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Scarfing delicious food in Ghana as Millicent chuckles.

Scarfing delicious food in Ghana as Millicent chuckles.

Currently the #1 article on this whole site, with over 5,000 views, is a little piece entitled: “The 7 Most Delicious Foods of Around the World 2009.”


Now another year of voracious eating has passed, bringing my munching mouth through Ghana, Spain, Portugal, New York, Philadelphia, and Boston. Burp!  And a world culinary update is due.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the 10 Most Yummy Foods of Around the World Travel, 2010!

Click the highlighted titles to open a new window with drool-inducing photos and descriptions of each item.

10. The pineapple in New York magically cut with my cousin’s high-tech pineapple cutting tool. Who knew technology had evolved to the heights of being able to core, de-skin, and dice a whole pineapple in 1.5 minutes flat?!

My bitten Whoopie Pie with the Fluff Festival behind!

Whoopie Pie with Somerville's Fluff Fest in back!

9. Marshmallow Fluff Rice Krispie Treats and Whoopie Pies at the Somerville, Massachusetts Fluff Festival. Did you know that Marshmallow Fluff was invented in Somerville, just a short MBTA ride from Boston’s center, and is celebrated each year at a festival?  Did you know there are Fluff burlesque dancers at this event?  Attend, ye Fluff lovers, and become full of sugar.

8. Fresh mangos in Ghana, cut a secret special way! I’ve always been obsessed with mangos, as they are not only scrumptious, but apparently also contain googobs of vitamins. However, it was always a horribly messy affair to eat them… until I learned a secret trick in Ghana!  Click the article for instructions.

7. Portable American foods like sandwich wraps. It turns out that edibles are more delicious to my multi-tasking American self when I can walk whilst eating them.  It also turns out that this moving-while-noshing is considered highly rude in much of the rest of the world.  Viva America!

Course 1 at 5-Star Arrop Restaurant: Valencia, Spain

Course two at 5-Star Arrop Restaurant in Valencia, Spain

6. Any food eaten with the hands in Ghana. Culinary revelation of 2010 thanks to West Africa: all food eaten with the hands tastes 100 times better than food scooped with a utensil!  There’s something about having sauce dripping between your fingers and dough sliding under your nails that makes eating into a full-body experience and ratchets up the flavor.  The first photo of this article demonstrates the glory of eating yams with palaver sauce, and this link shows the squishy joy of Banku.

5. The crazy delicious 5-star restaurants in Spain where the #1 Travel Blogger and I feasted. Long story short, in 2010 I stalked the web’s top travel blogger while he was in Spain.  A great friendship and tons of Ministry of Tourism-sponsored 5-star food resulted.  Ay dios, Spain sure has a hot culinary scene growing!

Mmm... excessive U.S. brunch in Philly!

Mmm... excessive U.S. brunch in Philadelphia!

4. Fan Ice of Ghana. When it’s 115 degrees in steamy Ghana, West Africa, I assure you that nothing on earth will make you feel better than the icy milk substance found in the cheap plastic packets of Fan Choco, Fan Yogo, and Fan Ice.  Incredible!

3. American Brunch, as documented in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The photo-filled article I wrote about scarfing a U.S. brunch with beautiful doctors in Philadelphia elicited at least one angry comment like: “That one plate could feed a family for a year!”  But excess and deep fried glory is part of American brunch’s fame.  Yay, eggs, hash browns, pancake towers, and sausage!

Fufu: #1 yummiest food of 2010 world travel!

Fufu: #1 yummiest food of 2010 world travel!

2. Churros con Chocolate in Spain. I didn’t believe it when my brother told me about these wildly popular fried dough sticks dipped in thick liquid chocolate.  Once I tasted the heaven myself, though… ooh baby, I became a believer… and a worshipper!

1. Fufu of West Africa. Some love this plantain dough in red stew (eaten with the hands), and some find it bizarre, but I tell you fufu is my number one culinary revelation of 2010.  I ADOOORE FUFU!   How sad that it’s nearly impossible to find it here in Boston, but rest assured that my dreams of the soft yellow dough and stew dripping off my hands and lips shall live forever.

That was the top ten. Satisfied yet?

Now for the flip side: two NON-fabulous food situations that are NOT the most Yummy of 2010.

