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Myths About Staying in Contact with Travelers

A massive reason why I am keeping this blog (besides an obsessive passion for writing and a rabid quest for fame and fortune) is to keep in close touch with loved ones back home. This here article, therefore is a big hug to all of you. It is an analysis of the things you do to stay connected, all of which warm my little heart.

In the background, unrelated, please enjoy the photos of the miles-long night market of Luang Prabang, Laos. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Three myths about staying in contact with travelers when you’re at home.

MYTH 1. We don’t miss you.

Holy heaven, people! We miss you ever second of every day! Every leaf and breath and grain of rice reminds us of you! But that said, we’ve been dreaming of this trip for forever, and thus we love you even more for supporting us in taking it.

MYTH 2. It’s a waste of our precious travel time to email or chat online with you.

There is PLENTY of time in a day when one doesn’t have a steady job. Therefore, some of our most glorious days consist of exploring a new city in the morning and afternoon, then curling up to chat with you at night, when you are just waking up all the way across the world.

MYTH 3. You have to write us emails as long as our long-winded blog entries, and they must be completely out-of-the-ordinary for us to care.

I received this email a few weeks ago (names changed, of course!):

“Mary broke up with Frank, and is now dating a zookeeper. My work life has gotten better since I started tutoring on the weekends and they actually give me freedom. Angie is pregnant!! I’ll likely join a swim team for my bad back. Love you and miss you!”

You have no idea how much joy this five-line email gave me, along with all the others like it. Each sentence engenders literally HOURS of grinning and thinking about its full ramifications. Each tidbit brings euphoria!

We wandering travelers write crazy amounts because new things are blasting in our faces all day and we must process them or we’ll pop. But, OH, the happiness you give us by shooting us just two lines of “everyday” details! TRULY.

This article is to say that I am endlessly appreciative of all of you and all of your contact, so please keep the messages coming!

Culinary Heaven in Luang Prabang, Laos
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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.