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Have You Heard of This Astounding NYC Church Building?

One of the largest churches in the world: St. John the Divine in NYC.

WOW! Can you tell this is one of the largest churches in the world?

One of the largest cathedrals in the world is St. John the Divine!

How had I never before heard of the massive New York City church nicknamed Saint John the Unfinished??? As a Bostonian, I travel to New York several times a year, and tend to get arrogant, assuming I know most of the major sights.

How foolish I felt — a tiny ant on the floor of the biggest church I’ve seen in my life — wondering how I’d missed this mammoth edifice in my 34 years of NYC visits!

Exterior of St. John the Unfinished in NYC: St. John the Divine.

The dramatic exterior of St. John the Unfinished.

The History of St. John Church in New York

The story of the church is just as heart-pounding as its architecture. Construction began on St. John the Divine Episcopal Church in 1892 — over 120 YEARS AGO.

As of now, the building is complete enough to be fabulous to visit, but according to the New York Times, fully finishing it would cost between 20 and 40 MILLION dollars. In other words, it’s unlikely to ever be done, hence its nickname: St. John the Unfinished.

The biggest church in North America: St. John the Divine in NYC.

It’s no wonder the church was never finished. It’s so intricate!

Largest church in NYC… and North America!

The church’s stats and secrets astound. First, by most calculations, it is the fourth largest church in the world, and the #1 largest in all of North America! At over 120,000 square feet, the cathedral makes even this towering, six-foot tall woman feel puny. And I thought Turkey’s Hagia Sophia dwarfed me!

Stained glass windows in the biggest church in North America: St. John the Divine in NYC.

The stained glass windows are beautiful.

Second, famed writer Madeline L’Engle is buried in the church! Besides writing A Wrinkle in Time (a beloved read from my childhood, and perhaps yours), L’Engle was highly involved with her Episcopalian faith and the church up to her 2007 passing.

The biggest church in North America: St. John the Divine in NYC.

Can you believe this giant ceiling?

Third, the “Biblical Garden” outside is full of plants that are mentioned in the Bible… along with peacocks and over 15,000 bees!

Side note: If you love the architecture of St. John the Divine, you MUST look at these photos of the Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh. It’s similar, yet deliciously different.

Right as I left, a wedding was coming in the church!

Right as I left, a wedding was coming in the church.

The rose window is the biggest, too!

Fourth, Saint John the Divine possesses the largest rose window in the United States: a beauty crafted out of more than 10,000 pieces of stained glass. Since the church is so tall, it’s hard to fully grasp the size of the window, but the photo below shows my view looking up at it.

Rose window: Stained glass beauty in St. John the Divine in NYC.

The largest stained glass rose window in the United States.

The Titanic in a Cathedral?

Fifth, though we often think of churches featuring only old-fashioned images, St. John the Unfinished contains a number of modern touches in its decor, partly because its ongoing construction means that some of the decoration took place quite recently.

For example, there are images of the Titanic and a television on one of the stained glass windows, and statues of Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Susan B. Anthony stand on the stone parapet. (As far as I know, there’s no Daniel Tiger, but who knows?!) Keith Haring famously contributed the Triptych.

The biggest church in the U.S.: St. John the Divine in NYC.

I love the swoop of the architectural lines in this church.

Bicycle and Pet Blessings

Sixth, as the official website of the cathedral explains, once a year you can bring your animals or your bikes to be blessed! I love the idea of a blessed bicycle or guinea pig.

The biggest church in North America: St. John the Divine in NYC.

Want one of these windows in your house?

Visiting St. John the Divine, NY

Seventh and finally, it is super easy and inexpensive to visit the cathedral. Numerous transportation options will carry you to its location at Amsterdam Ave. between West 110 and 113 Street, and to get in, the only fee is a “suggested donation” of $10.

Now that is a worthwhile tourist attraction on a whole bunch of levels! Don’t miss it. I’m so thankful that my travel blogging mentor suggested we go.

Saint John the Divine in NYC is the fourth biggest church in the world, and biggest in North America.

Saint John the Divine in NYC has surprising importance that not many know!

So what do YOU think? Had you heard of St. John the Unfinished before? Have you visited? Would you like to stride around this towering edifice, yourself? Do share!

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April Yap

Tuesday 20th of September 2016

I travel to New York several time but i never known that kind of church I hope the next time I around I can visit visit to this church.

Peter Mckenzy

Sunday 3rd of January 2016

It really is an incredible space!

Toni J

Wednesday 23rd of December 2015

Although the building is outstanding.................I wonder just how much money was spent on this shrine? And what that money could have done to say...stop human trafficking in this think it only happens in other countries? You are wrong, Being a Woman's advocate the statistics are staggering. Wouldn't something like that be a better shrine? Let's not even speak about how many children are actually starving in this country....I wonder what the huge amount of money could have accomplished there.Wouldn't that be a glowing shrine? Just a thought of priorities,not a judgement. Lille thank you for the wonderful photography. Warmly Toni J


Wednesday 30th of December 2015

Toni, you make such a good point, and that is actually a reason cited by the leadership of the church for why they are NOT going to finish it. The money could be better used elsewhere!

Mary @ Green Global Travel

Sunday 20th of December 2015

I grew up in NYC and was raised Episcopal, but I've never heard of St. John the Divine. Thanks for sharing this church's fascinating history.


Friday 18th of December 2015

Oh wow, what an absolutely beautiful building! Stained-glass windows have always caught my eye, and these ones are breathtakingly gorgeous.

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