The spiky pastry in Portugal that tried to poke my bro!

The spiky pastry in Portugal that tried to poke my bro!

As with the earlier entries, click the highlighted title for the full (indigestion-filled) story and photos:

NOT: The giant evil pastry that tried to eat my brother in Portugal! It may look innocent, but it’s dangerously spiky and weighed approximately fifty dense pounds.

NOT: The hot-dog eating contest we forced our ESL students this summer to partake in for one field trip!  Those innocent students likely still have both animosity towards America and gas from that epic day.

Thus concludes the top 10 foods of 2010.

May 2011, too, be as filled with lusciousness and yumminess as 2010!


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  32 Responses to “The 10 Most Yummy Foods of World Travel 2010”

  1. OMG! I am so jaelous. That whoopie pie looked so good. It looked 10 times better than the regular ones and 10 times more unhealthy. Not that I mean it in a bad way. But overall it looks so good!!!

  2. I thought this article was very detailed. Also the food that you talked sounded like it was really good and I really like the pictures you put in the article because it give me an idea of what it looked and it looked delicious.

  3. Do you know that there’s a Nigerian restaurant in Roslindale Square? Bet they sell fufu.

  4. Wow those food’s look delicious i like any food except for vegetables. I with i could eat with my hands because at out home we just use forks and knifes but when they r not looking i eat with my hands my fav food they showed was churros con chocolate i can’t believe they put chocolate on it ! 🙂

  5. Oh my gosh! They’re dipped in chocolate too? I want some right now!

  6. The Fufu looks like something we make in China. It’s like the same thing, but a different soup and you can eat it with a spoon.

  7. All of the foods looked amazing! The Fufu looked a little strange. I am very surprised you eat it with your hands.

  8. MANGOS! When I was 6 and in D.R, I would walk to my uncle’s house just to get a fresh mango and eat it with my cousins. My family calls him tio mango. (uncle mango)

  9. Fresh mango… delicious. 😀

  10. I can agree with the mango.

  11. Great Article! The food there looks delicious! I really wish I had one of those foods right now, infact this article is making me hungry.:( I espicially like the churros con chocolate because it sounded delicious and I’ve tried one before and their wonderful! All and all I have got to eat more food from different cultures cause they’re some good food out there besides sushi:D.

  12. The marshmallow fluff rice krispie treats and whoopie pies sound so good! I might have to visit the fluff festival now to try them.

  13. Hmm, yum! I would love to try the marshmallow fluff rice krispie treats and whoopies pies. They look like it taste so sweet.


  14. The waffles in the American Brunch looks delicious! 😀

  15. oh my, Churros con Chocolate in Spain. Booking my flight now 🙂

  16. oh, this SO makes me hungry!!

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  18. Fufu seems like a great meal to eat, however it looks very messy! It must have tasted delicious though!

  19. That whoopie pie looks delicious! A fancy grocery store near me makes them…yum. I’ve seen stuff on the travel channel about the churros con chocolate in Spain. I’m going there for the first time in the summer, and as a chocoholic, I am DYING to eat them!!! They look so tasty.

  20. YUM!! This article reminds me of our little celebration we had in my fourth grade class for our theater plays. Where a bunch of people brought a bunch of different foods from around the world, and how we celebrated each others heritage and ethnicity.

  21. The best food I have ever had outside of Boston was in Baltimore by far! I guess Baltimore has the best seafood but I do not like seafood so I did not try any.

  22. The marshmallow fluff rice crispy treats and whoppie pies are so delicious! I have a huge sweet tooth and I remember that last year my mom went to the festival last year and she brought me some and it was very good. Great article! All these foods sound so interesting.

  23. I made the top ten list! Whoo hoo! Granted, my demo may have been a full two minutes long with all of the dramatic effects, no?

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  25. The FuFu sounds great, Lillie!! I can’t wait to try it in Ghana in the future.

    You didn’t put “Durian” on your fave foods list?????
    Your post regarding durian was great. I enjoy the durian shakes in Thailand. In Fact, I like to order Durian Juice here in Boston’s Chinatown.

  26. The pinapple is my favorite fruit.
    I never heard of fufu but from what you say it seems to be delicious.

  27. Churros con chocolate, of course, might be number 1 😉

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