoveled out in the waist-high snow of their back yards!

Dogs playing in snow after the blizzard snow storm
Fluffy, frolicking animals are awfully cute in deep snow.

Did WE enjoy our triple snow day as much as those happy puppies? Heck yeah, we did!

So what about you? What are YOUR favorite snow memories? What is the most epic storm that you have experienced? If you live in a climate with little snow, what are your thoughts? Do share!

Boston at sunset in winter
How beautiful is Boston in the snow?!


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Tuesday 10th of February 2015

For those who want to see photos of the SIX FEET of snow Boston just got in the 2015 series of blizzards, here's my new article:


Monday 10th of June 2013

Thats a lot of snow !!


Tuesday 10th of February 2015

You are correct, sir!


Monday 25th of February 2013

I love how you call it frosting! I can't believe all of this snow. Your photos are stunning! The only snow I've seen this year is one dirty clump last weekend in NYC.


Monday 25th of February 2013

Aww, bummer. :) Yes, I see food in most things!


Monday 25th of February 2013

So pretty!

Cole @

Monday 25th of February 2013

Love seeing cities blanketed in snow. Just need to get up early enough to see it before it all turns gross from everyone driving and walking through it!


Monday 25th of February 2013


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.